The Magic of Flight Bronze Emeliuth

As polished, aged brass does, this mid-sized bronze glows a natural golden tone that causes him to gleam brightly in the light. Though strong of bone, he is slender and leanly muscled, giving him the impression of being smaller than his actual size. A narrow pointed head sports high, large head knobs tinted coppery red while great curved ridges of dark bronze march down his long, graceful neck. They meld into broad shoulders atop a deep, full chest. His back and flanks narrow to his hindquarters, then fill out just enough to give him the look of a well bred racer. The golden-hued tail is thin and definitively on the short side. As he moves, the play of muscles sends alternating ribbons of gold or ruby fire racing thru his hide and burning a pathway up into the vastly oversized spread of sails. Here heavy golden bronze wing bones serve as the posts to support the delicate spindles of his spars. The sails themselves are a vision of brass filigree whirls and swirls, down to dainty leaves and fey flowers worked onto a backdrop of dark, tarnished bronze.

Egg Name and Description

Detritus of the Magi Egg

As though viewed through a haze, this moderate sized egg is somehow hard to focus on even while sitting uncovered and in full sight. It is as if the mind simply can not register what the eye sees. However, once seen, the shell resolves into a feast of sumptuous fabrics supporting two brass objects. The background is a wealth of royal purple velvet spilling in heavy folds over the sands. A thick silk lavender ribbon holds a medallion smack in middle of the shell. It's in the shape of a five sided star surrounded by a circle. Engraved into the circle all the way around are strange inscriptions of unknown letters or symbols. Off to the side, half buried in the velvet, is a brass ball knob with a peg end. While the end remains shiny brass, the ball almost appears to be glowing with a hot ruby light.

Colorless Hatching

Purple and Perwinkle Bedecked Hatchling

Slightly on the larger side, this new hatchling has already run afoul of the storm and because of that the color is near impossible to distinguish. Somewhere in the darkness, it picked up a cloth of merry periwinkle which has become wrapped turban style around what seems a narrow and graceful head and neck. From here, the cloth trails down across patchy brown sails. Chunks of lavender shell and black sand are glued to the rest of the torso, including broad shoulders and deep chest. The only hint of other color is a muted mustard yellow glint from an overly short tail.

Hatching Message

The hazy surface of the Detritus of the Magi Egg slowly starts to come into focus as a gust of wind sends the egg tumbling over. Though the gust stops, the egg continues moving. It shifts from a roll to a rock and the speed of movement increases.

The haze has lifted and the magic begins. Detritus of the Magi Egg rocks in place, under the spell of substitutiary Locomotion. The motion has become so frantic by this point that the shell simply can not take any more and with a resounding *snap* a large crack splits through the medallion.

All magic must have a source, a being from which it comes. So to with the Detritus of the Magi Egg. The spell has wrought its damage and where one split was, now ribbons of cracks seam the purple shell. With one last mighty heave, it splitters into pieces, spilling a flash of color and motion into the darkness behind the egg.

Impression Message

A silver haze seeps in to cool the over-heated thoughts chasing around your mind. Gentle golden sparks dance a merry tune and before you know it, you are bespelled again. No longer do you feel the burning heat or the whip of sandstorm winds. There is only a cool silver magic and a soothing bass voice calling to you. « C'vryn. » Gold sparkles shower around you as it calls again. « C'vryn, would you please get this thing off me? I can't see well. » The sparks begin to crack in an attempt to make you focus, but focus on what? « On me! Emeliuth. » And the magic suddenly comes from within and from the periwinkle bedecked bronze now waiting patiently before you. Yes he is bronze. « Could you hurry please? My tummy is ever so empty! »


Emeliuth is at his core a being of magic and love. Everything he says and does is driven by these two founding traits. He has a child-like naivety about what is impossible and the magic that is life which he will never outgrow and it builds in him a joy filled personality which is rarely altered. He feels a deep and profound love from all things 'good' and 'right' however you two may define that and from this grows an unwavering loyalty and devotion. Such is true especially for Igen Weyr, for your close friends and family, and strangely, for his own clutch sibs. Though usually mild tempered, this bronze can be roused to anger. When he is angry, he burns cold and hard and becomes even more determined. But watch him, as he can be a bit vindictive in retaliation. He has a sharp intellect and when he brings it into focus, he can make magic.

