High School Honey Bronze Finbarith

Sunbeams swirl over a slim form, pale bronze hide lit to a clean flaxen braided with the softest touch of pastel greeny-gold. His narrow muzzle is long, large eyes outlined with a brassy tinge, the highlight echoed in tiny sparks along the tips of twiggy neckridges and slight shoulders. Yet spars arch out, his magnificent wings an awesome span of copper-flecked straw stained with a trace of willow. From lightweight chest, his body swells only a little for lean, sinewy hindquarters before the graceful lines flow into a tapering tail, tailridges also spangled with luminous brass. Slender limbs and paws complete him, thin talons gleaming dully unto wicked points.

Egg Name and Description

Jaunty Effervescence Egg
Whipped cream froths around a smoothly rounded ovoid, the stillness of swirls and whorls capturing a moment of jaunty warmth in crimson and amber. Divided none too neatly in half, the shell's colouring meanders from shades of cerise and cherry laid over with a veil of purest ivory effervescence, through apricot and peach to true tangy tangerine. Look closer and there is more, tracks of salmon uniting the whole and pale touches of milky markings that form a sinuous shape — wingless dragon, letter or a mere spill.

Hatching Message

Fractures meander over the Jaunty Effervescence Egg, splitting tracks of salmon and dividing whirls with jagged branching lines. Milky markings seem to writhe as the secret they hide struggles to be free, shaking it's prison in a frenzy until, finally, the shell cracks along the untidy line dividing cherry and peach, falling away in a shower of pallid shards to reveal a very wobbly bronze hatchling.

Impression Message

Strawberry sweetness slides into your mind, honey curling through your thoughts until they are dragged to a halt and the sense of another mind melting into yours grows until it fills your perceptions with the triumphant joy, eternal togetherness and a love so profound it renders everything else trivial in comparison. « Rerby. » A husky tenor, rich with cheer speaks your name so softly, the words releasing you to realise it is the other half of you who speaks as big whirling eyes stare adoringly into your own. « You were waiting for me! Oh, you were because I have always been yours! » A silence filled with wordless contentment lasts a moment and an eternity. « I am Finbarith. » You knew it almost before it was whispered to sing along your nerves in utter appropriateness. « But Rerby, I am so hungry. You'll find food for me, won't you? » And the hunger crashes in, enough to make you belly feel as empty as his.


As Weyrlinghoods go, you'll probably have a fairly easy one in some ways. Finbarith is always ready to do whatever is asked of him: he'll never care if the oil is the wrong temperature or if he has to spend all day doing something boring. Everything in life is met with a sunny cheerfullness that is very easy to deal with. However, the problem comes when you realize he is a ditz. His memory is worse than usual for a dragon: he'll never ever remember more than the last couple of days and you will have to drill him very very hard to be sure that what he needs to know is instinct, not memory! However, this probably contributes to his eternal optimism since he can't usually remember anything bad every happening. Don't expect him to be good at concentrating — anything and everything will distract him, from the vtol buzzing past his nose to the rock beside the lake to the way the sun makes Iiyaueiyath gleam.
As he becomes an adult, he'll chase everything glowy he comes across but probably won't catch terribly many of them. He's too easily distracted to give the chase as much attention as it needs. Physically, he'll end up to be more agile than most bronzes but with a bit less stamina and power. And he'll be forever itching right between his toes!

Why R'by? Finbarith was seeking someone with a sense of self that was strong enough to latch onto. You're his rock, his anchor and he can take you with him to fly — metaphorically as well as physically!


Sweet Strawberry Sorbet
Finbarith is a gadfly. A ninny, a fluffhead, a ditz. He is naturally optimistic, naturally inclined to be cheerful about everythign and in many way, is a very obliging soul. But he is not a thinker or a doer. He just. is. Don't expect deep and meaningful conversation with Finbarith; he can never keep his mind on one subject for long enough. However, don't underestimate him either. He will regularly make insightful comments about you and others. He just never has more than one to offer at a time and he never continues on that subject after he's said whatever gem of wisdom happened to turn up today. His mind voice is a husky tenor that is very casual and inclined to be accompanied by a feeling of sweetness. Don't, however, think he is at all feminine. He isn't. There is no doubt, -ever- of his masculinity and it comes through in his mind.


Finbarinth, from egg to dragon, was created entirely by Lachien. Blame him for it all. The name Finbarith comes from 'Finbarr', an Irish name that means 'fair-haired' or 'blond'.


Name High School Honey Bronze Finbarith
Dam Gold Nemoith
Sire Bronze Kalerriarth
Created By Lachien
Impressee Rerby
Hatched November 3, 2002
High Reaches Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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