Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere Green Ellezath

It's no wonder that this little lady is a beauty - her looks, from those captivating wide eyes to her dainty paws, have surely got no parallel. As fresh as spring, her smooth hide is flawless in its soft jade shade, each svelte curve of her sculpted form perfect in reflecting her natural grace and poise. The gentle sweep of her dainty nose is freckled with sun-kissed tan, which is smudged beneath her large, sweet eyes to accent them, making them seem wider and more pronounced than they actually are. Edging her rounded 'ridges is a hue akin to that of old parchment, lovingly aged to a creamy ecru. Her wings echo the same shade, a complementary contrast to the sunlit jade that colours the rest of her hide and wingsails, with buttermilk brushed along her trailing edges and fading up the length of her delicate spars. All four of her paws are a buttery green-gold, with rose-tinted toes and talons that match the blushed tip of her slender tail.

Egg Name and Description

As Old as Time Egg

Black. Glossy. Sleek. A laminated sheen brings life to what is almost a spitefully monochromatic shell, adding shine to the pitch that this egg is daubed with. Not all is doom and gloom, though - black's dominance is cut through by the purest of whites, a smooth collection of curved lines that might, if you squint hard enough and use your imagination, come to form a face… of sorts, anyway. And there, captured within those pearly strokes, is a flash of vermillion brightness, weeping wasted life away in a single rosy tear.

Hatching Message

As Old As Time Egg gives a little wobble, its shell shuddering as the occupant within struggles for freedom. Is that a tiny crack appearing on its glossy shell? It's hard to tell, given how dark this egg is!

As Old As Time Egg gives a massive wobble - its time is nearly here! The efforts of the dragonet within have doubled - tripled! - to ensure its freedom, and now there is a definite crack on the surface, running creamy white across the blackest part of the shell. Soon, soon!

As Old As Time Egg's shell suddenly gives way on one side, an egg-goo covered paw visible for barely a moment before the egg wobbles hard enough to tip it over onto its side. There's a pause as the little dragonet catches its breath, and then, with one last heave, the shell cracks neatly, revealing a dainty green darling.

Impression Message

A loving swirl of rose curls into your mind, winding itself into your thoughts, entwining with your consciousness, taking root in your very being so that what was two is now a very solid one. The rose blossoms, shimmering with excitement, thrilled to have found you. « Daija. My Daija. » Rosy silver glows bright on that sweet soprano voice, flickering like candlelight illuminating her own sharp thoughts. There's no hesitancy here, no possibility for miscommunication - your new lifemate's thoughts are as crystal-clear and intelligent as they are curious and adoring. « I am Ellezath, and we have a whole world of adventure to explore together once we've satisfied this rumbling in my tummy. »


"We're together now; everything's going to be fine, you'll see."

The first thing you'll notice about Ellezath, from the moment her mind links with yours, is her lust for all things intellectual. Of course she loves you unconditionally, but she's not your stereotypical air-headed green - not at all. Neither are you the be all and end all of her world, for Ellezath has a love of learning, which gives her an exceptionally good vocabulary, a vivid imagination, and a very straightforward, logical way of approaching things.

"It's a pity and a sin
she doesn't quite fit in
'cause she really is a funny girl
a beauty but a funny girl
she really is a funny girl… that Belle!"
―The villagers, Beauty and the Beast

She is especially fond of books, and while of course it's hard for her to read them herself (unless you give in to her wishes and have someone make a dragon-sized book?!), she's going to encourage you to read to her. And she enjoys anything and everything, subject-wise, because it's all extra learning to absorb, and new words to learn. Maybe you ought to invest in a dictionary, so you've always got a resource handy to refer to when she asks you about new words she's heard about.

Ellezath's intelligence and book-loving also means she has a very open mind, as well as a love of creating. Except, given that she's a dragon, it's not especially /easy/ for her to make things… so you're going to be pressured into being her more nimble hands to sketch the creations - inventions, even! - that she conceptualises, and then you'd better learn to be handy with a wrench and hammer, because you're going to have to help build all her zany ideas, too!

When she's younger, or when she's frustrated as she grows older, she may try and take matters into her own paws; if she thinks an irrigation channel from the lake to the barracks is a good idea, don't be surprised to find her out there, on her own, digging a trough that's going to suit her purpose.

She's very strong-minded, which means she may wander off on her own little adventures while you're busy. This may cause some concern when she's a young weyrling, as it might lead to her being in all the wrong places, but her intentions are good - she just wants to learn what's out there in the great wide somewhere! Ellezath gets bored when she's in the same surroundings all the time, as she needs the mental stimulation provided by places that are new.

"I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell."

