Similar to the Sky Blue Chessylith

Sere and faded blue are his wings, trailing color in dusky shadowed hues across widespread wings that are picked out here in there with hints of black edging along wingspars and then trimmed with merest hints of paler blues along his wingsails ends. His head is somewhat blunted, set upon a squat neck and broad shoulders. The rest of his hide is that same fade blue, only varying in shade slight from lighter to darker as it moves along his back and then lightening out as it reaches his belly. Both his forearms and his haunches are heavy, thickly muscled to lift him in flight and leaving him just slightly awkward on land, while the sweeping length of his tail brightens in color slightly, a paler powdery blue as it moves along to his tailspade. Capping his feet, are blunt thick talons in inky dark navy and sharper than they appear at first glance.

Egg Name and Description

I Started Square Egg

Black on white, or white on black as the pattern begins and slowly moves to engulf this egg. Perfectly square as it starts and then the pattern moves, slowly changing into something that is not square and yet it is, a sense of distance around the middle curve of the ovoid. Only, slowly those squares reappear, movement toward the end and lingering as it reaches the apex, with an illusion of distance to be found.

Hatching Message

It is the barest flicker of movement from the I Started Square Egg as it shakes and shimmies on the sands, or does it really. Did it really move at all or is the heat playing tricks on your mind? It is certainly not moving now.

Well, it may not have been moving, but there are definitely cracks forming on the I Started Square Egg, with those spiraling out of control and across every part of the egg. They move to cover from apex to end, leaving no space untouched until the egg is just barely hanging together.

It is with less a bang, than a whimper that I Started Square Egg hatches, spilling out a darker blue hatchling on to the sands where it gets impatiently to its feet. With nary a backwards glance he is off and running, headlong toward the standing group of candidates, eager to find his impressee among them.

Impression Message

It is with a touch, a brush against your mind again that it is back. Only this time it is here for good, never to leave. «S'las. There you are. Do you know how hard it was to find you out here tonight. I looked and looked and you weren't here. I almost lost you.» There is a suspicious quiet before the voice is back. «But never mind, for I am Chessylith and you are S'las and we are together now.»


Chessylith is rather bold for a dragon, charging forward first and thinking later. It is only after he is midway through something that he will stop and think that perhaps it was not the best idea he has ever had. « S'las. Perhaps, no. Mud bathing is not good for dragons and humans. The weyrlingmaster does not seem to like it either. » He never does these things maliciously, just he is eager to get going, or just has these /ideas/.

Chessylith will always have a tendency to flit from thought to thought, idea to idea and this will be worse when he is young. It will start with a barrage of questions that are seemingly unrelated, and then to a request to go do something that has nothing to do with what he asked about, or so you think. Later though he'll bring it up as something he wants in conjunction with what you are doing. «S'las. You know that idea that rocks would make good pillows. Can we test out the ones at Igen? »

He will follow rules if he likes the idea of them, of what they stand for. But if he thinks that one is silly, he will constantly be trying to circumvent it, find a loophole or a way to get around having follow it. With the blandest of excuses afterwards. «That's what they meant?»

He's a sturdy flyer, with a tendency to flit about if he can, drifting out of patterns and making the two of you impossible to fit into a search and rescue team as he won't stay on target.
« But that is so boring. »

He'll delight in being able to chase green dragons once he is old enough. Not quite caring if he can actually catch up with them or no. Just the thought of the chase is enough for him. « It is so much fun, S'las. And they all can't get away. »

I hope that this fun loving, cheerful daredevil of a dragon is what you were looking for. But as always, he is your dragon to play now.


Flights of Fancy

It has an incredible ability to go off on tangents, to just flit from idea to idea and never stay on topic for long. This thought to this thought with no real explanation of how it wandered from here to there. And a sort of exasperation for you when you cannot keep up with it. It has no patience for those that hang back, who will not go on its daredevil extremes, but a sort of sorrowful sympathy for those who are honestly frightened or scared.

Mind Touches

MT-1: is a delicate brush against your mind, barely a whisper soft touch that barely registers before it is gone as if it was never there and had never happened. Then again it is back, that selfsame soft touch that seems to barely register before it is gone, a whisper against your mind before it disappears.

MT-2: a faint brush of wings, a surging feeling of flight that never seems to leave even as the sensation brings to mind butterflies to the stomach and a rapidly unsettling nausea. As it leaves, your stomach settles but gives a sense of loss, and longing for what is no longer there.

MT-3: is back once more, slightly stronger this time as it comes back for one last touching brush against your mind. It stays for only a few seconds, weighing judging before it leaves without giving any hint of what it was looking for and whether it found what it was looking for or not. Did you pass muster, or no?


Chessylith is based on of all things, a butterfly. It is a butterfly common to the west, called the blue copper. From this, I took his name Chessylith based on chessylite, another name for azurite, an ore of copper that is blue. Chessylith's egg is based on a painting by Bridget Riley, "Movement of Squares"


Name Blue Chessylith
Dam Gold Celimoth
Sire Bronze Pongokuuth
Created By Bey
Impressee Silas
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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