Sweeping grandeur rises elegantly in the long arc of her smooth, muscled neck, features emerging in relief as if she were the finest of vessels produced by master smiths and woodcrafters. Rich, golden oak has been chiseled into her smooth curves, gilded intricately with metallic hues over broad limbs and prow-sharp talons. The darkened curl of sturdy shoulders, not unlike that of fine scrollwork atop polished balustrades, lifts to support substantial 'sails where the glory of a warm sunset ripples pristinely over the diaphanous membranes. In contrast, her pinions almost seem to gleam a watery, blue-gray when struck just-so by the light, the ghostly hues touching along her feet and the bottom of her tail as if leaving them kissed by the sea.

Egg Name and Description

Queens Consort Egg

There is something regal in the bearing of this egg as it sits nestled in the deep obsidian sands. The shell's smooth surface arcs in a slightly elongated ovoid carrying a blending of complimentary hues. The bottom is a soft cream which lusciously spreads in a pleasant pool. The edges are irregular, as if weaving about stubby limbs before ultimately blending into the next, and most predominant hue of golden fawn. The gleam is unmistakable, burnished to an eye pleasing luster without any gaudy sparkle. Warm and welcoming, the hue is pleasing to the eye and not particularly subtle. Eventually the golden hue fades into a smaller pool of reddened bronze. Neither to dark, nor to light it hovers irregularly, seemingly protectively of the hue below with the softest of caresses. There is not much detail to speak of beyond the colors itself, although towards the larger end of the shell there seems to be a line of slightly rougher shell that distinguishes itself from the otherwise unblemished surface.

Hatching Message Sequence

The shimmer of metal flickers in a pool of dying light kissing the queens consort egg. The protective pool of reddened bronze hovers over the dominating gold before both fade to luscious cream. Simple and yet elegant it will exist for not much longer, its brief voyage in life about to come to an abrupt end. For now the party continues oblivious to coming fate and only little shivers hint at what can not be avoided.

The queens consort egg jerks suddenly, as if its been struck by something beneath the sands. If an egg could leap upwards this one seems to. Not nearly enough that it comes completely out of the dark sandy wallow but enough that as it settles back something has clearly changed. Now the eggs rolls, writhes as if seeking to heal itself from the dappled line of cracks that run on one side.

The cracks have been slowly growing on the queens consort egg. The perfect cream now speckled with black as the hatching sands stick to where some egg goo has begun the leak out. No, no its occupant struggles from this mighty tomb that will otherwise draw it down into the depths from which it shall never recover. No, in a sudden RIP the egg splits along the cracked line and the hatchling falls into the watery world of the oblivion mist.

Hatching Descriptions


The Silence of the Deep Hatchling
A silent sentinel to the great tragedy of the broken segments of shell now abandoned on the dark sands, this one carries the mark of its doom. Flecks of color are found only in the sticky remnants of gold, cream and bronze shards that dot one flank like a tear into the very soul. Long limbs seem at times broken in the swirl of mists, what might have been fine sturdy spars worn down by time and element, drowned in this sandy abyss until it would be lost to obscurity and legend if it weren't for the flicker of the hatching grounds lights. These cast revealing light into the darkness, albeit subsuming to the mists drowning of true colors. The sticking black sands also help to obscure such that the broken arc of her neck and broad swaths of sail when they are stretched appear tattered and gray. A ghostly wreck of a hatchling which bequeaths a reminder of the fate of those who do not respect the sea.


Portrait of a Queen Gold Hatchling
Sweeping grandeur rises in the long arc of her smooth muscled neck. Elegant it rises as if one could run a hand along the untouched rail before reached the rounded base of her slender jawline. Wedged head turns for a three quarters perspective, the finest carving any master might produce down the slender length of her muzzle to smooth pointed tip and softly flaring nostrils. Timber of finest oak seasoned and treated with a grain so fine that she blends into a singular golden oak hue from afar. Up close the fine grains could be traced down into the broad sweep of her chest where railing spreads, stepping invitingly to her slender arms. The smooth curve of her body is inset by gilded paneling, the pure metallic tones untouched by time or weather, as if presented to the world for the very first time, every time. Muscled legs end in gilded talons, as does each delicate but deadly finger. A fine scrollwork of iron blends the panels of her body into the sturdy shoulder and ties down the broad sails on the underside her wings. Doors open grandly where neck spreads onto her back. The simple wooden decking falls away into the endless membranes that stretch as far as the seas. Sunset lit waters ripple softly offering a promise of a bright future, or adventures to be had over a lifetime of indulgences. The waters tug at this pristine scene, where upon a longer inspection one finds at the edges of her being eerie hints of deep watery blue-grays. It might seem a trick of the light but for the hues persistence in hovering at the edges of her trailing sails, touching like ghostly fingers along her feet, and finally just barely kissing the bottom of her tail in a hint to a distant tragedy unspoken. A final stroke of genius by the artist who has so perfectly captured the portrait of this lady at the beginning and ending of her lifetime.

