He is the essence of water: fluid and graceful in both build and movement. A base of rich, liquid lapis molds the elegant proportions of a nice medium sized blue. His head is angular, deep in the rich jewel-like lapis, but limned by dark, iridescent blue along the softened edges. As still waters, pale cerulean floats bright highlights over the sinuous neck to pool in the shallows created by the smooth rounding of shoulder, back, and hip. The lapis darkens as it runs down the well-sprung chest, limber tail, and long, powerful limbs to the briny depths, ribboned with just hints of dark blue iridescence. Serene cerulean sails are supported by spindles of lapis yet when they lift to catch the sun, ripples of silvery blue shimmer and sparkle on their surface like sunlight on water.

Egg Name and Description

Rain of Sunshine Egg

The egg is a good size, neither too large or small nor misshaped as some are ought to be. It rests along the long axis, with smooth shell curving in a graceful arch from the wide apex to the more pointed end. The bulk is a sun-kissed yellow with hints of copper glinting from the slight pitting which textures the surface. Orange tones deepen and enrich the hue of upper edge, fading away to a pure brilliant yellow at the equator of the egg. It lightens still farther as the shell drops towards the sand, ending at a pale almost washed out yellow muddied by gray just as it disappears into the sands below. Slightly above center and towards the larger end is a curiously curved octagon shape, grading from smoldering dark red at the upper right corner to near candy apple at the trailing edge. Delicate black boning runs from the center to each corner and a single black handle from the center out and away from the shape. The final touch is a diagonal rain of slender silver threads falling from the upper narrow end down towards the base of the wider end.

Hatching Message

It begins with a ripple. The silver rain on the Rain of Sunshine egg seems to truly shower down the shell. Soon it is apparent that it is not the shell that is moving but rather the egg slowly beginning to wobble on the sand. Small cascades of sand grains roll over the ground as the egg works its way out of the sand nest.

As the Rain of Sunshine egg continues to wobble about in place, the fine lines of silver rain begin to flow into each other. First the rain elongates and then it spreads, until a spinnerweb network of fine lines and cracks encircles the shell. Even the red octagon splinters with fine white lines. Suddenly the egg falls still.

The Rain of Sunshine egg rests still on the scattered remains of its original sand nest after all the prior movement. All that ends with the first subtle buckling of the shell. There is a second and third bulging along the long axis. Then a final hard shove and the shell comes apart into thousands of pieces, leaving behind a damp jewel-toned blue hatchling curled on the sands.

Impression Message

A cooling sea breeze stirs the sluggish heat of the hatching sands. It dries the sweat from your skin, just as the scent of sun-kissed citrus clears the dry, desert smell of the weyr from your nose. Tart and tangy, the taste and smell cling to nose and throat, leaving you relaxed, refreshed, and recharged. Into this little oasis of serenity comes a call. « E'sai! » The breeze strengthens, calling to you even as the voice called. Vibrant blue bubbles of amusement bounce in your mind, distracting you from all but the voice and the little blue hatchling looking to you. A sense of serenity and well-being wash away all the previous stress in a powerful ocean wave of love. « Hello E'sai. I've been looking just for you. I am Khuth. » The faint bite of hunger starts to nip at your insides, shortly followed by a wistful. « Do you think we could eat now? »


Give me grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.
Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
Taking this world as it is,
Not as I would have it,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,

This is the mantra of Khuth, if never expressed in so many words. For the essence of Khuth is serenity, both within himself and as a curious effect on others. To achieve his tranquility of mind and spirit, Khuth has developed those unique traits that allow one such peace: grace of spirit, courage of the heart, and of course wisdom of mind and soul. The trick is that these traits express themselves in a different and unique way for each situation and to every person (dragon or human) he encounters. The only truly defining characteristic seen by all is that very tranquility expressed as a calm presence not necessarily inactive but rather soothing at even the highest activity levels.

Khuth is not inherently lazy or slow, nor is he hyperactive. He is, however, alert and has a type of intelligence that when combined with strength and courage of purpose allows him the fluidity to be whatever he needs at any given moment. There is no set pattern to his overt behavior beyond what best suits his or your needs, (hopefully both), but he is also his own being with his own thoughts and opinions. Intrinsic behavior will always be that serenity that marks him from hatching. Whereas some pairings form a dominate partner, yours will be a true partnership of give and take best worked out over the long term and ever changing. He will form relationships to some extent outside your own, each to its own depth and many will look to him for comfort and soothing due to his very nature, but no relationship is as important to him as that of you two. Your bond is at his core and is the very foundation from which his serenity springs. He is not likely to be deeply jealous of outside relationships for you, as that is emotion is too opposite to his fundamental character, but a fleeting feeling of envy or passing jealousy is not impossible either. When it comes to flights, Khuth is not opposed to chasing greens who strike his fancy or those whose riders strike yours. Sometimes you two might have to come to an agreement if your needs do not align but Khuth is not the type to chase every tail that flashes before him.

