Calibrating Lady's Mantle Green Kaihirith

Sage dewdrops dapple the smooth expanse of hide cloaking this female in sunkissed foliage. Wingsails are iridescent mediums for a swirling canvas of hues, emerald and jade sinuously twining with mossy yew to formulate a unconventional compound. Wintergreen patina ensconces itself amidst neckridges and headknobs, echoed dazzlingly at the tip of her leonine tail. Husky hindquarters, willowy forelegs, and languid chest are united smoothly by a rotund girth that pleads irregularity. Myrtle's pigment is awash within the faceted orbs, sage's lacquer flourishing across the genteel flair of dragon's muzzle. Frost etches the gossamer pattern of an alabaster leaf onto her right shoulder, the delicate assurance of feminine refinement.

Egg Name and Description

Windswept Tundra Egg
A desolate snowbank seems starkly out of place nestled cozily on the sa nds, yet the surface of this ice-encrusted egg bears testament to its frozen con stitution. Swirls and eddies of pearly color etch intricate lacy frost patterns into a dazzling tiara atop the crown of this ovoid. The plump base is a glassy s ilver whose hue fades sublimely into a smoky gray, encircling the wide girth of shell in a sash of cultured propriety. Icy crystals of sheerest alabaster libera lly pepper the shell with their wintry sparkle, the glittering stars that appear from their depths a flash of rainbow twinkles surrounding the orb.

Hatching Message

Wintry filaments crackle the frigid surface of Windswept Tundra Egg, snowbank's edges reverberating slightly. Ovoid shifts faintly, hesitantly, within its sand dune, testing the ice. With a thunderous clap, shards crumble downwar d, roiling up sand in an avalanche of capacious proportions. Gone is the mound of snow, leaving Calibrating Lady's Mantle Green Hatchling, complete with shell's tiara zenith atop her gooey headknobs.

Impression Message

Rivulets of turbulent exhilaration drench your mind as a newfound presence is felt, its coming marked by a brilliant rainbow of snowflakes and the faint trace of soapsand. «You are mine. Never will you be alone, for we are now one.» Melodious voice is a rich soprano, the words lilting and forceful. «A lifetime of explorations await us: L'ia and Kaihirith.»


Kaihirith contradicts that green stereotype of flirty with a vengeance. True, she can appreciate a good male when she sees one, but for the most part she's indifferent. "Look and not touch," seems to be her motto when it comes to the opposite sex, except when the big "P" word comes around (more about that in her "growing up" section ;P) Alchemilla mollis, the scientific name for Lady's Mantle, reminded me of the word "alchemist", another word for a 1700's type of scientist. Hence Kaihirith has a bit of the mad scientist in her. She is intrigued by experiments and Salia more often than not will come home after a long day of lessons to find her studying the effects of klah on sweetsand scum or the reason why hides cure the way they do. You said that Salia was a "workaholic", and I couldn't resist the addition of a slightly indolent dragon. Not that Kaihirith is lazy. She's much too academicly minded for that. But she loves lounging around, basking in her weyr and enjoying the company of others on the beach. Straightforward, she's saved from rudeness by the tact and discretion that may wel l become her trademark: her diplomacy can save many a tense situation. A cute pun or mollifying word from Kai is taken more to heart than from other dragons, and she has a knack for "handling" people, ofttimes without them knowing it. Her wit isn't caustic, but with those she knows her reticent humor shows up. New faces are regarded cautiously for some time - she isn't one to sashay right up and introduce herself. She'll leave that for Salia. Like her famous inspiration, Robert F. Scott, she considers daydreaming a weakness, and leans on Salia to help "overcome" it. Whether she does or not depends on you - the battle's half the fun. :P Kaihirith loves to supervise things, and feels somewhat out of her element i f she isn't in control. Some might call her calculating, or even meddling, but she likes to think of it as just "helping" the person get where they should be. Matchmaking is second nature; she picks two someones who are just "perfect" for e ach other and plots to get them together. If Salia tries to convince Kaihirith that her interfering isn't appreciated, she'll retort, « But I /know/ S'gfried and R'oy are meant to be together!» There's no stopping her. Although she isn't flamboyant as a rule, she /adores/ making grand entrances and exits. That's the one time she likes being in the spotlight - usually she'd rather help out behind the scenes rather than be the center of attention. When coming from ::between:: into the skies above a gather, she'd make sure to do a pirouette and bugle a ostentatious welcome. Kaihirith is a take no prisoners kind of green: she's in this for herself «And L'ia!» and isn't particularly worried about who knows it. The end result needs to be something that'll benefit her, or she isn't really interested. Her harm would not come to them.

As the calculating hatchling grows, she'll be ravenous for both knowledge and sustenance. A connoisseur of meat, she's excited by the prospect of roast wherry with mutton sauce, roast wherry au naturale, roast wherry with anything. Daily oilings and scrubbings will be necessary as she develops rapidly, but checks her growth after a few Turns. She'll never be the largest green in the weyr, yet is hardly the smallest: a happy medium in size. An early maturing green, Kai will probably be the first of her clutch to fly. Her lust for all things experimental will serve her well during weyrlinghood. While others bemoan another w ing drill, she eagerly awaits it, practicing a new move here, a new tactic there . She'll be excited about L'ia's rapport with the others, but still yearns for an occasional night alone in their couch. Kaihirith's first time aglow will probably shock almost everybody around her, including her rider. The chaste green whose "manhunting" efforts were modest at best and knows little besides the textbook reference to mating cracks ribald jokes and sly innuendoes to the weyr at large. Nothing's ordinary about her coquettish behavior, however: Kaihirith sequesters herself in her weyr and thinks up ways to scandalize and corrupt others. This witticism can be as bland or sensual as you wish to make it, and will probably vary, coming to a peak as she draws nearer to the finale. When lugged from her sanctuary during this time, she can most likely be found plotting new debauchery with available males. Once Kai's in the air, she's transformed back to "normal" (if she ever is), an naive green with escape on her mind. «Why are these males chasing me, L'ia? Don't they realize that I'm not interested?»

Why she chose L'ia? Kaihirith can't imagine her life without Salia. From that first moment on th e sands, she knew, intuitively /knew/, that that Candidate was The One. She loves her lifemate's awkwardness, her history, her laugh, everything about her. Being a scientific sort, Salia was the natural choice, the obvious choice, the /only / choice, as far as she's concerned. «There can be no other. Why would there be ?» She sees Salia's years as a drudge as a the supreme test to ready her to beg in her life as the rider of green Kaihirith. She refuses to let anyone argue that her lifemate is worth less, or is less qualified, because she used to be a drudge. «Those who scoff at your past have never truly been challenged themselves, » she declares vehemently. If L'ia was to ask why Kai picked her, she would need to mull on the answer. «Because.. you complement me. You.. /are/ me. Without you, I am not.. not me. I would be like ::between::…a bleak nothing with only the frigid cold to keep me company.»


The bracing cold of a spring morning permeates your mind, the chill air and warm sunshine at odds with one another. Kaihirith's mindscent is a pungent mixture of soapsand and lemon zest, one fitting of her personality. Her speech is often accentuated with a flurry of rainbow toned snowflakes: saffron, cerulean, scarlet. Her voice is a lilting soprano, the consonants melding together like butter. The glittering splendor of frosty foliage sparkles as she converses, her attention sharply attuned to you.


Name Calibrating Lady's Mantle Green Kaihrith
Dam Gold Pranath
Sire Bronze Sorvoth
Created By Reghynn
Impressee Salia (L'ia)
Hatched March 24, 2001
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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