Along with that strong-mindedness comes a very strong sense of self-worth. There may be some dragons in the Weyr or across Pern - bronzes and browns, especially - who may look down on her for being a green. They may want to coddle her and be condescending since she's a green, but there's no way Ellezath will stand for that. Not only does she hate to be undermined or demeaned, but she hates to see anyone else treated so, too.

She also hates taking orders from anyone she doesn't respect, though, luckily for you, the dragons and people that fall into this list are few and far between. If they try and control her, or you, for that matter, against either of your wills, she'll be the first to jump in and put a stop to it. Her respect is easy to win, and she's very willing to look up to, admire, and value the opinions of any dragon or person who has what she considers to be a valid outlook; many individuals who fall into those category are similarly intellectual, or otherwise smart or bright in their particular fields. Basically, if Ellezath can learn something from them, they're worth respecting!

These may have been briefly touched upon above, but what's already been said is only just brushing the surface. I mentioned that she likes books, didn't I? But what I didn't say is how she likes to collect them. It's not good enough to merely read the book (or have it read to her), but she wants to keep every book she's absorbed, so they can be read, re-read, and read again, kept for all eternity (or as long as she remembers them) within easy reach. Sorry, Daija, but you're going to need a big enough weyr to store them all in - or you'll maybe have to sneak them away when Ellezath's not looking.

Her thirst for knowledge can lead her to sticking her nose into all the wrong things, even as she grows up… which means you might have to keep a tight rein on her to get her attention in the right place. Sure, she's smart and logical and intelligent and all, but that curiosity of hers means her attention can be grabbed by anything, at any time - all it needs to be is interesting for her to become utterly absorbed in it. Ellezath will want to know how it works, why it works, what it's for - and you'll be the one asking all the questions.

… well, most of the time, anyway. Because if you're not around, and there's no-one else to ask (« Vernammerath, could you ask yours to ask that Smith why the flamethrowers are such a shape? »), then she may just jump in there with her own questions… which might freak out those who aren't expecting a dragon's voice to suddenly appear in their head. You'll have to keep that under control, too!

On to her physicality…
When it comes to her physical self, the way Ellezath carries herself is ballerina-like. She's very graceful, which goes along with her svelte, sculpted physique and her good looks - because she definitely is a looker, no matter which way you look at it! There's a diligence and swiftness to all of her movements; they're all purposefully made, and she'll waste little energy in anything she does. That's not to say she's lazy - far from it, in fact - but she's smart enough to work out the best ways to do something without being wasteful, either of energy or time, and that's the way she'll go through life.

In terms of size, she's happily in the middle range of those greens within Igen Weyr, neither too big nor too small. Her hide is the colour of fresh spring leaves, inspired by pale green jade, though with a smattering of freckles - because what good, adventure-loving girl doesn't get sun-kissed while out on her explorations? There's also the colour of old parchment and buttermilk, representing aged book pages, with a touch of gold on her paws as an homage to Belle's iconic ballgown. Finally, that rosy blush is, of course, representative of the rose that plays such an important part in the Beauty and the Beast story.

… and then there's flights. How can you have a green and not talk about flights? These are tumultuous times for your Ellezath, where the typical standards she adheres by are flaunted, somewhat. While she may be unaware of her beauty on a normal day, this goes out the window once she starts to approach her time to rise.

Typically, Ellezath will have no more interest in male dragons than she will have in her fellow females - everyone's treated equally, no matter what standing they have within the Weyr. When there's a hint of a glow to her hide, though, she'll start cosying up to the boys, flirting and flaunting herself… oh, and don't be surprised if her flooziness rubs off a bit on you through your bond. z

When her times come she's all about that bass, though thankfully (or not?!) her pre-flight time is relatively short. The change in attitude will be your first clue that she's about to rise, and you'll come to know you've got 2-3 days before she starts blooding. That is neat and short, and her flights themselves are no great demonstration of acrobatics and aerial stunts - she'll fly fast, straight and true, and it'll be the smartest males who have the best chance of catching her… or the biggest beast. She /does/ have a strange habit of letting the beastliest males catch her…


Black and Tan

Ellezath's mindvoice is very much like what you would have experience in the second touch of this egg - gentle strength, curiosity, stubbornness, and yet undeniably sweet. Her mind is a swirling thoughtscape of rose and golden yellow, parchment and blue, silver and ecru - even black and tan. She's very logical in the way she thinks, and is exceptionally clear in portraying her thoughts. Ellezath loves words and will use them as and when she can… her vocabulary might even surprise you as she picks up words from some similarly intellectual dragons.

"Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts."
― Patrick Rothfuss

Her thoughts are warm, generally accommodating - she's willing to give everyone a chance, but if they overstep the limits she sets for them, they'll experience her rare, colder stubborn side. As far as scents go, expect to experience rose petal's soft floral, the freshness of forest air, and the ever-present, delightfully dusty scent of well-read leatherbound books.

Mind Touches
Black and Tan is smooth. Intoxicatingly so. And my goodness, doesn't it just know it? There's arrogance, pride, and a certain sense of entitlement - or is it bravado? Maybe it's both! Swirling black and gold butt up against your mind, challenging you to a battle of wills, a test of strength. Mental muscles flex, while you're presented with the idea of this one being bigger, better, stronger, more worthy of winning than you… and there's a definite sense of masculinity about it all. The black wells up, a flash of red and the tang of gunpowder pushing your thoughts back to overwhelm them. Having been successful in asserting its dominance, it suddenly turns to a musky smug, that earlier gold welling up in a molten rush, before the little victor withdraws back into the sanctuary of its mancave - er, shell. Right. It's shell. There's a final glimpse inside - antler-decorated, glossy wood, gunmetal and hunter green - and then darkness. Move along now, little candidate.

Black and Tan is quick to come back to you, fuelled by the sort of curiosity that's going to take it to all the wrong places. And yet it's not a malicious sort of curiosity, nor is it the overt bravado that was felt before - this is a much softer sort of strength, an unexpected ambition tinged with cocoa and satiny blue. There's warmth there, and this time, while still retaining a sense of the stubborn nature that appeared previously, the way this little dragonet matches up to you seems to be more interested in getting to know you, rather than in trying to overpower you. Hello there. Could you be the one? The one to take this little one away from all it knows - the stifling confines of its egg - to embark upon adventures in the great wide somewhere? Are you the one to understand how far this dragonet wants to go? Are you the companion it needs? Leaving those questions in your mind like a rustling like rifling through the pages of a book, the dragonet within As Old As Time Egg withdraws, a lingering scent of rose remaining in your mind.

Black and Tan sweeps back into your mind, regally imperious with an overwhelming, swirling wash of deep golden-brown and midnight black. The swish of a cape arcs over your head as it huffs and puffs arrogantly, like a bullish beast facing off with the glint of horns in the dark depths of its mind. Who are you? Why did you come here? Who do you think you are? It challenges you, grunting and snarling as it probes your mind, digging deep with crimson fingers to learn who hides behind your thoughts and what your purpose may be… and the deeper it goes, the softer its thoughts become. Oh, it's gradual, slow, peppered with fiery little outbursts as if it realises it's letting its guard down - but then there it is. That shield of dark arrogance is worn down to reveal a core of golden thought, soft as rose petals, and with the very basic need there to be loved, to be accepted for who and what it is. Could you possibly be that person? There's hope there, soft as falling rose petals, and, slowly slowly, that's all your mind is left with as this little one withdraws back into its shell: a scattered trail of deep red, that fades to black.


That name … where did it come from? Ellezath comes from 'bellezza', the Italian word for beauty, which echoes the character she's based on - which is Belle from 'Beauty and the Beast', if you didn't guess as much by now! It's relatively short, and hopefully fits within what you consider to be 'short to medium'. There's even two ways to pronounce it - you could say it as 'ell-ah-zath', for three luscious syllables, or as 'ell-zath', for a short, sweet alternative. I think both are equally pretty, and hopefully you'll agree with me!


Our egg theme for this clutch was Broadway Musicals, with descriptions based specifically on the posters used to advertise said productions. As Old As Time Egg's inspiration might have been obvious given how iconic the song it comes from is, but this egg was inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

The mind theme of this clutch was alcoholic drinks, and Black and Tan is one of those more unusual cocktails that you can find! It combines Guinness with lager, for an odd combination that typically shouldn't go together - but that actually works really well. Sort of like Belle and the Beast! The touches where each inspired by a different character - that first, manly one was Gaston, followed by Belle's stubborn curiosity, followed by the Beast's imperious, changeable nature.

Since you were so open in dragon preferences I took the liberty of using the theme of As Old As Time Egg to inspire your Ellezath, which is how she became Belle - maybe with a hint of her Papa in there too, given her love for inventions. This hopefully covers the 'something fun' you asked for!

At the end of the day, though, Ellezath is every bit your own dragon, so feel free to take her to whatever new heights you want. Enjoy her, and congratulations, Daija, on Impressing at Igen Weyr! - Quillan


Name Ellezath
Dam Zuhth
Sire Sindrieth
Created By Quillan
Impressee Daija
Hatched December 28, 2014
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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