Impression Message

Sweeping soulful yet romantic music swells around you. It's hard to pin exactly the source as the terror of the sands fade into a negligible concern but for the creature that has come to meet your eyes. In them there is a moment, an eternal blissful beautiful moment. That moment when she has descended the grand staircase and you unknowingly have been hovering at its base, unsure of the reason why. Then, then, however you look up and your eyes meet and there is that eternal moment. Two innocent youths make contacts and your minds rush, flooding together in a way that says hello and forever. Instant love. Of course she'll wait a breath for you to lift your hand, manners now, and guide her along. Although you can't exactly tell who's guiding who's from the twinkle in her eye she may be letting you lead but that doesn't mean you're the one in control. «Dahj, I am Esoireth.» She waits, regal without being demanding though you can feel her hunger growing.



Perhaps at first you might say she is rather too aware of her hide and her 'place' in the Weyr. There are expectations after all of a queen, and from outside observation she looks to have every intent of living up to the most stereotypical of them. Outwardly she is a well brought up girl, but inside she is screaming. As time goes on however, you can feel how they chafe, how she is not actually want to bend to societies whims and pre-determinations. Being around her less controlled clutchmates will likely help to bring out her true nature as she grows, especially when they get away with things. In so being she will go from being the darling of the weyrlingmasters so compliant, and regal and not troublesome AT ALL. I mean so easy to deal with in comparison to the untamed rambunctiousness of certain others to that one they'll be getting the headache medicine from the healers for. Is this some kind of trick reverse maturing?

"Can you exchange one life for another? A caterpillar turns into a butterfly. If a mindless inspect can do it, why can't i?"

Indeed, when the others seem to mature and settle into themselves she will blossom into her own. There will be a period where the pendulum thus swings to the other extreme ad she'll be testing and pulling (or pushing) the limits as if she's a day old hatchling. Here you will need to temper that just because she is a queen does not mean she gets to dictate, high class yes but not royalty. The one thing that won't change from start to finish is her love of, and respect for water.

She will grow into the dragon that is your partner, your equal, your confidant and the one and only one in the whole world whom you can rely on and trust completely. She is proper when she needs to be, no longer chafing at playing the part of regal queen but only just as long as she needs to. When the occasion is over she's dragging you off on an adventure, and breaking the norms for her kind. She most loves the Igen desert dunes. They are different sort of sea that she admires as much as water. The dunes are an art of form she will never get tired of playing with in her mind or dragging talon or tail through on a low flight to create her own works. Her spirit is vibrant and lively.

"I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. You don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you… to make each day count."

She has a fondness for bringing back mementos of your adventures, particularly if it's pieces of art. Your weyr is likely to be its own museum of paintings, and sketches documenting your life together.


Esoireth takes after her line in that like most of Igen's queens she is not a frequent riser. Once every six or ten turns is really plenty, for she is not one to flaunt her favors. Indeed the bronze to catch her fancy will have to work extra hard, to be a suitor and live up to her own standards for she won't be 'easy' and she also is unlikely to settle for the same man her entire life. Afterall:

"A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets."

It's going to take a lot for another dragon to be that perfect for her. You are perfect for her, everyone else… Well they can just go take a long walk off a short ledge. Really the smart ones will know how to fly! And everyone else, well they get what they get for being so foolish. She'll preen and strut and /judge/ with the kind of *look* a lady will give when she is evaluating her choice of meats and finding all lacking. She's like to encourage or influence you as well in this period to dress up extra fancy, wear your gather finest o matter the weather and have the Weyr take notice of you as much as they should of her. It will be a choice of adventure over love every time she takes to the skies in Flight.


