Egg Name and Description

Ghost in the Shell Egg

A rather small egg, this one is at first nothing quite so amazing as its colorful clutchmates. The shell is smooth and plain, dull almost in its singular representation of a hue which upon reflection is not quite so easy a task. One could say it is that gleaming reflection of a first winter's snow that settles frostily over the land only the shell doesn't exactly sparkle. It might be but the dusty plain chalk drawn from the earth and used in manners both practical and but for the natural tendencies to be speckled with tans and none of that is to be found here. Mayhap it is actually a bleached out cotton, or fine linen but that the texture to match the image lacks as well. The only break in conformance to the indescribable hue of its entirely to plainness is the vaguest tendrils of palest smoke gray upon one side that when rotated to visibility from its mothers care might look like a hint of a dragon etched upon the surface. Or perhaps it is just a mirage that the mind tricks one into seeing to put something into the expanse of blandness that otherwise mystifies the mind.

Mind Touches

First: reaches out in response to your touch, a soft presence that is only beginning to define itself. It is… something, someone, somewhere. In the moment, it exists in a world of dreams, a world of darkness and warmth, a safe place in which it is unburdened. Yet a place in which is has a need to define itself from its surroundings, a place from which it struggles, yearns, needs to know. Who am I?

Second: swirls around the edges of your thoughts in a growing cascade. Of points of light that blur reality and imagination. It needs further input to understand and your presence is in that sense irresistible. It isn't trying to intrude, a natural curiosity drives it to flood your sense and seep into your mind in an uncoordinated fashion that works towards understanding the sense of your self in the hopes of understanding its own self.

Third: swirls in confusion. It creates an endless intricate set of vortices in its passing wake as it puzzles over life, the universe and things. Nothing out of the ordinary for an unborn dragonet, surely?

Hatching Messages

The purity of white may be broke, may be cracking, or it may just be wobbling. It's rather hard to tell exactly what is going on with the ghost in the shell egg except that something has begun to stir.

The ghost in the shell egg continues its movements. It is clear enough to see that something is going on, but with such a purity of hue any would be cracks blend seamlessly in. The struggles of its occupant are clear however as it spasms and twitches with ever increasing urgency.

With a final CRACK the ghost in the shell egg crumbles into countless pieces. They fall to the sands in a soft brief patter leaving a still damp hatchling in its stead. The poor creature looks momentarily confused, sniffing at the shards as if trying to figure out how he's going to piece all that back together. Oops, did he do that?

City of Light and Shadow Bronze Hatchling:
Gleaming burnished bronze cloaks first the form before you which is neither bulky nor lean, but resides somewhere in between. Majestic in poise and presence his proportions are not quite as elegant. His face is rather blocky, shortened muzzle blunted and wide. Eyeridges are well defined with distinctly polished headknobs pointing skywards. Neck is short and thick with large, well defined muscles that bleed smoothly into deep chest and wide back. The bronze upon these upper regions gleams as if eternally caught in the sunlight. Structures to represent the glory of his being reside there in finely etched lines, while lower upon his belly, and on his lower arms and legs the bronze becomes ever more shadowed. Dropping into the depths of less favored slums and questionable cantinas of dubious nature. Talons seem almost to burn with glints of flame amongst the darker shadowed bronze. Wings spread wide from his broad back, muscles rippling to support the sturdy and broad expanse. The sails from above continue the bright burnished bronze with the strange lines cross crossing the surface in a way that seems not exactly natural. The undersides are as opposite much as his body. Shadowed bronze is dark and brooding, whorls of smoke are edged with soot and fires that burn like lights in the night from so very, very far away in a landscape both eerie and oddly inviting.

Impression Message

A not so subtle presence pushes its way into your thoughts. Far from intruding it fills a void you had not realized was there, a space waiting for data to be added, to be filled and become whole for the first time in your life. «There you are Z'ki! I am Jizunoth!» There is no longer anything to worry about, to stress over. You will not be left to remain alone on the sands this day. No your other half has arrived and with it an unconditional love and affection which will never waver, never die, and forever be nudging you along «I am SO hungry Z'ki! Can we eat now?»


Z'ki may be content with his lot in life, but his partner is anything but. There's so much of the world out there, so much to see, so much to do and while he has a lot of desires he isn't one to just drag you along. He really wants it to be /your/ idea so that you have buy-in to his plan… err the brilliant ideas that you come up with. «You really have great potential Z'ki! Speak up, the weyrlingmaster knows it you just have to show it.» such unsubtle advice as a weyrling will become polished over time into something so much more subtle and perhaps even a little devious. Not that you're going in with blinders on in this relationship. You'll get to know your dragon and perhaps come to take a deep breath and sigh when you feel the support heading you both in a particular direction whether that's really where you want to go or not. It'll be up to you to decide if you play along passively or if you start to take a stronger hand, and really he does want you to take a stronger hand. His advice can be strangely good, if ever you might take it with a grain of salt given his ambitions.

He knows what potential you have and he hates to see you wasted as something so simple as a guard. «Really you're sure to be captain right?» Hmm, yes you might say he has /ambitions/. He has no particular respect for the way things have been done before. «There's always a better way.» and he resists being told what to do, especially by anyone other than you. He'd much rather you both be in charge and he sets his sights as he grows. His first example after all is the weyrlingmaster. «You could do that!» and after graduation into a wing «You can do that!» and after seeing who leads the wings after the next seniors flight «Oh, we can definitely both do /that/.» Unfortunately his resistance to complying doesn't always put the best foot forward with fulfilling those ambitions as one really does need to be a team player, as well as a leader.

Of mating flights he is fierce and determined to catch in any chase he gives. He may or may not have much luck, but you both will learn from each experience. He is unlikely to settle to chasing any one green, even one gold because, well unless she is the Senior, hey what's wrong with a good flight right? Should he ever be lucky enough, skilled enough, perhaps even sneaky enough to catch a queen he will be a very doting partner for the duration the clutch is on the sands. One of the FEW times he really is unlikely to chase another female as he tends the golds every need upon those hot grounds with HIS precious offspring. Once they are hatched and all safely paired away he free again to drag you on his pursuits.


His mind is a scape that is ever changing. The only constant you could say is change, and perhaps the masculinity of his mindvoice. It is a little lighter than your own, but distinctly yours for any beyond your pairing who hears him will know who his rider is. He speaks in words and volume, sometimes color slips in but he isn't particularly flashy. Sounds and landscapes are also not prevalent but they can occur. Overall they seem unnecessary to him, eh is who he is and anyone who hears him will know it undeniably.


The egg theme was colors! It was pretty open. Yours was based on the color white! I was inspired by white things, and then a little spoof on the 'ghost in the shell' anime/recent live action movie.

Your lad didn't have one particular theme that carried through. A little bit of his egg in the thought of exploring one's self-identity, and a bit of mixing in ideas of Loki and Sith master without the darker aspects.

Of his mind he reflects the exploration of identity on the touches, and exploration generally in mindscape.

His description is inspired by Coruscant, as a living breathing metallic metropolis with light along the topside, and with the dark of industry and back alleys to balance.

The name comes from a nix of Kenji Kawai (music) and Kazunori Ito (director) from ghost in the shell. I think of it as 'Jih-zoo-nah-th'.

Of important note he is yours now. You should take these thoughts as hopeful inspiration but if you both head in a completely different direction, temperament, etc. that is PERFECTLY fine with me. My wish is that you can continue to enjoy some fine RP and have a good time on the game. - Neyuni.


Name Jizunoth
Dam Zuhth
Sire Eranzath
Created By Neyuni
Impressee Z'ki
Hatched September 2, 2017
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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