Grandfather Turtle Blue Iikith

Bluish grey, the dusky hide of this dragon seems marred and brushed with a soft, fogging iridescence that hides the true color. The blue hue deepens as it spreads back and down, the coloring slowly growing more intense until his belly and throat line are touched in shades of deep navy. His head is narrow and sharply pointed, situated on a very short neck while his chest and back are broad and stolidly built before his form ends abruptly with an oddly shortened tail, and the barest hint of a tail spade. Short thick forearms and haunches support him, his talons thick and deep navy over the lighter blue paws. His wings are the same dusky blue, fading nearly into the same color that adorns his back and only the slight hint of wingspars differentiates the wingsails from his body and only on close examination can the soft whorls and spirals be seen in the thin hide.

Egg Name and Description

Breath of Life Egg

In a swirling mist, iridescent shapes can be seen that appear and disappear as they form and then return to the fog. Surrounded and nearly covered by the mist, toward the bottom of the egg is the rounded body of a land turtle, its feet carefully pulled in while the head just barely moves out of the shell, curiously glancing around. Even where the turtle can be seen, it is reflected and obscured by the spiraling, moving fog that seems to glow with all colors in the midst of its opaque whiteness leaving a glittery, gleaming tint to the shell.

Hatching Message

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Barely it moves, the Breath of Life Egg, just enough to say that maybe, perhaps it did move. Or perhaps it did not and the heat of the sands are playing tricks on the mind.

CRACK MESSAGE: It might be able to hide movement, but cracks are something else again as the Breath of Life Egg starts to show the next step in its demise.

HATCH MESSAGE: With how slow it was going, surprisingly the Breath of Life Egg now hatches quickly, whole and entire in one second and in the next it is gone, splinted to bits and framing a damp, hungry hatchling.

Impression Message

It is a gentle feathering touch, the merest brush against your mind that can almost feel imagined. Slowly, it grows stronger although it remains gentle and quietly curious. « M'rek? Is that you? I have been looking for you. I have had to travel so far in my search. These sands are so confusing.» Another wait, the presence quiet and unassuming. « You do love me, don't you M'rek? My name is Iikith and I am sorry it took so long to find you on my journey. »


Iikith is rather quiet and shy as a new dragon, sometimes even going so far as to hide behind you, at least when he can still get away with that. His confidence grows as he does, and despite the shyness he has a boundless confidence that things will get good, always. « Of course, it is a good day. All days are good. »

He is not the best at lessons, sometimes being caught dreaming, but he will be far from the worst, as well. He is also going to be one of the best in the weyr at fine control in flight, doing acrobatic loops around some of his larger siblings, and once he is full size, most of the other dragons. Even though lessons for him will be a trial, he will not tolerate you slacking off, so if he does not understand something, you had best be prepared to help him out with it.

Once the pair of you are grown, well once he is grown and you have finished your training, Iikith is going to want to go out and see what there is of Pern. He will want to see where all the deliveries go, and just what is different about each and every place. « Although, I do think Igen is the best, don't you?» This wanting to explore will also lead him to wanting a weyr high up in the sky, from which he can watch over everything, and potentially see new things every day.

As he chases in flights, he may not always win, but he is always, always going to be game to try after every green that rises. Even a few of those where you are not all that happy with the riders. Pleading with him won't work, but if you can convince him to leave before the flight gets started, you can distract him. Should he win, he is going to be delighted with his newest lady love, and will be honestly confused if you are not as well delighted with her rider. « But Olivith is so pretty! »

As all dragons do, Iikith has his own quirks. He adores flight and being in the skies and so may not always want to go between if the trip is not far. He is also a dragon that will love splashing in the lake, before coming out and then splashing everyone in the vicinity as well, because a little water has never hurt anyone.

Most of all though, Iikith is now your dragon to play as you wish. Do have fun!


A cautious careful soul, Iikith reaches out gently to greet others and prepare for the journey that it takes in life. It enjoys traveling, and seeing new things and all that is around for it to do. Iikith tends to be an overly happy soul most of the time, although he can be petulant when thwarted.

Mind Touches

From the Dawn is careful, cautious as it reaches out to greet you, curiosity warring with concern as it meets you and brushes against your mind. Very carefully it shows you what it is made of, the concern and care for others and the strong willingness to meet its own goals. It seeks out your plans for the future and how you wish to continue, searching for knowledge above all else in this first foray between the two of you.

From the Dawn leads forward, always looking into the future and a westward path, seeking everything that can help it on its way. It takes knowledge from you, and plans with what it is learning so that when the time is right everything will come together as it should. Gleeful at times as things work out, but only because of so much planning and effort beforehand, it continues on that same path.

From the Dawn continues to lead, mostly by example but sometimes with a great cheerfulness that speaks of learning while doing as it follows along the path of your dreams and occasionally shows a way where its dreams may coincide with yours. It seems greatly relieved to meet you, and while it does not offer gifts it offers affection and welcome as it travels along.


The theme for this clutch was Creation Myths, and for this dragon that was the creation story of the Anishinaabe, native americans from the Great Lakes and St Lawrence river area of North America and their story of why they traveled so far inland, following the water. Iikith's name is from the potawatomi word "mshiike", their name for turtle and what they recognize as part of the soul of consciousness in all things. The grandfather part of his name is part of their respect for other cultures that have led to their own and a respect for all things in nature.

Name Iikith
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Eranzath
Created By Al'dru and S'las
Impressee Derek
Hatched October 15, 2016
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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