Armored Exo Guardian Blue Jageroth

Armored Exo Guardian Blue Jageroth

From head to toe, this dragon presents an imposing figure that even in a relaxed stance radiates an intimidating power. Large wedge head seems composed of angular metallic blue plates that, while seamlessly joined, define the long snout in boxy planes. The plates clamp over angular jaws and form thick, protruding ridges which protect his whirling, electric blue eyes that indicate a contentedness his build contradicts. Headknobs point back towards his neck from the base of his skull, a darker steel pair of horns contrasting the shimmer of his hide. The same oxidized metal studs his short, thick, and heavily muscled dark blue neck and then blends into a deep barreled chest and large pectoral muscles. Power and strength are displayed in the grip of his talons behind which forearm and biceps flex. Hindlegs reflect the same, somewhat shadowed in comparison to the rest of his body as they propel him when there is need with strong muscles that ripple and thick talons that easily rend. His tail extends behind, a shorter length of sinewy muscles to which he expresses a fine control of the whip-like appendage. Muscled shoulders support the broad swath of his billowing wingsails. The dark navy membranes add to his shadowy cloak with the dappled, almost black spots along the trailing edges giving the sails a tattered appearance. On the right sail, there is a distinctive, thick trip of metallic blue, standing out brightly from the navy background. It seems to carry within a triangular path of navy near his body and a dappled set of spots that form the number two before resolidifying into a solid strip for the remaining length. These impressive wings are most often neatly tucked to his back and settle like a cape over his figure, flourishing as needed.

Egg Name and Description

Painted Spotted and Playful Egg
It’s hard to explain why this smaller egg seems so…energetic but just looking at the brown and black spotted egg once gets that sense of pure playfulness. Logically one understands that this egg can’t be moving however the illusion of movement is often there, usually seen juuuuust out of the corner of your eye. It leans heavily against its fellow eggs as if unable to be alone. Ever. Painted pure white the brown and black splotches are placed at seemingly random intervals as if a painter simply flicked a paintbrush at the smaller canvas and called it a day.

Hatching Message

Painted Spotted and Playful Egg shimmies and shakes with the sound of the hums, ready to join the fun party going on around it.

Painted Spotted and Playful Egg gets lost in the beat, a banging happy noise coming from within like a tail being beat on a drum. Bum, Bum, BUM!! Finally a loud CRACK rings out as the excitement can no longer be contained in the shell.

Painted Spotted and Playful Egg rocks and shakes, whatever is occurring around it only confirms the need for an escape. This baby needs out and as the ovoid tilts and twists it finally falls down cracking full in half and revealing the happy soul come to play with you. Hehehe, want to play a game?

Impression Message

The Foresaken Vanguard Hatchling nearly reaches the wall, a wailing ball of torment before it turns around in several circles cocking its head at each figure huddled nearby, sniffling and snapping its jaws with hunger. Which soul is ready for this task? There's a loud cry of deep sadness like a siren for help into the abyss, not finding a willing one to see past the mask. Finally, STumbling forward, dejectedly talons get caught on the robe of a honey brown-haired individual, red whirling eyes slowly changing to green-blue as it pulls back, dragging the figure along with it. You're coming home with him, like it or not.

Boom, BOOM, BOOM!!! Explosions surround you as you're thrown backward against the hard sands, which feel like hot metal against your back. Instead of the foggy nightmare that is Igen, you're on the deck of a ship, metal rails beneath your feet and enemies banging on the bent iron door before you. «You ready hunter? I made a bet you'd be the one. Don't make me wrong.» A flash of light and sound, the world around you is fire and combat the smell of melting steel and fear pounding as footsteps come from all directions. «This is madness. I love it! I am Jageroth, and you're Malk'm. Let's get out of here. I know just the place!» The scene fades, walls fade into metal panels topped by windows, wide blue booths all offer exceptional views of an unknown solar system. «Now that we've handled that, you should get me some grub before our next adventure. I'm famished.» Hunger zips through you, hardening to stone in the pit of your abdomen as the smell of smoke lingers in your nose.


Ah Malkm, you're in for it now. While Kallum might have enjoyed a life of risk and debauchery he was in little leagues compared to his life with Jageroth. The first thing you must know about your blue is that he LIVES for adrenaline. You are likely to be unable to sleep for all the trouble he tries to get you into, constantly seeking out the biggest bronze to annoy without any thought to consequence. He despises the mundane and will find anything repetitive deathly boring. Based on Cayde-6, there is a restless discontent that pushes your new partner to extremes. At first, it'll be eating, and slowing him down may well require you holding his mouth shut Malkm. Obnoxious and forward, your new partner HATES the word "NO". The quickest way to start a lifelong quest to do something is to tell him NOT to. Whether thats a safety risk or not.


Growing pains puts it lightly. Your new partner has a hard time keeping his mouth shut and often sticks his entire foot right inside with no regard for how insulting or dismissive he sounds. You will need to remind him that he's not being polite pretty much on a daily basis. In this, you might have to be the responsible party. Youll discover he loves any thrill, from dropping off the bowl wall at a dangerous angle to chasing a fiery green, he is always looking for excitement. If he isnt participating in flights, he’s BETTING on them, strong-arming you into putting money down on this bronze or that brown.

«Sutakith has been looking NICE lately! Beisdes, a little bet never hurt anybody, right? »

Once mature, he's either the hardest worker or the biggest slacker, depending on the day, and it will take a wingleader a lot of work to find a new thrill for him to chase. It will also require a patient soul to put up with his sense of humor, as the backhanded compliments that he finds funny may land you doing scut more often than not. Trust that if you're flying long, boring sweeps because of him, he's at least as miserable as you are.

« Psst! Hey… Take me with you. I hate this job… »

Whatever happens, youre in it together now, kid. Buckle up.


Bar at the End of the World
The inside of Jageroths head is a busy place, anyone whos met him will recognize that he cant survive without a constant stream of entertainment. Thus where you are is a giant bar, futuristic with multiple screens showing dozens of images. All the images are his ideas, places hed like to see, things hes like to do. Its like 12 action movies are going on at once and all of them star Jageroth himself in stunning detail. His mental space is always clean and comfortable, at times quieter and more contemplative but frequently it feels like a stop gap between adventures. A safe place, he often changes the scenery outside gigantic windows to match whatever plot hes working on today. His voice is often a bit monotone and sarcastic, making it hard to tell when he is being serious.



Hi Malk'm! The clutch theme was dog breeds, Painted Spotted and Playful was written by X'yr and is based on a beagle. The description of your dragon was written by Iwa, and the mind/tips by Oddisa. He's based off Cayde-6 from Destiny, but is yours to change or do what you please. We hope you enjoy each other!



Name Blue Jageroth
Dam Gold Toruth
Sire Bronze Haijiventh
Created By X'yr, Iwa, and Oddisa
Impressee Malk'm
Hatched November 6, 2021
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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