Rich Mahogany Brown Inith

Starting from his nose tip and swirling out in larger concentric circles across his body, the color forms across the hide. Carved sharpness is the hallmark of how his body is made, accented by the perfect polished wood that creates him. Rich, cherry wood red may have been the original intention for his coloration, lined with darker whorls and grains of near mahogany. Stained atop the natural wood is a lighter wash of cinnamon. It makes his tones rich and dark, with a satiny sheen that rolls across his wiry muscles. He's carved perfection, and he seems to know it as he stares about with those rose-quartz eyes of his. As any good artist would, that which carved him seemed to capture the very essence of perfect potential in the slope of shoulders and the trim svelte haunches. The last mark of beauty, the epitome of this handsome male is his dark, dark cherry heartwood wingsails wrapped tightly to the near mahogany spars.

Egg Name and Description

Rich Satin Egg

What drapes this egg seems to be material fit for a princess, at the very least. The color is a beautiful rich indigo. Sheen shines in irridescent cornflower as the shell catches the light from a nearby torch flame. The rich fabric wasn't laid perfectly over the egg, though, and a few creases darken the beautiful fabric in odd places across the swells of the ovoid. What sits inside the shell must be deformed for all the ridges and folds in the fabric of the eggshell. Looking at the profile of the egg, though, and it doesn't look like the shell folds in on itself, though a trick of shading sure does make it look as if Adonaith did the unspeakable, laid a horribly imperfect egg. As if hearing your suspicions, the gold snorts and curls her tail about the shell protectively. Nothing wrong with this egg.

Hatching Message

The rich cloth of the satin egg seems to shimmer as this egg shifts upon the sands. Dancing highlights dart across imaginary ripples and folds as life comes to that beneath the drapery.

A tint of purple lights upon the indigo surface of this shell as cracks begins to grow, the inner white parts crating a sharp contrast as the very fabirc seems to rip slowly in two.

The rich satin egg is no more as it falls in unreal slowness into two large chunks and out dashes a quick little brown body.

Impression Message

Quick and unhindered is the sudden entrance of Inith into your thoughts. Another test as when fingers brushed the shell for the first time or something more as the hatchling has come before you, quartz lit eyes looking up in that certain way. It's an amazing presence, no fear, such confidence for one just birthed. yet also there seems to be something missing, or at least there was «Until I found you. Why did you hide for so long, but you can not avoid me any longer!» such triumph is held within his sharp tones that your heart just wants to burst with joy «My name is Inith, and you are mine forever!»


Honorbound and driven, Inith will fight until the last breath escapes his body for what he believes in. His mission is clear, to protect those he loves. He's not in to impress or to lead or to try and train you to be the rider he believes you should be. No, he's there to protect you, to serve you, to let you be his guide. And he will not fail. It may take him years to reach his goal, but he will reach it with a vengence. In the meantime, he'll practice til his wings are about to fall off. The best, he must be since his opponent is better. The greatest, he's apt to become with the right encouragement under his wings. Beware of his boredom, though. Boredom brings sloth and with that, bad habits. But when he finds his enemy in front of his face, he will scream his challenge «Hallo! My name is Inith! You killed my clutchsiblings! Prepare to die!!»


Darting Honed Blade

Quick and unhindered, Inith's touch is fast, and to those who do not recognize it, they could unfortunately miss the profoundess that may come from his inner self. As with any blade, his wit is sharp and deadly if aimed at an opponent. He has no fears to cut and cut deeply. He knows when to turn the blade and keep the dull faced to those he doesn't really want to hurt. But a careless word or thought can cut dangerously close, and it may take a long time before he realizes to curb that temper of his.


As if it were any mystery, inspiration for this dragon is found in The Princess Bride. He is the spaniard, the fencer, the drunkard and the seeker of revenge for his father's death. This dragon is Inigo Montoya.


Name Inith
Dam Gold Adonaith
Sire Bronze Tazroth
Created By unknown
Impressee Zanyer
Hatched cell-content
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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