Night of the Comet Bronze Indaryth

Deep mahagony hues, rich with highlights of bronze and gold, give his hide the illusion of perpetual movement. Like aged bourbon, every roll of powerful muscle seems to possess a nuance one failed to noticed before. Coppery tones highlight the strong angles of a chiseled visage, lending a somewhat wicked aire to headknobs that end in a point rather then the more typical blunt affair. His head is long, the powerful muzzle sharply angled and complimented by the equally long, solid arch of his neck as it widens into starkly outlined flight muscles. Like the headknobs, his neckridges are exaggerated, knife-like protuberances that glisten with whorls of copper and bronze. The color darkens over the expanse of powerful legs and stomach, deepening to a worn shadow-kissed bronze so dark it makes the eyes ache for want of light. And, while that light comes in the form of sharply glittering talons of brass, there is no comfort to be found there. Both thick, and long, there is nothing of grace to be found in this form. Every where the eye lands speaks of power and might, of the arrogance put forth in motion even in repose. His wings, like the rest of him, are broad and powerful, the bourbon hued spars adorned with sails the color and texture of old, well-worn leather. Counter-balancing the sheer girth of this dragon stands a thick tail, the girthy length adorned with metallic ridges and ending in a broad, brass-kissed fork. Everything about him speaks of confidence, arrogance bespoken in the tilt of head and the drape of leathery wing across the bold expanse of his back. Power personified, he does not wait to be noticed. He knows you are looking and he revels in it.

Egg Name and Description

Influence Eternal Egg

Darkness, quiet and still is this ovoid form as it rests on the sands amongst the others. Matt black covers the smooth surface of this perfectly shaped egg, soft to the touch with not a bump or blemish in reach to curious fingertips. A faint shimmer reflects over that dark surface, growing brighter as the eyes of it's observer follow the flame down from the apex, cascading in a flare of crimson and gold lights. Flickering with each metallic flake trailing up in tiny whisps from the wide base, like tiny embers being carried in the breeze.

Hatching Message

WOBBLE: Dark sands, dark egg. The matte black shell of Influence Eternal Egg might just blend right into the background. Except for those suspicious little shimmies, wiggling it from side to side.

CRACK: The faint fissures upon Influence Eternal Egg might just be missed in the dark. In fact, were it not for the leaking egg goo (ew) catching the light, they’d surely be invisible. Tiny cracks appear upon the matte black shell, glimmering faintly golden in the light. When the first chunk falls it does so in silence, hitting the sand and immediately vanishing. But if there is a dragon amongst all that darkness, it’s failing to make an appearance just yet.

HATCH: Slow and steady wins the race. Bit by bit, the shell of Influence Eternal Egg crumbles. A sprinkling here, a chuck or two there. Whatever is within is working with diligence, deliberately poking and prodding as if intentionally keeping hidden. But eventually the matte black shell of Influence Eternal Egg gives way, spilling a dark, egg-wet bronze onto the shadowy Igen sands.

Impression Message

One second you are on the sands, and the next you are in utter darkness, enveloped in a velvet-black warmth. « Alekzandyr… » The name is drawled out in dark amusement, rolled around as though being tried on for size. Tasted. « Shells, that is a mouthful, isn’t it? » A bark of laughter comes with a flicker of firelight, the first hint of something in the darkness. Shapes in the dark, a hint of a wall. « Yeah, I’m going to have to change that, » decides the voice, clearly unconcerned with your preferences on the matter. « So let’s go with… hmm. A’eyr? A’eyr. Perfect. » Triumph brings a roaring fire to life, a burst of light bringing brief illumination to the place you now stand. Rich woods and leather, gilded letters on ancient books. A library. « This is my place, but I guess I can share it with you. » And as the light begins to change, melting back into the stone and sands of the Hatching Grounds, and the bronze dragon settled before you, he finally offers up a name. « Indaryth. I am Indaryth. And you, A’eyr, are mine. »



