Marauder's Pact Brown Gwansuleth

Strikingly regal this umber dragon holds his powerful body with an air of confident distinction. A sturdy frame is swathed in near-black brown, impossible to distinguish when not in direct light. The depth of darkness creates an aura of roguish mystery reflected in cocksure posture accentuated by a copper-lined broad triangular chest and high set shoulders. Atop those shoulders rest ashen wing spars supporting elastic wing sails of smoky russet which stretch impressively down his length. Thin membranous sails, sooty yet voluminous, begin to grow opaque near the leading edge creating a shimmering cloak of deep carob. Long limbs are balanced precisely with body length, and a thin, sturdy tail provides expert counterbalance with its sepia forked tip often curled skyward with intrigue. Designed to move in silence, wide paws assure equal weight distribution while pike-like onyx talons provide ideal traction control. Echoing the claim of vast superiority, a broad elongated muzzle is chiseled and symmetrical, refined without coarseness or weakness. There is a pull-up at the lips that resembles a near-constant sneer. Offsetting the smug sense of self-satisfaction are wide, knowing eyes set toward the front of his skull. Soft wrinkles of charcoal rim both eyes, trailed on either side of his head by laugh lines. Faded ebony whirls up heavily exaggerated and pointed eye ridges building up and together to form sharp peaks. The identical forward-facing triangles almost resemble erect canine ears perpetually perked in a state of curiosity.

Egg Name and Description


Sleepless Sentry Egg
At first look, this egg could be simply the bulky shadow of one of its clutch mates. Darkness settles on the surface like a fine cloth, the depth of hue sucking in the light like a vacuum, and what is left could be merely reflections. When examined up close, the charcoal waxes and wanes, figures appear as the eyes adjust to the grayscaled nature of this ovoid. Wrapped up each side are barren thick, branched trees, the shape merely silhouettes at best with the limbs a fingers width from touching at the top. The towering figures bookend the egg as if they alone contain the twilight and prevent it from spreading. Between the dreary withered forms, there’s a whole lot of nothing. Smokey tones swirl together, ensuring whatever is being protected remains a mystery.

Hatching Message

Wobble Message
Sleepless Sentry Egg shifts side to side. The low visibility combined with the dark exterior of the shell easily conceals its machinations as its inhabitant grows restless.

Crack Message
Sleepless Sentry Egg begins to rock faster. Whatever hides within the barren shade of a shell is tired of waiting. Are your ears deceiving you, or do you hear a frantic scratching sound from this ovoid? Internal pressure finally pays off as cracks begin to form and spread at the base, with bits of shell splintering and falling away.

Hatch Message
Sleepless Sentry Egg has waited long enough, the constant shaking and scratching have destabilized the shell, and with a SMACK, it lands on its side. With no small struggle, the dragonet presses its way upward and squeezes through the fissure created by the fall until the rest of the egg gives way around it, unleashing it upon the world.

Colorless Description
Final Spectre Hatchling
An immense shadow of a dragonet, this wandering soul stretches upward, head and shoulders placed imposingly above everyone. Fully juxtaposed, it's unwise to look away from this young dragon even as the natural urges to turn away from such horrors demand action. Light plays tricks along the edges of a tapered muzzle, lips tightly wrapped around barely concealed white teeth. An iron jawline is cut with muscle and pulled taut around elongated upright eye ridges that narrow along the side of the head and come to a point appearing to all the world to look like perked ears. Draped in a fine mist, it's hard to make out specific features only quick glimpses of limbs straight and lean ending in spike-like talons. Darkness ripples around a deep barreled chest, with scarcely enough hide, stretched over a tight skeletal torso where high withers meet tightly tucked wings. Granted, preternatural foreshadowing this creature's appearance foretells grave and terrible things.

Sands Pose One
Final Spectre Hatchling emerges from the tiniest of holes, body defying reasonable rules of space as it stalks forward, shaking its tail to flick off any remaining pieces. A system check is done, toes wiggled, tail wiggled, the dark head turns cocking and examining its own form. The lack of light inside the eggs means this is its first time, a growl of approval as it seems this hatchling approves of what nature granted it. Lowering down, a deep sniff of the ground is taken, body crouching as this youngling stalks forward in the dark. There are moments where the lights flicker, and you can see it on the sands but look in the same spot, and the enormous visage is GONE. How does something that big vanish? Without notice, the blackened soul rises up, wings mantling as it attempts to JUMP above the fog and spot its quarry. BOING.

Sands Pose Two
Final Spectre Hatchling bounces along, revealing itself self and then crouching below to remain hidden. Like a game. Up once, down once. Never in one place simultaneously, it may appear to be everywhere all at once and nowhere, depending on how good the looker's eyes are. Long in gate, it arrives on one side of the circle, giant head lurching out from literally nowhere to come to a fingers width from a gangly black-haired girl. Red eyes deeply examine her, her nostrils flick, taking in the scent and opening its mouth as if GAGGING. All razor-sharp teeth on display, the gesture is both rude and terrifying all at once as it struts off into the dark.

