Forged in the Fire's Heart Bronze Ifryth

Brilliance gleams brightly in many shades and hues, but across the smooth hide of this young dragon the tones of copper and brass meld here and there with palest apricot, lending a gradient of fire to the gleam of brazen iridescence. The color is particularly notable on his muzzle, where the metallic pink of fresh-struck copper fades gradually into his more traditional bronze coloration. Soot seems to stain large paws and well-formed neckridges while smoke straggles down his flanks, trailing off into faint shadows along the long lash of his tail. A subtle impression of flames appears in the near-translucence of his wingsails, and his wings themselves are long and narrow rather than wide and broad. No longer fettered by the gangliness of youth, there clings to him that spark which could fan the flames from flickering embers into a bonfire of glory.

Egg Name and Description

Forgotten in Fire's Wrath Egg


Smoldering Embers of Silence


Mithras, the soldier king. He forged his own blades, and his symbol was a rampant bull.


Name Forged in the Fire's Heart Bronze Ifryth
Dam Gold Sabiyath
Sire Bronze Tenirth
Created By Lonriya
Impressee V'san
Hatched June 25, 2005
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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