Globular Expanse Egg

From a distance, this egg will always appear soft and gelatinous; the blend of pastel pink and dusky purple stripes create a baffling optical illusion. With each head turn, the hardening ovum appears to ungulate faintly, slivers of rainbow pearlescence glimmering and catching the light. Shadowed aubergine stripes maintain a uniform distance down the sides, lending a soft appearance. The tendrils hold together the rippling surface like gift wrap string, stretched bands of sinew that tether the trembling creation. Subtle circular impurities pock the otherwise perfect pale rosy pod, scattered throughout, breaking up the calm perfection. At the base, the color deepens substantially, blending perfectly into dark Igen sand beyond jagged gray feelers that are definitely there. Or not. It depends on how close one wishes to get.

Hatching Message

Flip, flop, BANG. Globular Expansion Egg falls apart, melting off its hostage the shards so minuscule it’s as if it’s disintegrated in the Igen heat. Shell pieces crumble in a neat circle around the sea’s hidden treasure. Fashionably late, she may be, but you could never accuse her of being anything but punctual.


Prismatic Phosphorescent Eternity Green Hatchling

Distractingly beautiful, the light loves this green. She utilizes every wavelength to maximum efficiency along her fluid deep jadeite frame; broad strokes of glassy seafoam flow expertly over broad predominant eye ridges and high cheekbones. Blooms of sun-washed pine darken her snippy muzzle that would detract from her overall appearance if not for the eye-catching shimmer of bronze and gold as if she were a living sunbeam beneath the surface. Swaths of mint subtly overlay a tapestry of yellow, red, and blue that roll, shift, and disappear like a sheen of oil is always in place across her body. Swatches of the finest pine silk flow effortlessly in marbled effervescent from pine to mint, a fabric half dyed and still wet clinging to her tapered neck. Narrow shoulders and high withers push her upright, the perfect model for an unparalleled outfit. Lithe, strong forelimbs allow for sweeping, ground-covering motion, and pistachio swirling with marbled emerald overpowers the subtler colors as each of the darker sections seems to glow with even the barest touch of Rukbat's rays. Long and thin, no amount of feed will ever hide her ribs, whose subtle outline undulates like liquid opal. Expertly sculpted from smooth ice, her pale green wings are sweeping and gauzy. The color washes out and reveals hints of chrome and silver along the translucent sails, each supporting finger lighter than the next creating an ombre effect when fully open. Moss begins to mingle with her pearly form along muscular haunches, contrasting to add balance to such a beauty. The color pulsates with inner phosphorescence with mesmerizing malachite talons and a slender tail of midnight fir.

Impression Message



Suddenly the world around you gets extremely cold. From the heat of the sands, you arrive at a cold desolate landscape with a sky of awe-inspiring blue, blazing with celestial light that seems to drift down from the cloud itself. You’re trapped in the middle of the most eye-catching snowstorm ever. Each flake is iridescent and shiny, falling like glitter all about you as a soft wind hums a quiet song. In an instant, it all stops. A breath and the warmth of true joy make this place feel like a natural home. No doubt this is where you’ve always wanted to be. Free of restraints, there’s an enthusiastic embrace and a squeal of greeting. Peppy and eloquent, the voice is that of a practiced speaker, distinctly feminine with a touch of good-natured exhaustion. «Oh my shards, finally.» A dance of purple light above as a cliff looms up nearby, and another, and another. OOPS. Going to need to learn to manage all of this. She’s so extra. «Sorry to be so impolite, but I only got here today and seem a bit lost. I was trying to find you everywhere. Well, I’m here now. Hi X’in, I am Klyssyneth, and I think we just became best friends.» No room for argument as she frees you from a mental hug. «I hope I read the invitation correctly, but there was mention of refreshments. Shall we?» Hunger pangs devour the rest of the conversation, your life-changing in the time between breaths.


