Tiramisu Brown Dakoth

Striations and layers separate nicely across this hatchling's hide. The colors go from a light, barely beige touched cream across his wedge-shaped head and down his dorsal ridges to deep, chocolatey brown across his stomach and coloring his tailfork nicely. In between, the colors lighten and deepen oddly as each layer goes past. It's as if he were completely made of that lovely cream. Whatever colored the bottom bit of him that dark brown seems to be what invades the rest of the colors, turning them each a varying shade of brandy brown. His wings seem to be of the same light, frothy cream color as most of his dorsal, but whirls of every other shade swirl across them, the product of a patient baker making sure his sweet is nothing but the very best.

Egg Name and Description

Snap, Crackling Pop Egg
How do you know when an egg is ready to hatch? You begin to hear the snap, crackle and pop of the shell as the hatchling tries to get out… You see cracks… you see striations. So why is this egg looking like it's about to hatch? Cracks zip and zag and zig down the sides of this bright violet egg, and sparkles of blue flash in the meager light that spreads into the hatching grounds. Tiny star bursts explode here and there, sending glittery fragments of sensation like fireworks all over the surface of the egg. The colors of cerulean and indigo blend evenly througout the royal hued egg, causing it to appear like a dark, sour orb with a keg of possibilities.

Hatching Message

The Snap, Crackling Pop egg begins to jitter in its little bed of sand before leaping into the air and skipping across the sands, bumping into a few of its brothers and sisters along the way. Already, it is beginning to look stressed, the first cracks appearing as thread-thin lines on the sparkling shell.

The many jumps and bumps, along with the distinct struggle inside the shell of the Snap, Crackling Pop egg has caused even more cracks to split down over the hard shell, which appears to even bulge in some places.

Finally, the Snap, Crackling Pop EXPLODES with a fury, sounding a resonating POP that thunders throughout the hatching cavern, and sending a flury of shards into the air that fall like a gentle shower of confetti, some lighting on the hide of the young dragonet within.

Impression Message

Your body suddenly becomes filled with unexplicable sensations that make your very being want to burst with joy. The cavern becomes brighter, the sands become hotter, and your stomach growls with a ferocity as though you've not eaten in days. Then, it all becomes clear, the muddled thoughts of confusion clearing out of your mind, replaced by sparkling flashes of sensation that tickle at your thoughts and kiss at your feelings. « I have found you, at last. We are together now. I am Dakoth, let us go eat now. »


Bouncy and flamboyant, this brown is never one to sit by and let others have fun without him. He must be /first/ to do everything. First to see this. First to do that, and he /must/ win these silly games that he's sure everyone's playing. What games? Well, who can make their mates get up the earliest, who can make the most messes at bathtime, and who can bugle the loudest in the middle of the night to name a few. He's /not/ one for being subtle at /all/. Yes, he's a troublemaker, but it's all in good fun, really! But a stern word from Kinzokth or the other dragons, and this boy gets right to work. He's quick to recognize authority, responds well, and encourage his rider to do the same. After all, if you get your work done, there's more time to play later!


Sparkling Flashes of Sensation
Flashes of bright blues and sunset hues cross through your mind as this dragon speaks, his voice lilting in an etherial world all its own. Every word, every thought, every feeling and emotion causes a flash of a new sensation to sparkle just at the edge of your senses, tickling and tantalizing your every thought, pulling you into his own mind with reckless abandon.


Name Tiramisu Brown Dakoth
Dam Gold
Sire Bronze
Created By J'leron
Impressee J'leron
Hatched Insta
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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