Beyond Infinity Blue Etoth

The darkest night itself is captured and tamed by the hide of this small blue, dominating the infinite depths throughout it's lithe and delicate form. Midnight blue engulfs his body from the head to the tip of a long tail only to be disrupted by the frosting of steel specks that adorn the back of this creatures neck, swirling out and fading into high neck rigids and stunted headknobs reminiscent of the Stars' formations above. The same pale tones collect at the small paws and tail tip as if this dragon walked upon the glistening lights themselves, trailing in faint whisps up to his muscular thighs and hips where they appear to twinkle as if reflecting a constant light. Even the brightest hues on his hide sport shadows, with raven talons arching from those dextrous paws, and heavy, dark patches reside over each swirling eye, giving him a visage to mirror the evening sky in its mix of silver and shade. Proportions are well crafted throughout it's average form, save for the long sails mottled with the soft flow of periwinkle as though his movements capture the clouds before it.

Egg Name and Description

Cracked Marble Egg

Well-rounded at the bottom and coming to a distinctive gently-tapered point at the other end, this egg appears very much normal and unassuming. The cream-colored shell with its taupe-shaded shadow has a soft patterning of sulfurous sand dry brushed along the leathery-hard exterior to create a marbling veinwork of green-gold color. There's not much of it, most of it so faint its hard to recognize save for one area where it was applied more generously, letting the otherwise neutral beige to dominate. Only in one area, opposed the most marbled area, does a dark crack seem to appear and while it seems to have no harm to the egg's overall integrity one can never be too careful.

Hatching Message

Cracked Marble egg begins to shift in the sands, tilting to it's side before settling in silence among the others once more.

Cracked Marble Egg breaks the silence as a web of lines begins to grow at it's middle, spreading out across the shell.

Cracked Marble Egg erupts and falls into two clean pieces as a long tail swings from side to side, revealing the Beyond Infinity Blue Hatchling. He creels, lashing from side to side as he views the world upside down until his movements tilt him over into a more comfortable position. He snorts, shaking his body about and finding his newfound footing at last.

Impression Message

The world seems to darken around you as colors fade and shadows dominate your vision, blocking out the brightest lights and heat of the sands around you. Pulsing softly is the sound of another beating heart in your mind, quickly racing in anticipation at first before it calms, finding a pace alongside your own. « Cherin. » The voice erupts in a rich baritone, flashes of crimson hues and chased by gold claim your mind with each word softly spoken. « I am Etoth and I've found you, you are mine and mine alone. Ch'y is more fitting for my other half…» A rumble disrupts the silence surrounding you, reminiscent of thunder in the distance. « As well as food for the other half of my stomach. Can I eat now? »


Etoth is based on the concept of Gemini, both the Zodiac and the constellation. He is going to be a complex blue indeed with characteristics varying with the change of the seasons. During the Spring and Summer months of the turn he will be drifting from adaptable to anything weyrlinghood and life will throw at him, impressionable and sharp, resourceful and restless, with a gift for seeing both sides of a situation at the same time and an immense desire for knowledge, variety and new ideas as he comes across different thoughts and experiences with him while he grows along side you. He will adapt very well to new situations, possess much flexibility, seldom have any particular agenda and will be perfectly happy to fill in an assigned role you give him so long as it's you, whom he treasures. With your bond, only you will see the sympathetic side. During the fall and winter months, this blue will show another side of his form: inconsistent, changeable, nervous, indecisive and irresponsible, with a tendency to get wrapped up in tiny particulars that you both come across. Like the sides of a coin, this dragon will change time and time again as the turns grow upon him.
When the turns of Weyrlinghood come to pass, like any other half of the duality, Etoth will try to find out facets of himself that run a different path than his rider, maintaining a silence and merely listening rather than communicating with others, only putting in his insight and actions should the need arise or when the order comes to call in wingduties. When you are out and active, he will simply wait for the necessary time to take action: basking sprawled in the warmer months and curled up tightly in the cold where his opinions of the temperature will be heard whether you like it or not. You're his other half: his emotions and thoughts will share the level of chill through your mind.
In essence: the fine tuning and details of his development will only come to light based on the path he takes with his rider together over the turns. He is flexible as any and can be played in any way you wish. There's no way to plan out who Etoth will be before he breaks shell, one can only guess and watch to see where those little blue feet and wings take him. Play him as you see fit.


Voice of Authority

Voice of Authority is like a cymbal clash or the crisp snap of the snare drum. There is no missing this voice, as demanding as a drill sergeant and just as loud. You cannot ignore me. You cannot deny me. It appears in bright metallic colors - sharp brass and glaring gold, mirrored chrome and polished copper - each like a sparkling badge worn proudly by the creature who won them. Valorous, dignified, honorable, and unwaveringly proud, the Voice of Authority calls all to the duty at hand, and expects nothing but perfection and utter selflessness. Only to his rider alone will Etoth reveal a more serene calm before the storm, his mind filled with dark shadows and shades of gray broken by faint glows of rose and golden hues like the sun fighting off the clouds during sunset, pulsing with his emotions. A warmth emanates from his baritones, taking you in and enveloping your mind completely with affection and respect.

Mind Touches

MT-1: rises up in a brief defense of its mental territory - a definitive, unwavering tone that presents itself fully, honestly, and without hesitation. A heavy brassy edge announces itself in crisp metallic hues like great plates of sheet metal clashing against one another, a declarative note stating 'I am here. This is me'. The mind behind this force is brash and bold, unrelenting in both its courage and its pride, before the hardened barrier of the shell and the fog of half-awareness returns the mind to a distant and unresponsive state.


Egg based on the Bald Eagle's egg, seen here The crack represents the danger this species was in when the chemical DDT dangerously thinned the shells of their eggs. The mindvoice, too, was based off the eagle. The egg was created by Saisri, Blue Etoth was created by Hil.


Name Etoth
Dam Gold Pagnisath
Sire Bronze Osraebukath
Created By Saisri Hil
Impressee Ch'y
Hatched Feb. 8, 2008
Monaco Bay Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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