Esoireth's mind is strong and bold but generally constrained upon first contact. She could overwhelm, she could blast out at an 11 on the scale of 1-10 but she is more refined than to do that to those unknown. Those will get the high society treatment of polite, courteous but rather bland responses in the soft landscape of abstract but richly hued royal colors. Her mind voice mirrors your own, which might take a bit to get used to cause it's her and not you but was it you thinking that thing you were thinking cause she sounds just like you thinking but she's thinking and you two are just ADORABLE.

To those more familiar the landscape of her mind will unfold to the brilliant wonders that Esoireth is. She plays in watery hues, diving in and out of the ocean in a fantasy land of living underwater. She can shift to the sea of the desert where sand is like water and the air bites in the intensity of its dry heat. Thoughts will often be framed in great brush strokes, the edges unfinished blending into the oblivion of thought without form.

Mind Touches

Diligent Surveyor is a speck of consciousness that you subtly become aware of as you relax your thoughts. In time you may come to realize that it was always simply there, doing its duty whether you paid it any attention or not. As you notice it, it remains still but you could almost get a sense of it raising an eyebrow in return to your attention. Protective it sits, waiting, surveying. Tenacious in its capacity to keep focused on its duty and your attention is rewarded with a swish of a tail, a few sparkles of royal purple and blue which barely show up against the dark night of the current mental landscape which echoes the dark sands you stand upon and perhaps it was just a figment of your imagination. Merely glows catching a bit of quartz within the obsidian?

Diligent Surveyor lets out a breezy sigh as dawn breaks across its mental scape. It ruffles at your hair for a moment before settling back to stillness. Well, you again? Apparently you draw more of its attention this time and pawsteps alternate from royal blue to purple as it pads closer, the rest of its figure rusty and indistinct as if caught in a desert mirage. The odd figure circles, tail swishing up against you now and then with probing questions that tease the edge of your mind. It is bold, protective but not reckless. No, it moves with measured purpose to determine be you friend or foe. So, what say you?

Diligent Surveyor is relentless in its pursuit of an answer and in your return the day has come and gone and the sun is slipping below the horizon when it gets an answer. Thankfully you are not foe, which for now will mean you are friend. In that moment there is a shift, some of the rough and serious exterior slipping and a playful and outgoing side revealed in flashes. Its exact figure remains hidden, fading back to the shadows as night falls but the intense, almost luminous royal blue and royal purple pawsteps are more than easy enough to follow. Will you follow? Will you see how diligently it completes its duties, will you look closer to see the warm welcoming joy and overflowing energy that remains hidden upon first glance? Or will you let it slip away again, like the grains of sad beneath your feet that your eyes refocus on as this one slips away. Soon enough though, soon enough you will get to see the hatchling within.


The theme of the eggs for the clutch was dogs! Yours was inspired by a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, which is also a favorite of Queen Elizabeth II. This also inspired the mine name and touches, though her mind desc considers that influence in a way which matches your theme.

Your dragon is based on Rose from Titanic as desired. Her colorless description is inspired by the shipwreck. Her description was heavily inspired from the Grand Staircase with its gilded panels and fine ironwork. It would have been a sight indeed. There are hints as to the Titanic's fate as well in both the newness of her and those watery hues to the ships final resting place. Her wings do transition completely from the staircase concept to the sunset scene. Ah, it was wonderful having an excuse to watch this movie again, cause I've only see it like 1000 times. No really, I worked in the theaters when it came out and it was there /forever/. If you look to where the camera pans and catches the endless expanse of ocean with those sunset lit orange and yellow hues, her wings are *that* moment. Finally, I tried to frame it as if one were looking at a portrait from you know who! Just to tie the theme in as best I could.

Of names you found the best. Your Esoireth is a homage inspired by Rose Dewitt-Bukater. Pronounced: eh-swa-reth. Think of that high society lady and a nice soiree, she's bound to compete with Oriapeth on who can throw the /best/ weyr parties.

Welcome to Igen where is isn't water you'll be drowning in! Your dragon was lovingly created by Iwa. She is yours now and anything that might be amiss or you choose to do differently if FINE. She is yours. Enjoy!!!


Name Esoireth
Dam Gold Toruth
Sire Bronze Haijiventh
Created By Iwa
Impressee Dahj (Padjma)
Hatched November 6, 2021
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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