She's Going Green Corwynth

Ominous is she, built of rolling gray-green storm clouds. They writhe across a powerful but compact physique where each billow molds muscular curves and recedes at the slender hollows. Her head is sharply angular, slicing through the air as storm winds trace darkest spruce along the ridges of her head. A single beam of light cuts through the clouds to brighten her lithe neckline with golden sparkles. They speckle along the stormy green down to a sleek chest, fading into the darkening storm. Near black is the green of her billowed sails, broken by electric blue lightning which streaks in many forked tongues across their broad length. The storm peaks on her haunches, heavy with muscle and promised strength. Hints of paler green glimmer in the movements of her legs, strong though a touch short and baring electric blue lightning in place of talons. The final wave of the storm rides a long whipping tail, ever in motion behind her.

Egg Name and Description

A Cautionary Egg

This cautionary egg sits alone and to the side, clearly visible and yet somehow apart from the rest of the clutch. It is a smaller egg, colored in a shade rarely seen on dragon shell. It rests on the long axis with the larger end exposed. Bright fire engine red, the shell is the like of which serves universal warning to one and all. Entered in the bold red field is a square of solid matte black. The edges are perfect, corners exact so there can be no confusion about the shape. More nebulous and unformed is the matte black blob on the large end, drifting towards center to warn of more serious danger ahead.

Hatching Message

A Cautionary Egg shifts in the breeze of intent. Slowly, gentle rocking builds as the egg rolls side to side. With each shift in direction, the shell bends as if flapping in the winds of time.

Picking up in speed, the A Cautionary Egg begins rolling more steadily against the sands. Like a flag whipped by the winds, it sounds out a great *Crack* as the first break in the shell forms.

A Cautionary Egg warns of impeding danger. The rolling and rocking has peaked and now the flag shreds before the wind as bits of shell are violently ripped from the largest end. Glimmers of green, blue, and gold flash as the storm arrives. The red shell falls away, leaving behind the small hatchling within.

Impression Message

As fast as thought, the raging storm arrives in angry, frustrated waves. The seeking winds blow fierce and sudden, knocking away all thoughts of the dangers on the sands or the hot and sticky sweat on your brow. With a shock of surprise, the storm ends, winds slowing to a gentle breeze. « You! » She says with a bite of ginger sharpness. « I have been looking for you. » Warm summer breezes wrap around you in a loving embrace. «I am Corwynth, and you are mine now. » The breeze picks up with a salty bite of hunger. « I am very hungry! »


As volatile and changeable as the weather is your Corwynth, with a passionate and wild heart to match the most severe of storms. In both appearance and expression to others, she is the storm: powerful, immutable, and dangerous. She will be known as a lady not to be trifled with for she will always give as good as she gets. Yet at her core, where only you can see, she is a very different being. Gentle and delicate, nearly fragile as glass, Corwynth is like a thing once broken and poorly mended. Though healed, and stronger for that, still she holds within her a craze of stress fractures which could tear her apart without the support of your love.

She is gentle and loving. Passionate and wild, with a drive like none other to see, to be, and for adventure. She is power and strength, poise and grace, but she can not see that for the strength is brittle and she feels it is only a fade. But you know the truth even she will not accept. All people feel thusly and her strength and power are true. Your love builds her as her does for you. You both heal each other's hurts and wounds, creating a whole far better than the parts, as is true of all good loving relationships.

As a weyrling she had trouble with her self-control and the taming of her passionate nature. It was the time and patience you put in that got you thru to the other side. That time of trials has bound you even closer than ever so that you are enough for each other and neither of you needs anyone else. Once graduated, she cares not what you do for a living so long as you are both together and free.

Mating flights for her are when her storm is at the peak. She will always need to be fought with when blooding her kill and you will likely have a rough time of it even when in the air. Though only a green, her flights are wild, if short, and if you do not restrain her can even be quite violent. Aerobatics are a must. She will not take any accidental suitor and to be caught unintended will likely anger her. But what she chooses in a suitor is as chaotic and random as her mood, leading to a wide variety of lovers for you both.

These are only suggestions. She is your dragon and you should play her as you wish.



Like the very storm she is Corwynth's mind is a wild, ever changing place subject to the shifting tides of her mood. When happy, she is the calm before the storm, as warm and welcoming as the perfect summer day. Rich and languid, her mind is an indulgent alto laden with the scent of exotic flowers and the spicy, refreshing bite of ginger. When angered, she is as cold and unforgiving as a nor'easter. The salty air smell and tang clings to every chilled though as they pound like storm driven waves against the mind. But she is at her wildest in the rut of the mating flight, when her mind becomes a driving hurricane force, wild and uncontrolled but subject to strangely random gusts of violent anger or tornadic need and want.

Mind Touches

MT-1: winds blow gentle inquisitive tendrils thru the pathways of your thought. They test and taste of you, feeling out each memory or thought that drifts in the very recesses of your mind. The sharp cleansing taster of ginger snaps playful bites of flavor as though in approval of your response. The storm winds recede, withdrawing to pass you by at a safe distance.

MT-2: waves crash again, stronger and more forceful in this second approach. The powerful rhythm builds, smashing angrily against you as if to drive you away with stinging salt spray. And yet somehow, contained within the greatest violence of the waves, is a promise of the bright and clean calm that comes after the worst of storms.


The egg is based on the double red flags with black squared used to indicate a hurricane in US Coastal weather warning flags. The name Corwynth comes from the Welsh word corwyn for hurricane. Her physical appearance is based on the green color the sky can turn in very extreme weather situations. Your Corwynth's personality is based on, though not directly, the inspirations you suggested. Rather than the Marvel comic heroine Storm, she is the archetypical Storm: wild and powerful weather balanced on the knife edge, but harnessed by your love.


Name Green Corwynth
Dam Gold Celimoth
Sire Bronze Pongokuuth
Created By Kat
Impressee Mataya
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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