Welcome to Weyrlinghood X’in! We are so glad to have you here at Igen. Going off what you asked for, I decided you needed a fashion-forward power female as your permanent friend in life. Based on Elle Woods, Klyssyneth is the bestie ever person secretly needs and desires. An optimistic problem solver, she looks at the world with a lens as bright as her hide and will curtail any desire you may have toward being anything less than positive.

At a young age, she will appear rather airheaded, greeting everyone in the barracks and quickly getting in on any gossip. While she doesn’t gossip, she loves to listen and will always have a new fun fact to discuss with you.


«Now, you didn’t hear it from me, but Abyssoth mentioned that Hiraeth tried to sneak out. Fill me in!»

If you’ve never cared about the tiny ins and outs of everyone's life, you’re about to. Klyssyneth is socially connected, and as a youngster, you could easily label her a meddling busybody. Never mean-spirited, though, it might rustle some feathers, especially with her gold sister's fiery opinions and pushy ways. Klyssy is an absolute extrovert who enjoys being around others. She will always prefer to do things with her clutch siblings. This could mean you will get up more than average in the early days simply because she doesn’t wish to miss a meal with a new friend. Young dragons sleep a lot, but the amount of energy in your girl will make you question that.

Once into lessons, she’s going to be a star student, bright and interested. Even when you’re not, she will take notes as best she can and be the first to answer questions. As she grows, she will be graceful, any missteps or blunders handled with laughter and poise. Does she accidentally step on your toes during stretches? A thousand apologies.

When it’s finally time to fly, she will have a good chance at success, practicing and exercising while maintaining at least two conversations.

« Did you know the watch dragons Tarcith’s hatching day is next week? »


Speaking of exercise, she will get tons of it. Insistent that a healthy body helps with a healthy mind, she will be a creature in constant motion well into adulthood. Whether it be stretching her tiny toe beans before bed or shifting back and forth to strengthen her core while Oddisa or T’syn are giving a lesson. Always paying attention, but she’s a multi-tasker and won’t waste a single part of her day.

On occasion, if someone is mean or they get her down, expect that she will sulk and sniffle. Thoroughly knowing your worth can come with pitfalls, like questioning why other people could not like you. It’s not hubris. It’s confidence and pride in the dragon she is and wishes to be.

This will have its downfalls. Once she decides to do something, she can’t be stopped. If this means attending a gather or visiting someone, it will happen. Willing to do whatever it takes to reach either of your goals, quitting isn’t an option anymore X’in. Born with a silver tongue, she can talk almost anyone into her point of view; a convincing tactician with a sturdy mind for a debate, she has all of her whits intact despite how it may first appear.

When challenged, she can be mildly rude, especially when faced with injustice. Her passion for equality will lead to you owning many stray animals, liberating anything and anyone abused.

«X’in I don’t like that hold, why were all those young people shaking? We need to help them.»

I hope you enjoy mild vigilantism, because your days of being just a weaver is over. After all what’s the point of beautifying the world if you leave people or animals in misery?

This brings us to our first big flaw. She doesn’t enjoy eating meat. She’s a dragon, and she will do it but hold off as long as possible and tend to only go for the oldest after you’ve sworn up and down that they’re ready to die. Never one to create a fuss or upset the herd when feeding, she will be sure to apologize. This will keep her on the thinner side, and in early life you may have to spin tales of how the animals are willing and able to die to feed everyone. This might be her only form of sustenance, but she will begin work within a month of hatching at convincing you to give up all meat and go Vegetarian.

«But why kill something if we don’t have to? What about the poor herdbeast’s family?»

A second harder-to-swallow thing could be decorative. Anything that’s hers will look best in pink. You might be able to talk your way out of this on X’in, but pink is her favorite color. Your work will bring out the best in your lifemate, Klyssy loves your ideas and is endlessly helpful in design.

«That room needs more light. Did they seriously go with black curtains? It’ll be half the size by perspective alone X’in. We need to show them the light.»