Impression Message

Public Message
Final Spectre Hatchling wanders aimlessly, nose emerging to push or prod at anyone of interest before leaving them with nothing more than a snort. Occasionally the brute reaches down and grabs a piece of cloth from the robe, tearing it off and carrying it like a canine. A prize for its efforts before turning with another bounce to take a second look. Without further notice, it barges forward without thought to the consequences or the fact that large feet are taloned and sharp. Rising on haunches for a bounce, there's a momentary loss of balance as the hatchling tackles a barbarian of a woman straight to the ground. That's going to sting in the morning, scootching its feet sideways apologetically while still applying pressure to the poor woman's ribs. Eyes lock, and there's a subtle cock of the head as the behemoth finds a match.

Private Message
Physical falling becomes a deep pulling sensation in your abdomen, mind being sucked through a straw as you’re transported with a loud -POP- and land before a roaring fireplace in a quiet dormitory. Red and gold banners hang on the walls and warmth greets you with friendly familiarity, a mind gentle bumps against your elbow and jostled your feet before transfiguring upward. «Oh, Alasse. How long I have waited to meet you! You look just as I’d imagined.» The sultry aristocratic voice booms to life, each word perfectly pronounced with an air of refinement. «Do you like the place? I only recently discovered it myself, I was in such a hurry to share it with you it seems I may have made a minor error. No matter, we have business to attend to. I am Gwansuleth, and you will be right as rain soon. Come, you need bandages and I’m feeling pekish.» Hunger pangs and the smell of fresh roast meats fill the space, harkening you toward the future.



How do I put this gently? You’re in for a ride. It’s not that Gwansuleth wants to get in trouble, it's that trouble wants to get into Gwansuleth. From the very first moment you were in way over your head, powerful, opinionated with no short in sarcastic wit your brown intends to take the world and shake it until the candy falls out like a pinata. Even walking will be difficult at first as he will be CONSTANTLY under foot, his desire to see everything before you do could easily be a bit annoying as he will insist that you are incapable of doing anything alone. How is he to know what’s going on if he doesn’t see it himself? I hope you like showering with a dragon watching, if he gets bored with your daily routine he’s going to change it. After all there’s plenty to explore and the longer you stay in any one place the closer that place will be to destruction.

«Did you see this? If you simply pull on this thread you make more. FASCINATING. Alasse come try it, see here you just pull it!»

Queue a room full of unraveled blankets far faster than you could even imagine, you had best start drinking klah by the pail full if you intend to keep anything intact. After all, why sleep when you could be bouncing about loudly, even at rest he’ll twitch restlessly, teeth snapping and feet kicking in the air chasing imaginary foes. Early lessons will have you utilizing your physical strength, pushing, pulling and demanding his attention. Oiling on the go will become a speciality, chasing him with a brush and pail.

“What’s life without a little risk?” ~ Sirius Black

«If you line the walls with mattresses indoor flying would be a breeze.»

After the honeymoon has worn off it will become clear that your lovely new responsibility has no problem expressing his opinions in the dryest way possible. Accomplished at being simultaneously rude and funny it’s clear the only opinion that matters is his own, and eventually yours.

“Mr. Padfoot would like to register his astonishment that an idiot like that ever became a professor.” ~ Sirius Black

«Good going Chidith, once again we have to run laps because yours lost his boots, maybe he’d do best if we tied them to his ruddy feet.»

It’s clear he will need your guidance to become his best self! With great mental acuity comes responsibility and if he’s to grow into the compassionate fellow you know he can be he will need to be reminded that not everyone is as smart and clever as he is. You might worry that telling him of his own intellect will only further inflate his ego, rest assured he is intimately aware of how brilliant he is though when called out he may feign ignorance. He’s clever and doesn’t need anyone else to admit it, that cocky roguish style infuriating but also endearing. Charisma drips out his nostrils and he can charm his way into and out of nearly any situation. DO you need Esorieth’s to come help cut straps? He’s on it. Would you like Suzalith’s rider to help you study? Consider it done. A natural gift for gab he can talk circles around anyone else.

«That? BAH nothing, nothing, I simply saw an opportunity and took it.»

A penchant for angry outbursts and irrational impulsivity will plague the early years, there’s no changing his mind and he makes decisions with impressive speed. An adrenaline junkie he’s obsessed with cause and effect, when given a chance or left to his own devices he’ll be turning over bunks, dragging his siblings out into the bowl, the lake, that strange cave no one enters and any other place imaginable. If nothing fun has happened in a seven he could find sport in leading a revolt against daily stretches, anyone expressing doubt to this plan will face prodding, jeering and straight up RUDENESS. Crossing him in those early days will nearly always lead to a tossle whether physical or verbal he seems to revel in a fight. Newly hatched, this feisty pigheadedness will grind on his green sister Tufirath’s every last nerve. Siha’s lifemate’s rigid views on honor and discipline will bore the ever loving SHIT out of Gwansuleth for a good while. Further down the line he may come to admire her steadfast resolve, until then anything she says will probably trigger a snobby retort.

