Reckless Charisma Blue Hatchling

Silver-blue mist gathers in billowing banks upon the hide of this long, lean blue, steely hues flowing down his form, defined shadows within the darkness of the fog. The palest blue of the sky is barely visible upon the end of his nose, slipping free from the mist-locked clouds, though the length of his muzzle is still speckled with darker flecks of glaucous-hued ash as it sweeps back towards large, facetted eyes and defined eye ridges. Clean, neat lines outline his body - slender torso and well proportioned limbs, narrow haunches showing the muscles beneath - all shrouded in their cloak of steely blue, the color shifting into shadows and highlights, as if the light of Rukbat fights through the thick fog. Mountainous ridges peek forth from the mist, indigo peaks slipping down his straight back, like distance hills fading to the horizon, each with a slightly different shape - lacking in any true uniformity, even at the end of his long tail. From each shoulder, oversized wings stretch outwards, spreading the fog as sails of powder blue are striped by spars of cerulean, all in all a wraith born amongst the mists.

Egg Name and Description

Called Into the Ether Egg

Absolute darkness devours the very essence of this very large egg, uniform in matte black as if it's very presence overpowers even the tiniest of glows or reflections that ever dares to touch upon its features. The depths of this shell give the illusion of a gaping void - any remnants of hue or other colorful patterns are lost to the shadows and not a single metallic speck is left in its wake. It's surface, however, is rough to the touch, tiny waves radiate across the curve of the shell, unseen but felt as they spiral to the center where it ends upon a tiny fissure. A ravenous maw calling home anything and everything that dares to challenge the dominance it poses amongst the infinite. The texturing is mirrored on the other side of this egg, only where a smooth fissure would be, is none at all. A tiny point, unseen by the naked eye lurks in the shadows, wait to prick the finger that touches upon it.

Hatching Message

WOBBLE MESSAGE: Called into the ether egg stirs ever so slightly. The tiny ripples upon its matte black shell are suddenly broken by bright white lines. It seems impossible, but something struggles to escape this eggs grasp.

CRACK MESSAGE: Called into the ether egg seems to growl, low and hungry and unstable all at once. The lines grow brighter against the matte darkness. It surely can't be long now before the one inside will with this war.

HATCH MESSAGE: In a rare breaking of the rule of physicals the called into the ether egg cracks open and a small blue manages to wriggle free. The gap closes back so that the egg looks nearly unhatched but for the cracks which still reflect upon its surface.

Impression Message

The world is suddenly different. Somehow one moment it is all sands and chaos and hot and the next moment it is sands and chaos and hot and something else. Something that has joined you so smoothly, so eloquently as though it was really there all the time and only just now are you percieving it. «Hello R'que, my name is Kelsith» Oh would explain things, wait, KELSITH?!?!


Summoning Void

Mind Touches

Summoning Void suddenly pulls you into the frozen darkness, floating into the seas of infinity with nothing more than a million stars to prove your eyes have not deserted you. The force of the pull becomes stronger, stronger as it begins to tear away at the very fibers of your existence, devouring the tiniest of pieces that make up all that you are. From the earliest of memories of your youth - carefree and full of life, with each hope and each dream succumbed to the ever growing maw of swirling black before you. To the greatest of fears - flashes of nightmares, loss and grief, of chaos and terrors in the night only to be answered by tears and hopeless wailing, consumed one by one. Nothing is left sacred and whole as youre beckoned closer and closer to the ravenous force ahead.

Summoning Void rips you into two as you cross the threshold of the deepest black. Into the One Who Was and the One Who Will Be. The One Who Was begins to disintegrate, the remnants of your past self reduced to a violent whirlwind of cinder and ash, left frozen in time as time no longer moves for what remains. There's no longer any reason for The One Who Was, as it's come and gone. You can't go back to who you were, you can only move forward. The OneWho Was cannot. Out with the old the universe demands, there is only room for the One Who Will Be. Are you ready to be The One? There's nothing holding you back and you're thrust forward, deeper and deeper into the turbulent void. Who will you be?

Summoning Void sets you free into a cascading river of shimmering lights, vibrant hues of golds and soft greens flowing faster and farther into the ether. Faster and farther with no signs of stopping, unleashed free into the vast future that lies ahead. Do you feel it? The overwhelming sense of completion, of peaceful release as you drift further and further from The One Who Was. Who will you be? Keep moving forward, through the heavens and the stars, intrepid traveler. Solid and whole, stronger than before. Full of vibrant life. To begin your journey as the One Who Will Be.

Name Kelsith
Dam Gold Zeraeth
Sire Bronze Teimyrth
Created By
Impressee R'que
Hatched June 2018
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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