Flights seem to bring out the romantic side of your lifemate, she’s quick to fall for any blue or bronze she sees and might even become deeply devoted to one for a while. This will change, your girl has high standards, and it’s hard to live up to her expectations. During her time of proddiness expect to hear about the comings and goings of every single rider in Igen territory.

«Here comes Kandith, and his rider T’ray. Have you met T’ray? He’s your age. I should invite him over.»

Blind dating will become your new hobby.

«We are going to be meeting with Sultanth’s today, his rider is into plants you like plants. You eat them all the time.»

Shopping is fun, and while waiting for your lady to rise, you might find your wallet getting lighter as you experience random shopping binges. After all, you’re a dragonrider. Why not treat yourself?

When it’s finally time to rise, she won’t bother to blood; her long wings make flights fast, and she flirts and grades the males on their performance while being chased.

«I give him a 7/10 for acrobatics, but he needs to watch his form.»
«Nice work Jysmth. Your launch was fire.»

There’s a chance she will get attached if you do, and if you choose someone special, she will do her best to honor your commitment to that person. After all, what are besties for?



She’s a gorgeous creature, holographic and prismatic in the light. The envy of many though a touch ‘lean’ for some. The leanness will be a point of contention and concern when she’s younger, but Oddisa will simply compare her to a growing runner and shoo off anyone who pesters her. You’re bound to hit an awkward growth stage, where she’s a touch homely in limb length, or her head is far too big for her body. That will fade; as an adult, she will turn heads everywhere you go. In movement, she’s lithe and ground covering, a model with a long stride and once practiced smooth in flight.



Your girl is a powerhouse, beautiful and robust with kindness and spirit that's rare amongst intelligent life everywhere. Her mindscape is no less unique. With parents like hers, her mind's expansive and larger-than-life nature is to be expected. Based on places you can view the Aurora Borealis. Her thoughts feature a bright sky of ever-changing colors that lights up with brilliance. The location is variable, usually a seascape of a distant shore. Water is prominent, but so are snow, cliffs, rocks, ice flows, and glaciers. The only constant is the streaming colors illuminating the place in question, ribbons of blues, greens, purples, and pinks that all change with her mood.

When set to make a point, the environment becomes less hospitable. Cold snow and red streaks of sky help push an argument through to you as a glacier towers overhead, and the place can feel crowded and forceful.

With a good mood comes open banks, lines of trees, brilliant green streaks reflecting off a crystalline bay, the crashing sound of waves, and the smell of pine.

Her voice is feminine and eloquent, mid-tone and peppy, with an upbeat 'get it done' attitude that feels naturally supportive and warm. She's a best friend and confidant, a sister in life, and a champion for those around her. Overall she’s a friend, sparkly and passionate ready to take on the world with you X’in



Hello X’in! Thank you for joining us at Igen. We are so happy to have you! Oddisa wrote the egg, and the clutch theme was “dangerous places to visit .” Globular Expansion Egg was the Jellyfish Field scene in Finding Nemo, the feeling of being trapped and shocked by gelatinous fish and the added discomfort of claustrophobia. A touch of paternal encouragement and the vastness of the sea complete the experience. The outside was a jellyfish.

Oddisa wrote your dragon. With your ideas for colorful in mind, I decided to give her a rainbow/holographic/pearlescent appeal. Added a bit of cloth work for X’in’s weaver side and made it nice and long, so you have more to enjoy. The mind was my idea, a fashion-forward, upbeat female to help keep your character ‘swimming,’ so to speak. Her name is pronounced Class-Scene-eth, or Klyssy for short pronounced Classy. The name was my idea, but it came from a tiktok where they say the word ‘cassie’ twice, which sounded neat in my head. As always, she’s yours to do what you wish! Change anything and make her your own. The important part is to have fun!


Name Green Klyssyneth
Dam Gold Oriapeth
Sire Bronze Roheith
Created By Oddisa
Impressee X'in
Hatched October 1, 2022
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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