Canyons Cut by Wind Brown Coatlcuazith

Ever drenched in the deep shadow of the narrow places in the canyon, the seemingly charred hide of this brown at first glance would appear to be constant. But little rays of coppery sienna sunlight race in angled streaks over his wings, and stain his underbelly. One even catches along the side of his muzzle, giving him the look of a permanent smirk. Overall, the rich colouring does it's best to soften the sharply angular, long and box like lines of this ones build. It doesn't quite succeed however, as every line on his face is a junction of angles and flat planes. Even his head knobs, set low on his skull continue the motif. It lends an intense look to his eye, the ridges standing out over his darkly whirling colours like a shadowing precipice. This continues down the athletic length of his frame, right to the very tip of his angular tail, and is even carried out by his toe claws. There the sullen shade is shot through with sienna and coppery brown, for a sort of stripped and layered effect. It lends a right wicked look, almost as if they were roughly carved rather than grown.

Egg Name and Description

Golden Scrub and Dusty Stones Egg
From a distance, there seem to be gentle undulations in the variations of warm shades and tones ringed around this egg. But the closer one gets, the sharper the sight that one has, the more rough and spiny the whole thing seems. Like a microcosm of needles kept under a perfectly smooth and transparent bubble, that at any moment might burst. Nevertheless, it seems intent on keeping people away from its prickly surface. As one nears, trying to find a safe place to lay on hands or eyes for that matter, other colours and shapes come out in sharper detail, if the pun can be forgiven. Spikes of gold in every hue form this little branch here, or that small bush there. This causes them to be highlighted against the shadows and the otherwise olive, tan and drab colours laid over the dusty reds and yellows that make up the angular stones around and beneath them. There doesnt really seem to be that much in the way of rhyme or reason to it. And if one looks very carefully, one can see little clawed shapes, black and ominous, skitter between the scrubby bits and under the dusty looking stones. Dark shapes with many legs crawl around here, and they are often made to disappear into the mouths of large, legless creatures that slide over the hot surface, in and around the shaded places in search of food and safety.

Hatching Message

Golden Scrub and Dusty Stones Egg vibrates, pebbles and small stones dancing just at the surface as if in time to some far distant rumble of music or thunder. After a few breaths the dust is kicked up as the rocks come back to rest a little off from their original positions. This process is repeated over and again, the intervals between egg-quakes growing more frequent and more violent each time.

Golden Scrub and Dusty Stones Egg shivers and shudders, the surface of the egg becoming crazed with fissures. Each of them widens and deepens, unfathomable depths peeking beneath the unstable surface.

Golden Scrub and Dusty Stones Egg stops, growing still. The skittering of stones and the cracking of the earth halts. Even the dust begins to settle again along its surface before the great flood comes to wash it all away. A rushing of water, or at least something that resembles water courses through the fissures to widen them into canyons, to break the fragments of egg apart from each other. This leaves a growling, nearly black ball in its wake. Unwinding, the hatchling straightens up and with a twisting motion, flings the last bits of shell and goo from himself to reveal the Canyons Cut by Wind Brown Hatchling.

Impression Message

Canyons Cut by Wind Brown Hatchling trains his eyes whirling tones of blues and greens on you. Piercing you from the inside out, his gaze punctures you, tests you to indeed be sure. « Yes. You are the one. » His voice rumbles with the rich scent roasted chilies and cocoa. « You are the Mara. *My* Mara. » There is the sense suddenly that you have managed to reach between the spines, to touch those tender innards that until now, none had been allowed to go near. Only in that moment does he come forth with his own name, « Coatlcuazith, yes. That is who I am. »


You asked for a challenge, and that's just what this guy is. Some will call him rebellious, some will call him stubborn, and yet others will call him cantankerous. Its not too hard to see why some people would think this, his body language is prickly and he will always prefer a growl to a trill, a chuff to a croon and a roar in the stead of a trumpet. When excited though, he'll whoop just once and then once again grow silent.

On the surface, Coatlcuazith will always seem to be a very physical dragon. A jock if you will. Standoffish, but always up for a race, test of strength or stamina, always needing to prove himself. As they say in the movie Top Gun, he will feel the need. The need for speed. On land, in air and in the water. Tag will be a favourite game, and the unwitting fish that he plays with at first will be a tasty snack. Maybe accidentally at first. Then he'll come to hunt them. Likewise, he'll push you to go faster, be stronger, to have more stamina. Others will only see that he's doing it in a physical way, but you'll come to understand the duality that has always and will always resonate within him. Quicker wit, stronger control over yourself and the mental stamina to stand at his side, to climb to the heights and sit between his ridges. He will challenge you to have the wherewithal to challenge him back, because otherwise you aren't any fun. And if you aren't any fun, hes truly lost since fun is something he takes very seriously.

