Gilded Pale Lily Gold Daeslynth

An even coat of soft gold washes this dragon from muzzle to tail, shining bright enough to be only just on this side of too bright. There are only the faintest variations of color over her hide - a washing of a tawnier flaxen over her headknobs, with traces of it down her ridged back and tail. Her throat and belly are a paler shade even than her hide, such subtle differences to enhance the small queen's delicate form. She is perfectly well proportioned, and knows it, from a petite wedge of a head held cockily high atop her lithe neck, to the slender body and long tail. Every curve, from the dip of her spine to the round of her haunches, was formed with grace in mind - and she holds herself just right to compliment it. Her wings are the crowning glory. Perfectly fragile in appearance, with a membrane that may as well be white for all the hue it has, and thin enough to let through the sun to reflect off her hide most beautifully.

Egg Name and Description

Muted Sunlight Satin Egg


Name Gilded Pale Lily Gold Daeslynth
Dam Gold Vaerlanth
Sire Bronze Kezhoth
Created By
Impressee Saelis
Hatched June 16, 2004
Ista Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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