Southern Winter Night Breeze Brown Carometh

Thin and long, this dragon stands apart from his brown kin, his frame lacking the muscular build of other dragons his length, save for his well developed chest and back. A shade of russet covers his slender, sharp head, and pale brown, pooling just behind each eye, spills into streaks that run neatly down each side of his thin neck. As the hide sweeps into broad shoulders, the lighter shade traces a path along his wings' bleeding edges before disappearing at the tip of the last phalange. The color also bleeds down his wingsails in a windswept fashion, a few lines making it all the way through to the tail end of each remarkably long and wide wing. Between those sits a small body, his underside a darker shade of umber while the russet grows lighter over his back. The ridges that trail down his spine are all narrow and short until they disappear into a surprisingly long and wispy tail. His rear haunches, unlike his shoulders, are unusually skinny for a dragon his size.

Egg Name and Description

Sundowner Egg
Displaying a strange combination of colors, this egg's surface is split almost perfectly in half. The bottom hemisphere of the Sundowner Egg is an almost entirely smooth, sandy white. There only a few jagged spots of mossy green peeking out like rocks at the bottom of the half's otherwise beach-like texture. The top of the shell is submerged in ripples of blue, shades alternating from turquoise at its lightest, near the white, to a deeper, navy blue at its darkest, near the egg's crown. The two major tones hardly blend at all where the shell's halves meet, creating a clean separation between them.

Hatching Message

Sundowner Egg tilts to one side slowly, leaning, before moving back to its original position with the same deliberate motion. Another test, this time in a different direction before swaying back into place.

Sundowner Egg makes another attempt, listing to the side dangerously until the weight of the hatchling inside causes the egg to slide onto its side, slitting the shell. Once down, it rolls over slowly, the cracks spreading slowly, some chips falling onto the warm sands.

Sundowner Egg splits open slowly, methodically dismantled by the creature within its confines, the oval shell punctured along a rough circle to make an opening. Satisfied, the hatchling inside peeks out, squirming out onto the warm sand, spreading his wings in a lazy stretch.

Impression Message

The Sands is the last place you want to be, something pushing you away from the Hatching Grounds slowly, enveloping you with a gentle, cooling breeze. Water, or rather, vast oceans, replace your surroundings, a soul gently grasping at yours, inviting you. The voice is tender, but in the noise of the Hatching Sands, you may not hear it at first. So the question is asked again, by the hatchling at your feet, « Will you come with me? » Carometh asks, suddenly returning you to reality, the Sands, and the unmistakable sensation of hunger. « Will you come with me and feed me? »


Growing up: There's no denying that, especially as a hatchling, Carometh is built awkwardly. His wings are too long and will, at first, be a bit of a hinderance and he may get jibes from other dragons and riders. However, from the moment he takes flight, he'll silence any of his critics by displaying flying skills that are far above average. He has an innate sense for winds and air currents that would give any seasoned flyer a run for their money. Being so much more at ease in the air, he will absolutely love flying, and even though his obsession won't last long past Weyrlinghood… you'll be stuck with it for a bit. He will soon settle into a routine, liking his meals at even intervals, asking for baths and oilings with regularity. A creature of habit, you'll be able to mold him while he is young, but be careful what habits you create: once he settles in, it'll be nearly impossible to nudge him out of it.

Adolescence: As his interest in flight matures, you'll find that Carometh is an avid and skilled glider, enjoying staying aloft for long stretches of time, using currents to take him places, priding himself on how far he can get with so little effort. Perhaps a bit of a loner, it'll be rare for him to chase after golds, staying away from the longer commitments the queens usually demand, and instead preferring green flights. It'll be rare for him to win, though: flights, especially for greens, are the opposite of gliding, and with his huge wings, he'll have a hard time keeping up with the sprints most green flights turn into.

Maturity: Once the dust settles, Carometh will be a nearly perfect mate. Of course, perfection is in the eye of the beholder, but you will hardly ever need to reign him in, or comfort him. Lost flights might be the only time he's really upset. Otherwise, he will always be the breezy soul you felt when you touched his shell. He'll often ask to drag you out to slightly remote areas, and will absolutely love the ledges at the top of the Weyr. Conflict between the two of you will be rare, simply because it's not something he enjoys, he'll skirt issues, giving in to you whenever necessary. He'll hold himself, and you, to that routine that was established in his infancy, presumably forever.


Southern Winter Night Breeze
From the first time you hear him, you will be struck by Carometh's nearly freakish regularity. His voice is soft, almost always spoken evenly, hardly ever falling into excess. Only something dramatic could cause him to stray from his usual tone and raise his voice. Unfortunately, with the gentle way he weaves in and out of your mind, meshing neatly, he'll often fade out, requiring you to ask him to repeat himself. Much like the wind his name was chosen, and much like the feelings he would've given you as you touched his egg's shell on the Sands, your lifemate has a tendency to distance himself from others, often attempting to lift you along for the ride, sharing with you his thoughts of flight, freedom and vast stretches of ocean. He is also quite regular, and predictable, enjoying the cooler evenings, as well as the winter months. Most of all, though, Carometh is steady, calm, hardly ever prone to excess. His is a breeze, in every sense, easy for all to get along with, comforting, able to dull the edges from your emotions. When of anger or rage could come over you, he could wade into your mind, his mere presence giving you relief. He may not always be there, though, and there could be times when you need him and his response is underwhelming.

Mind Touches
Southern Winter Night Breeze awakens at your touch, as gentle to you as you are to it the moment your fingers touch its shell. Slowly, it seems to carry you upwards, lifting you comfortably, giving you a soaring sensation. It graces your skin with the feel of a warm breeze, and the fear of heights would be the only emotion that could dampen the freedom and confidence you get while you are in contact with the egg.

Southern Winter Night Breeze settles softly into a quiet peacefulness, yet still maintains contact with your mind. If looking at the egg's shell brought to mind pictures of a quiet beach, the feelings you get as your fingers settle on the Sundowner Egg's surface can only confirm that image even more. Quiet takes over your mind, an easy, warm breeze brushing over you, coursing through your hair. There is no cause for unease or concern, the soul within the shell contently mingling with yours before withdrawing back into its enclave.

Southern Winter Night Breeze wraps around you rather suddenly, pulling you from the Hatching Sands. The direction is unclear, but various blues pass through, along with cotton-shaded whites. Wind laps at your face, too gentle to even make you blink, tugging at your hands and arms. You float away from the Weyr and your candidate mates, suspended outside reality, but just as quick as the feeling came, it leaves, not with a snap, but with smooth ease, bringing you back.


Carometh gets his name from the coromell wind, a winter land breeze in the Gulf of Mexico. Breezes are the perfect wind, never too strong. Whenever the sun is scorching, a breeze is always comforting, cooling the skin and dulling the searing heat. That is how I picture Carometh. His downsides? On the hottest day, the breeze doesn't always come, or come in time. Sometimes, it comes, but is all too brief, giving a hint, a taste, before fading out and leaving one wanting for more. His name is probably best pronounced as KAH-row-meth.


Name Southern Winter Night Breeze Brown Carometh
Dam Gold Uthandriath
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By S'r
Impressee S'ar (Swinhar)
Hatched October 14, 2006
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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