Early weyrlinghood for you both could be as smooth as silk or as wild as any because after all, Khuth is still a baby at first with a baby's needs and desires. As with any great life change, impression will be an adjustment for you and even with a relatively tranquil lifemate, you will find your challenges. And while he is tranquil, he is also a dragon with a young dragon's understanding of the world. « Why are you so agitated? Janja won't mind. It is only a little broken and I know you can fix it. » His presence in the weyrling barracks helps to keep a relative calm among all those baby dragons. This is likely to pass unnoticed by the unobservant but there will be those who both notice and resent that influence over them. Lolath is a prime example. But as you both mature and bond ever closer those hints of wisdom will begin to assert themselves in the most surprising times and ways. «Don't worry, she isn't that injured. I think Sinderth likes to be protected and coddled. Why else would she have chosen Ch'arm? » How the depth in one so young affects you both is something only time will show.

As you pass into adulthood, Khuth will have a definite interest in the career path you choose, if only to support and encourage you. It is possible the subject might interest him as strongly as you and bring out another layer to your partnership. But it is just as likely that he is only giving you the love and support needed to succeed while he pursues his own interests on the side. He will certainly do that, though only time can tell what will call his interest. Perhaps he'll have a fondness for plants and water, places of a calm, gentle tranquility. Maybe he will be drawn to the wild freedom of the skies and learn to love flight above all else. Most likely will be a plethora of interests, great and small, to allow a full and happy life. For that is what it is about for you both, a full, happy life with plenty of love and joy sprinkled with enough pain and sorrow to allow you both to know the good from the bad.


Sea Breeze

Light and airy, Khuth's mind has about it a cool and refreshing touch. Like a fruit drink on a hot summer day, it is both sweet and a bit tart with just the faintest hint of bite at the end. Touches are generally gentle and soothing, breezing in and out without any fanfare or overexcitement. His mind touch is relaxing, a lazy beachfront blanket on a warm but not too hot day. In colors, he is inclined towards the bold and vivid while scents are fruity and sweet. With too much exposure there is almost a feeling of intoxication to the touch, as one who has had too much of a good thing and there will be a price to be paid later. It is best for those besides yourself to not over immerse themselves. Overall his touch is slow to anger, gentle, breezy, kind, and just a bit mischievous.

Mind Touches

Sea Breeze arrives first with just the faintest of stirrings, a veritable whisper of cooling winds against the skin. The sensation fades, only to return seconds later even stronger. It carries on it a delicate fruity smell, like ripe citrus and tart berry, tickling the tongue with the promise of sweetness. Again the touch recedes, and returns, like waves upon the shore, each one gaining or losing strength on some unknown whim. Yet the waves of wind don't engulf nor support. Rather they run helter-skelter, setting leaves of thought dancing with almost reckless abandon. Almost it feels as if the touch were tasting you! With that thought, a full ocean breeze comes rushing about you till it seems as if your hair should rise up and bounce in the winds. There is a sound, the first, crashing wave, and then all is silent and still.

Sea Breeze is stronger this time and redolent with sweet smells likely to make the mouth salivate. It whirls a steady circle about you, sending bubbles of vivid greens and bright blues to wend their way into memory. Curiosity comes on ribbons of peach and pale pink. A memory of joy is found, buried possibly, but greeted by a wash of answering joy all colored brightly ruby. Sorrow brings only a confused rainbow, bleached pastel by the very memory itself. Particularly strong emotions cause the touch to draw back and go still as a wild thing but the young have little attention span and short memories and it is not long before the light touch is back in full force. Stirred by the interaction, the breeze driven waves lap against the recesses of your mind as tart and tangy bites of thought. Finally it falls away in an exhausted wash of citrus.

Sea Breeze cools in the indolent heat of the hatching sands, so reminiscent of Southern's white sand beaches. Surely one can smell the tropical scents of near fermented fruits and salty waters. The touch has quieted, yet become all the more encompassing for it. Mellow winds kiss sweat glistening skin. Into this comes the heavy intoxication of welcome, hopeful but with the tart bite of wistfulness beneath. Grapefruit and cranberries with a hint of something more potent cradle your own mind blocking out all thoughts but those regarding itself. So powerful is the touch that words can almost be heard asking are you the one? But no answer is yet to be found and so the breeze returns, blowing bright and free. It flirts about the edges of your senses, finally vanishing with one last tart bite.



The theme for the eggs of this clutch was musical theatrical posters and this egg is inspired by the 2012 London West End revival poster for Singing In the Rain. The mind theme was of alcoholic drinks and this one is a Sea Breeze, a mix of vodka, cranberry juice, grapefruit. Khuth's name comes from the word Khutso from an African dialect, Sesotho, which means serenity/tranquility (per google translate). His appearance is based on sunlight on still, shallow waters such as a reflecting pool or water garden, places that I personally find soothing to an injured spirit. His personality was inspired entirely by your own request for a tranquil dragon with specific points coming from the Serenity Prayer ( with a hint of the fluidity of water thrown in for good measure. .


Name Khuth
Dam Zuhth
Sire Sindrieth
Created By Janja
Impressee E’sai
Hatched December 28, 2014
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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