Who Am I? Brown Delduahnth

The usual draconic whorls and patterns of colors are conspicuously absent from the soft hide, wings, 'spars, muzzle, hindquarters, and everything else a uniformly creamy cocoa, givng the impression of a chocolate-dipped dragon and looking good enough to eat. Unique in uniformity, though only uniform in color. Exceedingly muscular, though in no way bulky, the underlying musculature is sinuous, graceful. Atop an equally sinuous neck perches a great wedge-shaped head, though with a muzzle more blunt than most. Delicately boned wings make graceful curves and gracefully merge into broad, powerful shoulders which in turn morph into a well-muscled back and hindquarters. An exceptionally long tail, lithe and limber, comes to a fork with sharper-than-usual points that could easily reach to the back of his head when he's in a sitting position and maybe even the tip of his muzzle.

Egg Name and Description

Frigid Cliffside Egg
Against a light pastel blue background, a curious blob of deep brown somewhat shaped like a cliff (if one were to cross one's eyes and tilt one's head a bit to the right, or if one were slightly drunk) rises. A white blob, shaped somewhat like a dragon, but in white, mantles in the foreground of the blurry scene, with smaller similarly-shaped blobs in dragon-colors. Shadows fall over the scene and oddly draconic blobs, as if the light falling on this ovoid were coming from the pulsatingly scarlet orb in the background, to the left of the cliff, in front of which are more shadowy cliff-shapes. All told, if one were to come into the sands with a full wineskin and a paintbrush and paint, this could have been the result.

Hatching Message

A curious wobble causes the Frigid Cliffside Egg to tilt quickly to the left, and then to the right, beginning a series of frantic, shaking movements. Without any warning, the movements come to an abrupt halt. Silence. Suddenly, the jerks and rhythmic spasms begin again, the dragonet within bugling his success as he finally manages to break through the confinement of his shell.

Impression Message

The deep, musical tones of Who Am I? Brown Hatchling swirl in an increasingly faster and smaller vortex, with your mind at the center, and as it comes in contact with you, some previously unnoticed gap seems to be filled with love and admiration as a soft warmth seems to fold you in a protective cocoon. « There will be no more pain, Kyoninya. No more suffering. No more blood. » The gentle musical voice, caressing your very soul, sends a tingling sensation throughout your being while filling you with everything you'll ever need. « Not while Delduahnth is here to protect you. »