Though there is this very physically active exterior, you alone will see that like the colour of his hide, there is a rich depth to his soul that is not easily fathomable. In his early days his favourite question is 'why', to the point of driving you insane. Generally though it's not things like 'why is the sky blue', but esoteric and even ascetic questions like 'why am I brown', or 'why do plants grow' to 'why do we have souls but you think avians do not?' to 'just why do we remain between when we die? What's there anyway?' And when you can't answer his questions, he'll turn to older dragons, pestering them to ask their people until they either yell or indulge him. Then again, there will be more than plenty questions about his physical being to ask the Weyrlingmasters, like 'so why don't I already know how to fly?' and to follow 'well then why was I hatched with wings?' and of course, 'But if the water has surface tension, how is it that I actually get wet?' 'Why do herd beasts taste so good?' And there will be questions and questions and questions more.

He doesn't ask to know things, but to understand them. Not many people understand that there's a difference in the two, but it will be something that Mara will come to know about all too well in time.

Draconic adolescence will really only enhance his testing nature. "Whaddya mean Ill never catch a gold. To between with all that, I'm gonna make you Weyrleader one day, Mara!' And one day he might just catch a gold, but unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, depending on your point of view) he just won't quite have what it takes to win a leadership flight. But what fun is trying if you always win anyway, right? Though interesting games can come out of winning as well, 'How many greens can I catch today?' It won't be a game he plays every day, thank Faranth, just every now and again. Basically, he is a competitor, always on his toes and sometimes on yours.

It will take time for him to gain patience, but at least good sportsmanship won't be as elusive. As he comes into full maturity, he'll learn to congratulate those who best him and earnestly encourage those who don't quite make it to go harder next time. After all, he'll challenge anyone and anything that will challenge him back. When he's troubled by something, he will develop a ritual, and actually fast and meditate on the problem. Sometimes this will lead to answers, but often it will just lead to more questions. Part warrior, part shaman, he is both constant and mercurial all at once. Life with him will be 'interesting', in the sense of the ancient Chinese curse, but that's not always a bad thing.

Mindvoice: Dark and rich, like cocoa, his voice is smooth, but the tone is often peppered with the heat of his being. Like a really good mole sauce, there are different notes and levels to this, the heat of the peppers representing the levels of his moods. If you aren't familiar with pollo mole, do look into it. It's worth the hunt. Sometimes, the roasted chilies will leave an after taste in your mouth, sometimes it's the smoky sweet flavour of mesquite, and other times it's the simple, subtle goodness of maize. The desert winds are often an undertone, sometimes soft and sweet, sometimes raging with heat lightening and thunder. And sometimes they come as quick loud as air rushing through wind cut canyons.

Physicality: He moves like a snake, always low to the ground, head leading the rest of him. Watching. Waiting. Finding the perfect moment to strike. If dragons had totem spirits, the snake with all his wisdom would be Coatlcuazith's totem.

Sense of Humour: Wicked is an apt description. He's not always kind when pointing things out, in part because it amuses him to see people stammer when he's cruel. With time you can temper this somewhat, but there's just something about slapstick humour that will always get him to chuckle. He'll trip you or his siblings just to watch the sprawl. Sarcasm will become an art form, and will blend perfectly with the drier tone that he often employs when remarking on something humourous. And generally the sardonic view of the universe Coatlcuazith will only share with you, like a private joke no one else could understand anyway.

Quirks: Everyone has them. Little goofy things they love, little stupid things that they hate for no apparent reason. Your Coatlcuazith has them too, and here's the part where he's really mercurial because they change almost daily at first. This slows somewhat as he matures, but there will be things that he likes one day that he doesn't like the next for the whole of his life. Perhaps it's hunting only blue socks, or eating beyond his fill, or even counting all the stones he can find loose in the bowl. Half the time, it'll be your challenge to discover what today's quirk is.

There is without a doubt a temper that goes along with him, sometimes the challenge will be to keep him calm, and often times it'll be a challenge to keep him from being too snippy or sarcastic socially. That prickliness that he uses to help defend himself, sometimes even from you in shell will stay with him throughout the passage of turns, it's his first line of defense. Don't let it fool you, however, or keep you too far at bay.

