Arabian Nights Blue Desert Kadixenth

Multiple shades of blue cover Kadixenth from the tip of his short stubby muzzle to the tip of his long and very skinny tail. The way the blues combine he could easily disappear into the shadows of the night sky. Shades of cornflower blue and sapphire blue move in crazy, random patterns from the neckridges to cross over and completely cover his right wing. Across his back three more shades of sapphire, cobalt and as dark as midnight blue mingle in dappled colors to cover the left wing down to the lower back. From there the colors lighten up gradually until the very tip of the tail is a pale cornflower blue to match the lower neckridges. His whole head is the darker midnight. Being on the smaller scale his body doesn’t seem proportioned quite equally. His head is larger but his muzzle is smaller than one would think. When he flares his wings out it is clear that the left side is slightly smaller than the right wing. His tail seems much longer and skinner than normal on a dragon his height.

Egg Name and Description

Desert Grace Egg
The first glaringly noticeable thing about this egg is its shape. It is somewhat oblong and far taller than it is wide. Built as if under a great deal of pressure, the sandy tan shell is more upright in a way that would lend to it appearing spindly. Plain at first glance, dusty brown and beige seem to predominate. Only when examined closer can one see a rich landscape of ripples, tawny stripes lead to wind dug gorges twisting in an ever-changing pattern of rivulets. Theres no logical configuration to be found, the winds of fancy cutting across the surface and doing whatever it pleases with the endless dunes. Theres nothing that initially differentiates the top from the bottom or each side. Every aspect differs like a fingerprint, a zig here, and a zag there that curves and whirls poetically with wisps of red or cream, always returning to an endless monotony thats beautiful in its minute shifts and flickers. Overall its an ever-changing undulation of the same three or four muted hues, sameness bowing to originality and blending the two into a flawless dance across and upon the sands.

Hatching Message

Desert Grace egg hops so high one might be able to air between egg and sand. It’s a quick movement so it may be missed for it only moves once then is still.

Desert Grace egg shivers violently for several seconds. The movement brings a spiderweb of cracks before it falls still once more.

Desert Grace egg, which has been silent for several minutes, explodes with little warning to topple out a small hatchling with bits of egg stuck on every part of its body.

Hatchling Name and Description

Endless Night Hatchling
Swirls of lighter and darker colors blend so perfectly across this hatchlings form that they nearly disappear into the shadows around them. From behind them the tail is long, skinny and constantly moving so much the eyes can’t focus enough to determine color. Wings that are short and almost stubby like flare open with impatience to be free from the confinement of the egg. A large piece of egg sits across the eyes and muzzle to further obscure the head.

Impression Message

Endless Night Hatchling increases the sounds of complaints as they shudder several times to send more bits of egg goo and shells off their wings and limbs. Not that they mind being messy but they have stuff to do and that ooey gooey stuff feels sticky! There’s an urgency growing in their rumbly tummy now that increases their absolute need to find someone and find that someone RIGHT NOW! Another loud creel echoes across the hatching ground as they rush forward to head butt someone right down. Alasse is that victim who gets a sticky head into the stomach. They’ll continue on to walk right now over if she isn’t fast enough to move out of the way. They have caught the scene and now this Endless Night Hatchling knows exactly who they want. The dark blond young teen is grabbed wildly.

With a blink of an eye you are whisked away from all the heat of the sands. Away from the foggy rainy weather to….a hot scorching desert. The sun is blazing high overhead and before you can even begin to wonder where you are, a voice echoes inside your mind. « Ten Thousand years will give you SUCH a crick in the neck » you can feel Kadixenth’s mind stretching out as if he had spent thousands of years inside that cramped egg. « I’en! You wouldn’t believe how happy I am to see you. I am Kadixenth, you are I’en and you need to lead me to food. » There is a pause then…. « And then we PLAY! »


“Oh, I’en! Your back! And your front! YOU’RE BOTH HERE!!”

« Let’s Play!! » will be two words you’ll hear a lot over the next turn or two as Kadixenth grows. Even a fully mature Kadix will be happiest when there are no more duties at the end of the day and the time has come to relax. Free time Rest time. Days off are Kadixenth’s favorite times. Young Kadixenth will want to play at all times. Meal times will involve him playing with his food before eating. This will make the first few days after hatching a true challenge until you can figure out how to make it less messy. Of course playtime won’t be limited to meals. Every aspect of EVERYTHING Kadix does must be turned into a game. Bath time. Oiling. Cleaning up the barracks. Lessons. Naturally he’ll want to include his siblings in all of his games. « Tufirath! Tag! Your IT! ». « Esoirteth! Ferahainth! Let’s all hide and see if Gwansuleth can find us! »

Some of his favorite games will be tag, hide n seek, and even wrestling with his brothers. Ferahainth will be his chosen partner most for wrestling, often with no warning whatsoever as he stalks and pounces his blue brother. His siblings may not always be willing participants in his antics but Kadix is nothing if not persistent. He’ll try daily to get them to join in his fun. He’ll be a more than willing teacher if they don’t know how to play his games.

