Stitchwork Skeleton Queen Green Kiwayith
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Palest jade thinly saturates the delicate form of this hatchlings small self, a silky coat of nearly white color that smooths over her rounded contours. But muted though it is, its far from plain. Minute fore and hind paws and their slightly thick digits are tinged with just the barest hint of aqua, a gentle touch that conflicts harshly with the claw-like ebony daggers that are her talons. The same hue graces the narrow sweep of translucent wingsails, fragility made all the more obvious by the childlike amalgamation of color, though the sharpness of her wingbones, the harsh points of their tips, add yet another contrast. Dreamy rose, the same shade as predawn light, rises over the top of her rounded head, over the crest of headknobs that are barely there. Tendrils of palest pink stop just short of wide, over-large eyes. The blush spills down her short neck to drench her shoulders in that same flushed glow. But, as seems to be the trend with this poor girl, that mellowness cant be left alone. Jagged and rather ugly, black markings, the hasty stitching that holds this doll together, decorate the somewhat chubby lines of her limbs, the curve of her belly. They march along the apex of her ridges, along her spine, and down the overly long extent of her tail, to engulf its spaded tip in ebony soot.


Name Stitchwork Skeleton Queen Green Kiwayith
Dam Gold Rosselith
Sire Bronze Vorshnath
Created By Dani
Impressee Niniane (Nia)
Hatched March 26, 2004
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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