To say that Indaryth is a complicated fellow would be an understatement. He desperately wants to be loved and respected and valued (and he most assuredly has what it takes to make that the case) but while he is powerful in his own right, both physically and mentally, he cannot help comparing himself to the other bronzes around him. Rather then allow his insecurities to show, Indaryth wraps himself in arrogant indifference, making a grand show of flying in the face of rules and being the consummate bad boy. It does not matter that they have years on him. It does not matter they are not judging him. He is his own worst enemy. So much so that he will often end up getting both himself, and you, into trouble. At these moments? When he realizes that his insecurities have impacted you, he will become a creature of angst, lamenting his faults and refusing to believe that there is anything of worth in him. This will, in turn, lead to anger and still more intense bouts of arrogant disregard for anything he is told to do. He will insist that HE KNOWS BEST despite the fact that he knows that he does not. Fortunately, there are moments of respite between his antics. Moments in which he will let his guard down and let others in. In the early days, these moments will be rare and almost always followed with a demonstration of self-destructive arrogance. Rest assured, however, that while Indaryth will always be a bit of a bad boy, he will eventually settle down. And, while he will always be a creature of passion, he will learn to value those around him and welcome their company. It will take time, it will take work, and there will be many, many lessons along the way, but in the end, Indaryth will become a bronze that Igen will remember for ages to come.


Flights with Indaryth will always be extreme. There will never be a time that he chases and is okay with not winning. He will, at least in the early turns, be a pointedly sore and sour loser. And he will, upon occasion, sink to not so noble means to win a flight he is convinced should be his. Some will call it cheating, but Indaryth will insist he is merely using the opportunities presented to him to excel. Eventually, with a lot patience and a lot of repetition, you will be able to convince him that knocking that brown into a sand dune was probably not the best thing to do. He'll make mistakes and he'll work very hard to pretend that he does not care, but he does. Should the time ever come when Indaryth finds that 'particular gold' he will blossom into a creature of pure devotion. There will be nothing he will not do to assure her happiness, or the happiness of their offspring.


Mind Name: Angst and Ennui

Indaryth does not let just anyone into his mind. They must earn that right. They must prove themselves worthy before he will allow them to see those hidden parts of him. The softer, sensitive, almost *human* parts of him. His deepest thoughts and feelings are spelled out on the spines of books, or in the flames flickering in the fireplace, or carved as art in the ever-changing mantel piece. Many may get a glimpse, a hint of what lies beneath the facade. But only you, Aeyr, are allowed to see him clearly. Only you are allowed unrestricted access to the library.

Mind Desc:


Indaryth’s mind is almost cozy. Almost. A polished and sophisticated place — a gentleman’s library. A large hearth dominates the space, the elaborate mantle a true work of art. Meticulous attention to detail has been shown in the intricate designs that have been carved into the rich, dark-stained wood, giving the piece an almost imposing nature. Dark marble soars upward, framed by thick, heavy columns stained to the same rich tone as the mantle. The dark ceiling boasts a massive chandelier made masculine by the bronze used to make it.

While a rather large space, it is made intimate by the furnishings. A plush oriental carpet softens the space while lending it a sophisticated air. The soaring bookcases are filled with old, leather-bound books with gold-gilded spines, while tufted leather chairs surround a table and invite one to sit and stay awhile.

The scent is… old Expensive. Paper and ink. Worn leather. The woodsy scent of a roaring fire. The almost-sweet taste of bourbon.

No sunlight strays into the recesses of this place. The velvet drapes are drawn tight across windows that will never open, the only source of light coming from the massive hearth and the flickering of candlelight above. It is a place for hushed conversations. A space where knowledge may be gained, or secrets spilled.


Congratulations! We sincerely hope that you have enjoyed your experience at Igen Weyr and that you come to love and cherish your new lifemate. We have worked very hard to craft a dragon that will be both fun and inspiring play and hope that it suits what you were looking for! As always, feel free to change anything that does not suit you. Enjoy.

Egg - Influence Eternal Egg - Written by S'las

Writer - Your dragon was crafted by the N'sir, assistant weyrlingmaster at Igen Weyr.

The theme for the eggs were Grimm's Fairytales. Influence Eternal Egg is based off the tale whose theme is someone's greed can overtake anything in life and no one can escape death -

Dragon Inspiration: Damon Salvatore - Vampire Diaries. I was really very excited to see this request for an inspiration. There is SO MUCH potential for outstanding RPing in a character like Damon (Gotta love him). As you may, or may not, have noticed he is written with Season One in mind. Yup, you get to start at the beginning and work your way up to happy daddy Damon. I have faith that you'll get more then enough mileage out of this and drive us crazy during weyrlinghood.

Dragon Desc Inspiration - Bourbon, leather and a young man that is entirely to good looking for his own good.

MindDesc Inspiration - Based on the library in Salvatore Manor.


Name Indaryth
Dam Zeraeth
Sire Sindrieth
Created By N'sir/S'las
Impressee A'eyr (Alekzandyr)
Hatched April 23, 2019
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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