Kadixenth is a very, very, mischievous boy. He loves to play pranks on everyone. No one is safe. Not even you. He adores trying to sneak up behind unsuspecting people, dragons and pounce! No one is safe from those antics. No tail is safe either. Sneak attacks are his bread and butter but there is much more to his pranking ways. Oil on the couch. Hidden items that you knew were just right there but are gone now! « Sorry Ferahainth! I have no idea why all your stuff is covered in oil. » It’s not that he’s trying to be mean he just likes to have a laugh and sometimes it’s at someone else’s expense.

Kadixenth also has a bad habit of chewing things. You’ll constantly have to pry odd things from his mouth. From socks and blankets to that notebook someone had laying around on their cot. Luckily he doesn’t chew any of your belongings but unfortunately the same can’t be said for everyone else in the barracks. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is fair game to go inside this blues mouth.

Lessons will be a challenge for you two. Even once you can get him settled enough to join in on the lesson it’ll be a challenge to keep him from getting distracted. And he is soooooo easily distracted too! A bug crawling by will be inspiration for him to crawl after it. Or perhaps Esoireth will flick her tail. Just a little movement and he’ll be unable to resist the urge to pounce on it. We do wish you the best of luck and remember all those extra chores will help build character….right?!

Kadix hates small spaces. He can’t stand being confined indoors for too long. Even his couch he will insist on getting the biggest one he can. When you move into your own weyr he’ll likely spend the majority of his time out on the ledge.

One lesson that will be easy for him ( and you) will be flying. He’ll always be able to focus on flying for he longs for the day to be up, up, up in the open air. He loves everything about flying. He’s very, very fast for his smaller size makes it simply for him to turn on a dime. He is unnaturally gifted when it comes to spotting the perfect air thermal to give his wings lift and speed. Kadix will want to fly for hours to feel the wind in his face. He’ll insist on flying with you, as soon as you can fly with him, at night. Something about the night sky draws him like a magnet. And once you reveal him him the knowledge of the stars and constellations he’ll insist every night on stargazing with you telling him the names of all the constellations.

A few more quirks with your blue may be trivial compared to everything else but he loves to sing. Whether or not he can sing well is to be determined but he’ll often sing to you late at night while you are out flying. And just one last tiny detail he does everything in multiples of three. So when he’s learning something that is to be repeated be prepared for him to do it minimum three times.


Kadixenth will, at first, be indifferent, when it comes to a proddy green. Oh he’ll eventually learn the pleasure of the chase ( and the catch), but he’ll be a late bloomer. He’ll likely not notice a proddy green or the implications of what that green being proddy means until she’s glowing like a nugget and ready to take to the skies. Then if he has the urge to blood at all it’ll only be one beast or two at most before he’s ready to take to the skies after her. A lot of times though he’ll simply ignore the blooding and leap up after she takes to the skies. If he catches a green he’ll boast about it for days but then he’ll forget about her soon after.


Rough and sandy would be your first impression of Kadix’s mind voice when you hear it. Imagine the scorching hot desert in the middle of the day when the sun is beating down on you relentless. Imagine there being no water in sight for days. That’s the feeling that wraps around Kadixenth’s words. His safe place to go when he’s angry, upset or just not feeling too secure emotionally is a large, vast, sandy desert where he can be free to roam the mental mindscapes.


Welcome to our humble weyr, I’en. We’re excited to be able to watch Shixen….I mean I’en grow into a young man along side his new lifemate, Kadixenth. The theme of this clutch was dog breeds and the Desert Grace egg was based on the Saluki. The egg description was the middle east and the mind touches were based on the codependent nature between hounds out in the desert. Both were done by Odissa. I was super excited to do an Aladdin based dragon and I hope that you love him as much as I do. Your dragon name is a blend of Kadin which means friend or companion in Arabic and the ‘ixen’ part came from your desire to have an X in the name. So I took the last half of Shixen’s pre-impression name and bam! Kadixenth was created! I do hope you enjoy the name. I’ve been calling him Kadix for short. His personality is all the genie from Aladdin with a little hint perhaps of doggie tendencies with his love for chewing. His tendency to do everything in multiples of three is a nod to the 3 wishes a genie grants. As always everything is up to interpretation and yours to play however you feel fit. Enjoy! <3 Ashwi/X’yr


Name Kadixenth
Dam Gold Toruth
Sire Bronze Haijiventh
Created By Oddisa and Ashwi/X'ry
Impressee I'en
Hatched November 6, 2021
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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