Iridescent Foxglove Molten Bronze Kalerriarth

Molten bronze pours in rivulets over shimmering metallic hide; as if poured from the heat of a Smithcrafter's fire into the living mold of draconic form, brightest brassy copper enveloping a leanly muscled frame. Molten hues, tinged perhaps with the faintest gold sweep over a proudly uplifted muzzle and keenly shaped neckridges. From lean muscled withers, slim narrow wings — but long and lithely powerful in all their gauzy translucency — flare outwards, their undersides touched with the faintest breath of violet curling over the coppery hues. And indeed, the purple shades continue, deepest twilight enveloping throat and underbelly in a shroud of iridescent violet overtones, the shimmering twilight hues only enhancing his princely form. And princely he may be, though certainly no giant of a dragon, as far as bronzes go, but then, he's not small either. In fact, he's just right, well-sized for a bronze of middling length, with a long lengthy tail that sure to be perfect for flights. And he's not a hulking brute either, nor is he a ninety-eight pound weakling. Again, lean muscle and lithe long grace are seen in each flowing movement of his measured tread.

Egg Name and Description

Irish Countryside Egg
This moderately sized ovoid has given up the impression of attempting to be bigger or smaller than it truly is, and sits here quite peacefully amongst its brethren. The smooth shell is an explosion in verdance, lavished in a plethora of hues so that it takes up a mottled appearance, as if there were vegetation there instead of rounded surface. There are parts where these varying shades offer up clusters of bright fern, tiny leaves, all shaped like small hearts and usually presented in bouts of three. Dancing in secluded spots amongst these clusters and in the waving tendrils of emerald, flickers of taunting light appear, barely visible, but magical to the eye that takes the time to see them. Near the very bottom of the egg, hidden almost by the dark shades of malachite lying there, are blocks of dark brown stone that keep the secret of some household, the darkness perhaps brought on by the smoke coming from such an establishment's warm fire.

Hatching Message

The Irish Countryside Egg stirs, the movement rippling eddies of sand as it moves. The time has come, to awaken, to see and to find. Jagged streaks of blackness mar the verdant 'scape and with a shudder, the egg bursts into multiple fragments, releasing its inner explorer into the world.

Impression Message

Time seems to stand still, as the Iridescent Foxglove Hatchling stands before you, gazing up into your eyes with a glimmer…. of love perhaps? Or of admiration. All is forgotten, the heat of the sands shifting beneath your feet, the heat waves that shimmer on the air. For now, your entire being is centered upon this hatchling. And his upon yours, while dedication sweeps you up, refreshing you, and emboldening your purpose. « I am Kalerriarth, you are E'in. Together, we are. » There is a pause, a sense of hunger in need of sating before he speaks again « I don't suppose we can feast now, can we? »


Although there's a jolly sort, of rum, and ale with a few hiccups along the way, this mind has magic within. Magic, doesn't exist on Pern after all, nay, but it does. Sorta. While there's cheerfulness in this mind, and a purpose. To see things done, in the name of a Quest or two.

Growing Up
You want hyper? You got hyper. And whoa boy, I don't envy you that. The old saying 'Be careful what you wish for — you just might get it' holds true here for Kalerriarth was hyper from the moment he broke shell. Which means you're going to have to deal with a dragon who's always bouncing around, or cavorting gleefully in cheerful abandon. And he'll dash off excitedly after anything that catches his eye, for he's an explorer at heart, which means you'll have to chase him down. That is, if he doesn't come back and try to knock you down in his enthusiasm to share with you, his rider, all the wonderful and new things that he found. Loving, indeed he is, even from his infancy, he will have his eye on the ladies. But, nay, he's not a Ladies-Man, but rather, he's seeking that one true love, be she green or gold that will warm his couch, and be willing to cuddle. And what better gift could it be of his ladylove has a rider, perhaps one with whom you can share your live. That will be one of his quests. To find happiness for the both of you.