Tenacity and stubbornness can be considered quirks, though with him they're really more like the bedrock on which all his quirks are stacked. His love and adoration (and sometime) admiration of you will be the cement that helps hold him together when things are not going according to plan, and help to firm him up when you need his support.


Living on Sharp Rocks
Prickly, defensive and standoffish. But this all hides or attempts to defend a deep well of feeling and sensitive emotions. It seems to not care one whit at all about other folks, other eggs, other things, even the candidate thats got its hands laid out across the surface of it. Its hot. Its cold. Its bright and dark all at the same time. Dusty and spicy all at once, sweet and salt. It will test candidates with scrapes and pokes, mental jabs, making sure that its not going to be attacked, threatening pain and violence and maybe even death if it is. Its looking for the worthy one, the gentle one that can reach between the spikes and spines, and find that soft tender spot and caress, rather than attack it.

Mind Touches
Living on Sharp Rocks is hot to the touch, the heat prickling at the skin in your hands almost like little electrical shocks. The wind blowing through your mind does nothing to relieve the heat, if anything it only helps to bring about a feeling of being parched and draws you closer. But this is only to poke and prod at you with nothing close to gentle caresses. A chittering laughter echoes from who knows where, seeming to take delight in your reaction to the needle sharp thorns it presses into you.

Living on Sharp Rocks seems to be bristling with life. Everywhere one looks with in this mental place, there is something skittering around, something growing from the ground. Something consuming some other something all around you. Making rocks and pebbles slide and roll to lower ground. And yet, it's hollow and desolate. The sky above is parched and bleached by the sharp sun that beats relentlessly down, attacking in it's own way. Are you really sure you want to be here? Why? What story do you have to tell the wind? No hospitality is to be given here. No quarter, no welcome. What will you make of this?

Living on Sharp Rocks is out to test your resolve to remain here. In the distance, the deep rumble of thunder intimates an incoming storm. Seen and unseen flashes of animals clatter and call, click and clack their warning. This is not a friendly place, and all eyes seem to be trained on you, waiting with an irritated patience to see just what it is that you are going to do. Avians wheel above, looking for a meal to peck at, insects buzz about, looking for some sort of fluid to lap up, some kind of flesh to sting. Great tall succulents with needle sharp thorns seem to reach out to scratch and poke you. The longer you remain, the more you are stabbed, stung and scratched. Even the dust reaches up to choke you, and the sharp rocks to cut you. The whole of the environment is against you here.

Living on Sharp Rocks rattles and shakes. You're still here? The rumble of thunder becomes far less distant in the darkening sky, far more ominous with flashes of heat lightening bursting over head. They threaten to leap from the clouds and pierce your flesh. Creatures strange and dark and armored scuttle and scurry around in the background, threatening to over take, to attack at any moment. Even the plants seem to grow greater and sharper spines. Don't you get it, you aren't wanted here. This is not a place of hospitality! Leave now before it is too late, for at any moment that sky will open up and the rain will flood down and wash you away like the memory of a bad dream.

Living on Sharp Rocks waits until you are certain of any kind of victory, and then with an animalistic whoop, it drops a deluge of water, rushing in from all quarters. From the top, from the bottom, twisting you around and about so that there is no way at all to tell which way is up. It is the force of a flash flood, complete with dislodged thorny plants to slam and pierce into you. Rocks to smash and crush you. It is nature at it's most violent and hateful. It will not loose in the tug-of-war, it cannot let you see what is inside the prickly surface, it cannot let you hurt it. It must make you go away now, and so it shoves and hard, pushing to expel you beyond it's borders in a raging swirl of floodwater.


Oe'lly has had the sole honour of describing the form and the substance of your new life mate, and truly I hope that he is everything and more than you had hoped he could be.

Inspired by the vast bio-diversity and great beauty of the Chihuahuan desert of Mexico and the southwestern United States for the egg, the rich cultures mixed well with the clues you left for me in your @mail.

His name, Coatlcuazith comes from the Nahuatl language, the language of the Aztec people who lived within the most southernmost reaches of the desert. Coatl means snake and cuaz is translated as I will eat you. So roughly translated his name means the snake will eat you. The possibly meanings for this are many and as deep as you take them to be.


Name Canyons Cut by Wind Brwon Coatlcuazith
Dam Gold Sakrienth
Sire Bronze Ytroth
Created By Oe'lly
Impressee Maralaine
Hatched June 27, 2007
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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