If Wishes Were Wings Bronze Eranzath

Shadowed bronze gathers in deep pools over the dips and curves of this bronze's body, darkest hues curling at the joints of limbs and wings. Burnished bronze dances like clouds over the smooth hide of his stomach, curling at the narrowing of his waist and disappearing rather than climbing up over his sides. Polished bronze wingsails float between each shadowed spar, before the brighter hue appears again in the ridges that are aligned upon the center of his back, and dapples his shortened muzzle. His build is neither bulky nor lean, residing somewhere in between, the cognac swirls that dapple his hide giving him an almost airy appearance.

Egg Name and Description

Etched Images Egg

Sandstone hues stack upon each other, reds and oranges, pinks and khakis, each layer distinct from the next, yet all intermingling as well. Etched against the bright background are rough figures, much like a child might draw in the sand, ebony and ivory lines going this way and that, creating a new type of art.

Hatching Message

Impression Message

A painter's palette is spread across your mind, streaks of blues and greens intermingling with the brighter oranges and reds, hues crossing this way and that, overlapping, mingling, mixing and fading. Slowly, the colors seem to arrange themselves in shapes, to form something recognizable in your thoughts. « Alexandru. » And a voice, while deep, seems almost ethereal as it floats over your senses like a gentle breeze. « Al'dru. I am Eranzath. We have much to achieve together - we must begin now! » And then the colors seem to lose all definition, the mind behind them distracted. « But first, can we eat? »


Eranzath is, as I mentioned in the credits, a dreamer. He has lofty goals and expectations, and he'll always be striving to reach them no matter how outlandish and impossible they might seem to a third party.

From the very beginning, he'll dream of being the 'best' - however, what the 'best' consists of will likely change from day to day. While some times it may be that he hopes to be the quickest, at others he may wish to be the smartest, or the most agile. However, with his goals constantly changing, often he'll find himself falling short - though sometimes only slightly.

As he grows, he'll constantly be looking forward to what's to come, what you'll get to do next, to learn next. He'll be excited to try new things and to practice and learn, and he'll often encourage you to spend extra time on lessons and tasks, just to try and perfect them. He enjoys new challenges no matter the source, whether it's his weyrlingmaster or wingleader, his peers, or himself.

He'll dream of one day becoming someone important - whether it's a wingleader or a weyrleader, and he'll constantly strive to catch that gold, to make a good impression, in order to succeed. Whether he ever does make it waits to be seen, but he'll never give up dreaming.

When he's not busy, his head tends to be in the clouds, and he tends to be rather distracted. It might take a good mental push to get his attention back on the matter at hand and away from the brightly colored, rough images that cling to his thoughts. While not precisely a loner, he tends to be on a different level than many of his peers, their relationships on a very platonic level, setting your relationship with him apart.

He enjoys the chase when a green or gold rises - the feel of the wind beneath his wings - and the thrill of the pursuit. And yet, should he catch, he'll expect nothing else than the flight itself.


Echoing Rings

His mind tends to the bright colors, even as his voice is much calmer - deep and almost airy, a echoing ring sneaking in from time to time. He doesn't have much going on upstairs all the time, but he is devoted to home and hearth and most of all to you.


Congratulations, and welcome to Weyrlinghood at High Reaches!

The egg theme this cycle was UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which is a list meant to recognize and preserve natural and historical sites of significance. The sites are both natural and man-made, and include such things as the Great Barrier Reef and the Pyramids of Egypt. This egg in particular was based off of Tsodilo, which is a historical site located in present day Botswana, and contains one of the highest concentrations of rock art in the world. From the artwork present, archeologists estimate that there is a 100,000 year record of humans and their practices at that location.

Eranzath is, as you asked for, a dreamer - wishes, hopes, dreams and fears are all part of who he is, down to his name. Eranzath comes from the Italian name 'Speranza' which means hope.

As always, what is written here is just some ideas - he is yours to play as you will.

Once again, congratulations!


Name If Wishes Were Wings Bronze Eranzath
Dam Gold Ilveraeth
Sire Bronze Tjainth
Created By Angharad
Impressee Al'dru
High Reaches Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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