However, all is not sweetness and perfection with this bronze. Because of his very belief in the impossible, he's somewhat easily led astray. He also has a bad habit of focusing so exclusively on one thing at a time that he often seems flakey or befuddled. Ask him a question about anything but what he's thinking about and prepare for a complete silver fog out. His memory is especially short, even for a dragon. And is he ever accident prone! Not that he's clumsy. He's rarely the direct cause of things; just it always seems to happen to him. For example, you could leave your favorite shirt out on the line to dry every week without problem, but the moment he's out by it, he'll sneeze. The next thing you know, your shirt is trampled and covered in mud and a caravan leader is complaining about ruined wares and lost runners.

Though it may not always seem that way, Emeliuth is first and foremost an Igen bronze with the drive and will to give his all to defend and protect his beloved homeland and people. With no threat to fight, he fills this need in other ways, be it striving to lead the search and rescue wing or maybe the policing wing. Should you choose another path, he will still pursue this on his own in whatever form he can find. Protecting the future of the weyr includes strong clutches and so Emeliuth will chase his chosen queens in his normal ardent, determined and of course accident-prone manor. He'll likely be especially motivated when chasing at other weyrs or when an outside bronze dares to chase /his/ queens. Should he ever happen to sire a clutch, he will be as supportive as his slightly befuddled state allows, as the poor dear simply doesn't quite get kids, human or dragon. And as for eggs, well, « But they just sit there! ». But he likes children in his distracted way and will be as a goofy, fond uncle to yours or weyrlings should you go the route of weyrlingmaster. As always Emeliuth is your dragon and you must grow him as you like. I hope you enjoy him but please be free to make any changes you want for him to fit you better.


Treguna Mekoides

A curious mixture of focus and flakey, this mind can never be nailed down. He flows in on a silver fog of confusion and befuddlement and the giggling golden sparkles of magic. In joy he dances about as flashes and sparks, but can steady into a firm beam of warm light when necessary. Dare to anger him and one will face a wall of fiery red flames or even be banished with the thoughts of being turned into a trundle bug! Through it all there is a faint hint of cool, ocean air and the soothing bass of his deep masculine voice.

Mind Touches

MT-1: flows in a silver fog which obscures the mind from all thought. Giggling golden sparks bubble like magic in the mist, seeding spots of befuddlement and confusion. They twist this way and that and just when you think to have found the spell, they withdraw and leave you completely turned all about.

MT-2: has no rhyme or reason, just merry mayhem in a silvery mist. Teguna Mekoides is all vim and vigor, eagerness tripping clumsily through the museum of memory while knocking things down left and right. It is a beam of golden light spotlighting those memories that show the best in you. Gleeful abandon leaves a wash of trust in belief hanging in the mind as the magic recedes.

MT-3: has honor and duty as pink and yellow ribbons winding thru the mist of confusion and sparkling light. The ribbons try to weave a protective fabric about you, but only succeed in getting wound up within itself. Fiery flames of anger and frustration burst randomly outwards and leave small scorch marks. Those marks dissipate in golden sparks of embarressed affection. Almost you can hear the giggles as the touch fades.

MT-4: is a magic for singled minded courage and old world chivalry. It is the need to do the right thing when all seems to be going wrong and no one else notices. Treguna Mekoides will never give up, will never give in even when it can't get the words right. Yet, through it all, the magic of innocent belief in the impossible remains. Now if only it could figure out how to get this spell right!

MT-5: can focus, really it can. It can be a beam of golden light ready to find and preserve those things it loves. It just needs the right support, the perfect music to complete it's solitary dance, if you will. Then the spell can weave the spinning silver mist into a sparkling fabric both strong and true. Pinks and yellows will trim the fabric while golden sequence give it life until it has a magic spell to wrap around that one, that special love.


The clutch theme was the TV show the Wonderful World of Disney. It originally played starting in 1954 and continued for more then 30 years before taking a hiatus and returning in 1997. Your egg and dragon were inspired by the movie Bedknobs and Broomsticks. In the movie an aspiring witch is learning witchcraft via correspondence college to allow her to assist in the defense of her beloved United Kingdom during World War II. She unwillingly becomes the guardian of three war displaced children, and with their assistance goes in search of her professor to learn why her magic is going awry. Emeliuth's name is from Professor Emelius Browne. His hatchling desc is inspired by the brass bed they use as transportation and his persona by the personality of Ms. Price. His egg desc is based on the magic objects leading to the book of power while his mind name is taken directly from the words of magic on the medallion from that book. I hope you enjoy him as he was created but he is yours and you must do what you would to be happy with him.


Name The Magic of Flight Bronze Emeliuth
Dam Gold Nylaeth
Sire Bronze Azaeth
Created By Kathryn
Impressee C'vryn
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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