To put things simply, life in the barracks isn't going to be simple. Delduahnth is quite territorial, and if he can't be outside listening to the Harper's new songs, he'd rather be bothering his clutchmates nearly to death. « MY meat, my dearest Rosselith. /If/ you would be so kind as to move? » Bothersome, yes. Cranky, sometimes. But always polite. It seems to go with anyone harboring the sort of accent you could only have found on Old Terra, in a country named England. A lot of quirks, this one has - like his love for music of all kinds. He'll often wheedle and plead with you to not bother about those ol' straps, they're no fun! Why don't the both of you get some food and find the Harper - see if he's got anything new, eh? And while you're both working, he'll serenade you with folk songs and such, or when you're having a hard time sleeping, a lullaby will come out of the darkness to soothe and comfort you. Delduahnth is, however, not all sunshine and brightness. However, you can be assured he'll never leave your side for long - unless he's listening to music. As for the classes, learning to do all those things that weyrlings learn, he'll see them as a nessecary evil to get through before he can be free with you out on the skies 'til Isisth starts roaring back at the weyr for them to either return or hope they can't be found /between/. But at night, when he's not showing up the rest of his clutchmates - « Sure, Rosselith, but can you do /this/? » - or soaring 'cross the clear Igen skies, he'll be spending long nights awake with you, simply talking. Delduahnth is not like most young weyrlings, sure at Hatching about how they'll be, personality-wise. But Delduahnth growing up is much like a young human teenager, confused about who he'll be and what his purpose in life is - aside from being your lifemate and serving the Weyr, that is. And much like a young teenager, he'll be… uh… randy. Whenever a gold or green starts to show even the smallest signs of proddiness, it will most likely first be noticed by him. Excluding the rider and the dragon herself, of course. « Kyo! Do you not see Mekyszereth? I can just see her glowing in about two sevendays' time, no, maybe sooner - and I'll be sure to catch her! » And his afterward play-by-play to you of the flight, after all is said and done - oftentimes you'll probably need to just tell him to shut up because you really don't need /that/ much detail. Oh, but the randy one simply hates competition, territorial beast that he is. « Roussanth is leering at my greens, Kyo - do tell him to bugger off? » Followed by a loud hiss to serve as a warning to all around. If love does come to this brown - prepare yourself for a rival for his attention. You'll be sure to have to deal with a lovesick dragon who will rarely leave the lucky lady's side, even if she has duty to attend to. « Oh, and you've got something better to do? She goes. We follow. I'm not letting her go off alone. » Though whether this is protectiveness or jealousy remains to be explained. If he loses the flight, however, know that you will have to console him and cajole him into doing assigned tasks, instead of letting him mope around his couch or take out revenge on some innocent herdbeasts. He'll bounce back soon enough, however, often surprising you with a sudden old duet that you simply /must/ sing your usual half of. Or else. Or else what, you may ask? Well… like any dragon, he's unable to be mad at you for long. He loves you (though he may never come right out and /say/ it), and he'd never want to see you hurting, in a physical way or otherwise. So any young men must pass his inspection and swear on their lives that they won't hurt you at all. Ever. Or else he'll actually have a reason to use firestone. (No, not to hurt him… just to scare him a little bit. Heh. Heh.)

Why Nenya? Delduahnth chose you because, firstly, it was ultimately clear that /you/ were the only person out there for him. Sure, there was no end to the selection of boys, but it was you, Kyoninya, that attracted him the most. Your quick mind and wits are the only ones that could be any match for his own, and for those days when you get impatient and tired of dealing with those problems of life, why, he'll be there to help you, to perhaps lend you some tolerance or maybe cheer you up with an airy aria. You're already so grown up that you've almost forgotten how to really /live/ - and he's here to remind you of that. « Take some time to smell the roses …. »


I've always imagined Delduahnth's mind voice to be very deep, very musical, and perhaps with something of an accent from a nation on Old Terra called England. Which all, of course, compliments his fondness of music, both vocal and instrumental. It's no uncommon thing for him to, out of nowhere, give you an exultant mind-shout loud enough to deafen your inner ears. « Kyo! You've got to hear this aria I just heard from the Harper! It's so heartbreakingly beautiful, you'll want to throw yourself off a cliff! » and so on. Perhaps borne of his love for music, he also has a rare talent for mimicry, being able to mimick not only you, but his clutchmates at first, then a great majority of the other dragons in the Weyr. Probably because of the instant reactions he got, he soon learned to mimic Vorshnath's mind-voice perfectly, and had quite a fun time until he was found out by Morjidath, Weyrlingmaster Th'ris' brown.


To tell a story, one must start from the beginning, and end at the end. The beginning, of course, was the theme chosen for this Hatching. We decided to do the book covers, and Frigid Cliffside Egg was based off of The White Dragon. The hatchling itself was to be based on a character from the book chosen for the egg. And who better than Jaxom? Brown Delduahnth is unique, and has that shadow of darkness about him only associated with secrets better left untold. But you shall find out more about His Lovliness' personality shortly. About his name. I don't know if you've read J.R.R. Tolkien, but there is a forest in Tolkien's Middle Earth world called Delduwath. It's meaning? "Horror of Night Shadow." Well, you wanted dark, and here it is. I had to mess with it a little bit to get in the "ahn" sound you asked for, but - lovely Delduahnth is yours and yours alone.


Name Who Am I? Brown Delduahnth
Dam Gold Isisth
Sire Bronze Vorshnath
Created By J'aime
Impressee Nenya
Hatched July 24, 2003
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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