He's polite, because of this loving affection, most especially for you, for his clutchmates, and even to some extent their riders. While certainly not the gentleman that Neskoth is, Kalerriarth will be kindly disposed towards many, even should a dispute or argument break out in the barracks. Rest assured, Kalerriarth will either ignore the fighters, or his sense of loving happiness will take over, and he'll step in to ease the tense situation with a joke or two. « Why did the Wherry cross the road? To get to the other side of course. » No doubt, the jokes, as bad as they may seem will have everyone laughing, the fight forgotten.

Once you and Kalerriarth have flown together, and successfully gone *between* your lifemate will certainly want to be an explorer, to visit new parts of Pern, and see new things. And what better way to do this than by courier service. And not inanimate cargo and transport, but passengers, of course. He'll willingly take passengers where they want to go — for a small price of course, after all, one has to live — but he will do it gladly, with a desire to see beyond the world of the Weyr he has known.

And lastly, Kalerriarth loves water, even from his days as a newly hatched dragonet. He'll love to swim, and splash in the cooling waters of the Weyr lake, and once he's capable of flight, and *between*ing, he'll want a trip to the ocean. And your first trip to the Yokohama, or to Tempest Station, Kalerriarth will be enraptured by the sight of the starry depths of space. « It's so pretty up here. »

Why he chose E'in
Dedication. Dedication and devotion to your duties is what has drawn Kalerri arth to you. He too is dedicated, and devoted to what he feels is his purpose in life—his Quests. And you, Einar, you are perfect for that, for you too strive to work hard, and to succeed, even if you do complain about not getting enough credit for your work. But Kalerriarth knows how much credit you deserve, and he is willing to give. That is why he has chosen you, because together you can achieve so much, to explore what lies beyond Igen Weyr. You and he can do much togeth er, and that is what makes you perfect for Kalerriarth.


Kalerriarth is much like you, dear Einar. Get him started on a subject which he enjoys, and enthusiasm will take off. He'll chatter to anyone who'll listen, and chatter loud and long while he's at it. And usually it'll be about something hardly anyone else is interested in—at least right at that moment. « Hey Pranath, did you know the rains at Half Moon Bay Hold are especially bad this Turn? » he might say. Or he might speak up about something that's uncalled for at the time, and to which one might take offense. « Maranyth, you know, you really need to cut down on your weight. You'll look like a whale. » Kalerriarth won't care though, he loves chatting for the sake of chatting, and usually insists that you join in. And then his mind-thoughts are all brightness, of rainbows and shiny gold with a sash of green through in for color.

Yet, there's that cloud that hangs over you. He doesn't like that, though he's given to dark brooding thoughts as well, when storm-grey clouds roll in to cover the sunshine.

But over all, there is cheerfulness and happiness in Kalerriarth's mind. And that ever-present hyperactiveness.


Inspired by Saint Brendan, was a Christan navigator-monk who claimed to have discovered a new world across the Western Ocean. Many stories and legends surround this man, and there are some legends that claim that Brendan, led a small fleet of small leather-hulled boats called curraughs and the emigrants within from the green coast of Ireland to a new land to escape the oppression of Christianity in the year 453 by the Common Reckoning. Another tale tells of Brendan's travels to America in the 6th Century with seven other monks, and once they stopped on an island for Easter Mass, only to light a fire and find that the island was really a whale. But… your own Kalerriarth was inspired by the Brendan of _The Deer's Cry_ by Patricia Kennealy-Morrison. Son of a mortal Irish lord, and the daughter of the Sidhe, Brendan befriended Pradig, or Patric, and helped him escape to England. Patric would return, as Saint Patrick, and proceeded to drive Brendan's people out of Ireland, or convert them to Christianity. In desperation, Brendan led his people to the stars, aboard starships, to search out new worlds to settle upon. While that's just fiction, you can visit http://www.wgbh.o rg/wgbh/radio/specials/stbrendan.html to learn more about the real Saint Brendan.

Your dragon's name comes from the Aoroth Kalerri'aren, the royal flagship of the Danaans of whom Brendan was a direct descendent.

Credits go to Alayha for the descing of the Irish Countryside Egg.


Name Iridescent Foxglove Molten Bronze Kalerriarth
Dam Gold Pranath
Sire Bronze Sorvoth
Created By T'lis and Alayha
Impressee E'in (Einar)
Hatched March 24, 2001
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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