«Tell me again how you awoke before everyone and wasted your time.»

When flying begins he will waste no time getting into the air, the draw of excitement far too great to even listen to the lecture. WINGING IT will be a big thing in your future life. There are some situations ‘just go do it’ should not be applied to though, like chewing firestone or trying to rescue a feline from a tree. About that, it was old ok. Old and he did it a favor. Yes, a favor.


« I’m good at it! I was due for some excitement!»

Eventually Gwansuleth will mature, his gift for gab and sharp eyes blessing him with the ability to find the good in his peers. Adulthood will help him utilize his skill set for good instead of chaos, encouraging the better nature in those around him.

«Nice flying today Suzalith!»

When compliments start coming out there will be skepticism about the sincerity behind them, given his pension for mocking humor it’ll take a while for others to believe him. Once they do though, he will be an easy companion for those he trusts and extend unfettered loyalty to his inner circle. With time he may make several close friends, and for them he and by extension you will do anything. That’s what friends are for after all. Loyalty is a major cornerstone of his personality and he values trust. Of course he trusts you first and foremost.

If a day comes that he is betrayed, even if it’s a liberal use of the word he will be FURIOUS. Expect your new friend to throw quite the temper tantrum, ranting and plotting until he feels vindicated. Once calmed down expect him to brood and mutter about, pushing anyones buttons who dares to get in his way. He has a strong needle on what’s right and what’s wrong, even if he turns a blind eye to his own prejudices on occasion. That’s one of his major flaws, the inability to see anything but the good in those he loves. No matter what you do, to a point he will be there. SKipped wing duty? Good they overwork you. Got knock out drunk? WHO HASN’T. Accidentally get pregnant? MAZEL TOV! He’s here to celebrate you as you are. If you should ever be down trodden he will do almost anything to fix it, and it goes unsaid that he has your back in the fight. After all, you’re family now.



Handsome and he’s damn aware of it. At first though, like any young beast he will have very little physical control or personal space awareness. Expect broken objects and knocked over shelves. It might be best to put the mattress on the floor because the frame will destabilize under his weight and it’s impossible to keep him off the furniture. Impossible. His oversized self will be on the tables, chairs, couches and anything he breaks will be met with a swift retort.

«Ah, sorry bout that. Seems we need new woodcrafters. Sorry lot them.»

If you survive without furniture and can get him to adulthood without being crushed to death he will fly with polished showy ease, every wing flap a display of his good looks. What’s the point of doing it if you’re not doing it stylishly? Style will come easy, in the air, on the ground every movement almost looks rehearsed like a dance. When you’ve got it, flaunt it. Plus what’s talent if you look like a dungeon troll?



Ah yes, early on you’d best get some rest because the moment Gwansuleth discovers female dragons you’re nights will be -ahem- BUSY. He will play the field and chase at every opportunity, sweet talking any lady that passes him by and planning whole days around the tail he can catch. With a lot of talking you may convince him that he doesn’t need every available gold and green. The conquest mentality will mellow, but he will always be a creature of deep passions. If you ever settle down he’ll be the most attentive weyrmate, complimenting and showing off for his chosen love.



Deep tall old stone walls, long hallways with tapestries, and pictures whose residents move about as they please. Depending on his mood, you can be anywhere inside the castle, from the dark forest overlooking a mermaid-infested lake to a classroom with potions brewing and cauldrons bubbling. Double, double toil and trouble. When hungry, you can smell foods wafting from an unknown location, and although gold and red velvet seem to play heavily in his voice, there’s a hint of green and silver when he’s angered. His mind often changes daily, as if it were a giant castle, and you are wandering into whatever room suits his mood. In voice, he’s rich and melodic, masculine, but it feels like fingernails gently running down your spine. Demanding attention, he can sound formal when speaking to strangers or someone he must impress. When it’s just the two of you, though, Alasse, the slang comes out, and his true color shines through as the scamp he is.


The theme of this clutch was dog breeds, and Sleepless Sentry egg is based on the Anatolian Shepherd. Anatolians are livestock guardian dogs who protect flocks from large predators and originate in Namibia thus the barren landscape and darkness featured on his shell. You asked for a Sirius Black brown and I adored that idea, hopefully I did him justice. Gwansuleth’s name is pulled from Tolkein style elvish the Gwan coming from the word gwanwen which means lost or departed and the word sule which means spirit. I tried on several variations but kept being drawn back to the wonderful flow and noble sound of Gwansuleth. His inspiration is Sirius black, with his description and colorless being the Grim. I hope you like him and enjoy playing him, as always any suggestions or features are yours to do what you wish.


Gwansuleth was created by Oddisa. We hope you love him and are excited to have you as a weyrling at Igen. WELCOME, let the games begin!

Name Gwansuleth
Dam Toruth
Sire Haijiventh
Created By Oddisa
Impressee Alasse
Hatched 11/06/2021
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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