Swirling Desert Cacti Green Jacinth

The heavy, warm desert winds that are so prevalent about Igen seem to caress this young beauty, holding her within their warm embrace as though she were one of their own, blowing across well curved hide with a cheerful joy that is reflected within the shades of color that are visible within the whirling, faceted orbs that are her eyes. Those eyes, locking on every little bit of movement or shiny object with insatiable curiosity never seem to miss a thing. Rich shades of verdant, forest green mate with strangely paler shades of the same color to produce a startlingly attractive creature, the movements of her lithe musculature only serving to accentuate it and draw it out all the more. The caressing wind that blows so cheerfully about her seems to have caught hold of said colors, drawing them about her hide in strangely cheerful and erratic swirls, ranging from the darkest points that caress and kiss the projections of her headknobs and neckridges, all the way down to the near-white color that makes it's debut at her underbelly. This almost odd, verdant-white shows upon the insides of her limbs as well, where it becomes infected with an almost hypnotic pattern of threadlike, gossamer whisps of the darker green that shows upon the outer faces of the limbs, even seeming to brush at the strong shapes of her talons, giving them an exotic appearance, like precious gemstones. The way she moves too, is of note. She carries herself with an indeniable grace, seeming to unconsiously measure every step, and time every movement to better show herself in the spotlight.

Egg Name and Description

Scorching Barren Desert Egg
Sandy yellow in color, and covered with odd, undulating irregularities, the expanse of shifting dunes of sand that are such a part of Igen Weyr in itself are brought to colorful life upon the exterior of this shelled ovoid. Exactly like the desert itself, it gives the impression of barrenness; the rolling dunes largely lifeless, decorated only by the occasional outcropping of brown, scorched rock, baking under the furious onslaught of Rukbat in the sky. Yet if one looks closer, these flecks of brown are not the only personality this egg has. Swirls of a lighter grey, hardly visible unless one stares, tell of the shrieking wind that drives the dunes to motion and formation, cumulating in a circular area of darker color: the vicious sandstorm at the heart of the desert itself. Perfectly at home and almost blending in with the heat of the hatching grounds, this windswept; shrieking cacophony of an egg almost seems to radiate heat outwards, as if to warm it's fellows.

Hatching Message

Quite suddenly, the Scorching Barren Desert Egg lifts for near six inches off of the ground, and rolls all the way down the mound of sand that it rests in. Coming to rest at the bottom, it remains motionless for a moment, before quite suddenly, it splits open under a solid blow from the hatchling within, and out tumbles its former occupant!

Impression Message

As you watch the little green beauty that is the Swirling Desert Cacti Green Hatchling make her way across the sands, you have a sudden strange feeling. Just a pricking in the back of your mind that someone is looking for you. It grows as she draws nearer, and suddenly, her facted eyes are staring you right in the face. For a moment, nothing seems to happen, but as the young green thrusts her head into your chest with an trill of happiness, an indescribable feeling surges through your mind. You are suddenly not just you. A gloroious feeling of joy surges through your body, from your head down to the very tips of your toes, almost rocking you with it's strength. Your heart threatens to pound it's way out of your chest, as your mind swims. Contact has been made, and over the next two hearbeats you feel the Green's mind melding with your own, swimming deep within the far corners of yours, firmly locking you two together. You know now that you will never be alone again, in your entire life. You are now hers, and she yours. Forever. But, who is she? « I am your Jacinth! And you are my Kacian! » Her reply comes cheerful, even though you never asked the question. You only thought it! But, there's something else. A sensation of overwhelming, almost painful hunger that surges up into your stomach, sending it growling with sympathy. Not your hunger — her own! « Can we eat now? »


