Not Your Average Fairy Dusted Gold Feyruth

Speckled with brighter motes, the pale hide of this gold dragon seems to glow with an inner resonance as it slides along the near perfect proportions of her lithe body. Her head is narrow, only widening slowly as it moves back towards her cheeks and then her eyeridges and headknobs, and covered in pale buttermilk golden hide that seems to splash easily down along her neck now. Sharply pointed neckridges are dusted with slightly darker straw motes as they line her swan like neck before that melds into her graceful shoulders and well sprung chest. Her haunches are slender, although well covered with muscle to provide the necessary strength for flight, before tapering down to the slender lengths of her legs and the fine bones of her feet outlined in pale straw hide above probably the darkest gold on her body, the sharp wicked curves of her talons. Her tail is long, perhaps overly slender for a dragon but well made to balance her in flight and lined with those same sharp pointed ridges, still dusted with darker flecks of brighter straw. Finishing her picture perfect portrait are her wings, a captured study in sheer gold wingsails that stretch from her leading edges to her trailing, seeming near translucent in the light and only marred by the limning of her wingspars in a touch of straw coloring that outlines and traces each fragile bone.

Egg Name and Description

The Big KABOOM Supernovae Egg

Notable not only for its sheer size out here on the sands, but for the massive swirls of bright colors highlighted by swirls of gold marred with red that mar most of the surface of this egg. Captured across the rounded middle is a near circular swarm of color, bright carmine reds that fight against flaming fire yellows in a battle for dominance across the shell while both of the ends of the egg are lost in midnight darkness, the fade from light to dark almost absolutly and occurring rapidly.

Hatching Message

It is just a slight stirring on the sands, but the Big KABOOM Supernovae Egg seems to be moving slowly, the colors that fight for dominance beginning their battle once more as the hatchling stirs within.

It starts then, the cracks that will demolish the Big KABOOM Supernovae Egg as they race across the circumference of the egg, destroying the unending battle with a new one that is being fought from within. Just one more big push ought to do it.

With a great shuddering sigh, the Big KABOOM Supernovae Egg simply explodes into pieces and dumps out a hatchling on the sands. Gold in color of course, with that brightly colored shell and she screeches her unhappiness at being simply dumped like a piece of litter.

Impression Message

There is a sharp smell of smoke overlaid on the hint of rain and earth as your mind seems invaded for a moment while you stand on the sands. « Janja. There you are girl. Don't just stand there like a peasant, child. » A crackle of flame as it sears across your mind, so sharp and hot it feels almost icy in pain before it slowly leaves. « I am Feyruth. I am starving and you took far too long to find. We will have to work on your promptness. » Another whiplash crack through your mind and a sharp creeling cry « Child, I told you. Come. I need to eat. »


Feyruth is perhaps a dragon with an overly strong personality that would dwarf most people, nevermind most dragons. She has strong opinions, that she doesn't mind sharing with you and she's not easily swayed from them. Reasoned arguments can make a dint her stubbornness, and she will listen to you, occasionally if she feels like granting a boon. However, the only pair she listens to with any great frequency is Xaeth and sometimes her rider Sazey. For this reason, it is going to take you two a great while to pass through weyrling training, for Feyruth will never do something just because someone told her to.

For all her stubbornness however, Feyruth is very conscious of her responsibilities as a gold dragon and will do her best to make sure that you shape up into what the weyr needs as a gold rider, never mind if she has to half kill you to do it. She will not approve of promiscuous behavior on your part, so anything that sets you up for that besides doing your duty to the weyr, and your home hold will get you a sharp mindlashing from her.

She considers most of the dragons and almost all of the riders in the weyr fools, who are easily led if you only find the proper rope and she notably works on finding out their secrets or desires so that she may do so. By her second turn, she's probably gathered enough information for you to be blackmailing half of the weyr, while she may not always remember it, she counts on you to do so, and woe betide you if you forget, or fail to write it down someplace safe.

She is every inch a queen when she heads out on her flights, attempting to make laughing stocks of those bronzes and browns that dare to follow her and while she barely listens to you, she does at this point because she is determined for the clutches involved to be good ones, the best that she can produce. Thus her flights are long, torturous things that do more than simply flirt with danger as they play out above the mountains around High Reaches. Her goal, besides figuring out which dragon is the best sire for her clutch at this point in time is also to rid the weyr of those hangers on that are bringing down the gene pool and are therefore best finished off.

Feyruth will not be an easy dragon to be paired with, but with time I hope you can bring out all that she is meant to be. Scrabble


Winter's Bitter Frost

This mind has an incredibly strong personality for a dragon, almost unwilling to listen to reason if it is made mad, being consumed by thoughts of vengeance and it has the capacity to carry grudges long after the time it can remember just what the grudges were for. For everyone except you, it is snappish, ill-mannered and quite short to the point of overt rudeness. It frankly finds most other dragons boring, and other people even more so and will disapprove of you even associating with folks you don't have to. It also has a sly, cunning way about it, and if it can manage to trick or wheedle others into doing its jobs, it thinks the others fools who well deserved the lesson.

Mind Touches


The theme for this clutch was natural disasters for the eggs, for which Feyruth's egg was an exploding supernova that demolishes all in its path. The theme for the dragons was Monsters, which for Feyruth was the Fey, not the sweet and innocent or playful fairies of tales, but the more vengeful and wicked type of the Fey. Feyruth's name is taken from Fey, with a second syllable added for balance.


Name Not Your Average Fairy Dusted Gold Feyruth
Dam Gold Xaeth
Sire Bronze Kraketh
Created By Bey
Impressee Janja
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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