Curiosity. The single most driving thing about Jacinth's personality. Indeed, it is something that never stops, as constant as her love for you, both as sure as the stars that shine within the night sky. She must constantly be poking her nose into whatever it is that catches her faceted little eyes, which tends to be quite a bit, fortunately or unfortunately enough. And it doesn't necessarialy matter if she's supposed to have her nose there or not — she'll have it there anyway. It's extremely difficult to keep her from doing this as well, for it IS the centerpoint of her. She loves to learn new things, and they don't have to be complex either. Just little simple things, like why the sky is so blue, and why the sands of Igen's desert are sculpted into dunes? And why dragons come from eggs, and humans are born without one? « Where does the shell go, Kacian? Does the little human hatch inside the mother, and then be born? » Simple, at least, in how to ask them. Not quite so simple in terms of how to answer. Thankfully, however, the bulk of her questions are easily answered. « What is that girl's ring made out of? Ooh, the stone is so pretty. Why do you not have one like that? Oh, you do not need it anyway, as beautiful as you are.. » Unfortunatly, sometimes, a certain stone or pretty bauble will catch her eye, and she just has to have it! This could cause quite a bit of trouble and embarrasment for you, particularualy during her young age, before she realizes that all of Pern does not belong to her! She loves everyone, as well, from the smallest firelizard up to the most massive Gold, and cannot understand the actions of those such as the more violent renegades. « Why would someone EVER want to hurt someone else? » She is extremely protective of you, as well. Never forget that. This can cause some possibly embarassing situations on it's own. Her protectiveness is sometimes extended beyond you, towards that defenseless child, or towards one who has been injured. If, for example, she were to find an injured person somewhere in the desert, she would most likely stand guard over them and refuse to leave until help came, so that further harm would not come to them.

Growing Up
One thing is certain, here. You'll have quite a handful with Jacinth as she grows older and explores the world with that extraordinary curiosity of hers. Indeed, from a young age on she will be constantly poking her nose in places that it should not necessarialy go, and perhaps getting herself (and you) into trouble as a result. You must never forget this, for even when you sleep, her mind is active….and perhaps she's just out poking into things? Her silliness will manifest itself time and time again, too. She'll always have a joke within her mind, just for you…or she'll even go to great lengths to make a fool of herself to cheer someone that she sees as upset, or perhaps just to add color to a dour day. Make no mistake however, silly or not, curious or not, Jacinth loves to be in the spotlight, and the center of attention. This will manifest itself more as she gets older, and develops into an adolescent. And when the time comes that her hide begins to glow for the first time, that she won't just be content with being in the spotlight — she'll want to seize the show completely!

Why she chose Kacian
Jacinth's response to this question would almost herald confusion. She would not understand why she could have paired herself with anyone else. She considers you so perfect, and so wonderful that she cannot possibly comprehend what it would be like to be with anyone other than you. You are hers, and she yours, and she couldn't think of it any other way. It is just beyond her comprehension. While this may seem odd, that she is so unable to make a reply to you, perhaps you would realize that this is a complement to you that goes beyond words. She cannot explain herself, simply because there are no words that are 'big' enough to describe her love for you, and just how PERFEFCT in every way that you are.


Jacinth's curiosity is easily the most noted part of her. It manifests itself in just about every way possible. Even when she makes a statement one almost has the subconsious sense that she is picking at the mind of whomever she's speaking to for some little bit of information. Just as distinctive is her love for you, for her Kacian. Nothing can ever change it, and no matter how you feel, how she feels, or what events may occur, it is the most firm and resolute thing that could be imagined. She loves you with a fierce, protective nature. Sometimes, too protective, and she can be known to have harsh words for any that she sees as a threat to you (they usually aren't at all). Anyone looking to romance you, beware, for Jacinth will be on her guard. Not that she doesn't wish you to be romanced — she simply is protective, and doesn't want to risk you getting hurt. Beyond her protective nature however, and her insatiable curiosity, Jacinth can only be called fun-loving. Her curiosity combines with an almost silly air at times, to sometimes get her into trouble! She'll be the one who has to wuffle the clothes of that poor, frightened holder who has never seen a dragon before, or she'll just HAVE to fondly slurp that cute lad. Be careful, for sometimes she just HAS to have that object that has attracted her curiosity. She has the potential to become a little thief, easily!


The thoughts of the creator, to a certain extent. (D'val) However, beyond that her personality takes a little bit from Ali Baba, as was the inspiration for the mind that was shown in her egg. The rest is a random mishmash of chaotic thought.


Name Swirling Desert Cacti Green Jacinth
Dam Gold Pranath
Sire Bronze Sorvoth
Created By D'val
Impressee Kacian
Hatched March 24, 2001
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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