Ruthless Rogue Green Ladesseth

Vermilion tints the edges of verdant hide, dappled along the edges as if splattered blood was splashed carelessly over strong well-shaped forefeet, starkly contrasted against the darker nocturnal malachite of her base coloration. Wisps of paler sage shroud the broad expanse of her underbelly and throat, creeping up along the curve of her jaw and sweeping in gentle shadows over her sharply defined cheekbones. Mottled dapples of russet stain the end of her muzzle, wreathed about the long angle of her head between her cheekbones and the end of her snout. Skeins of mossy jade outline the traceries of her near transparent wingsails, standing out against her malachite hide before blurring gradually into the darker shade towards the leading edge and across her lean sides. Along her narrow flanks and down the expanse of a whip-thin tail, emerald clings tenaciously in the long plunge downwards to reach the end of her frame. Silver-gray talons gleam, sharp and forboding, constrasting in their mirrored shadows against bejeweled dragonhide.

Egg Name and Description

Voyaging Caravan Egg
This egg is one of the smallest of the clutch, but the patterns on its shell are no less vivid than its mates. A fleet of weathered ships sail on a sea of yellow-green, the waves rolling with the touch of the wind and occasionally spilling against rocky barriers that spot the ocean's surface. The flotilla navigates the water with all due caution—a warning bell clangs outside every curtained cabin door, and lookouts riding on deck are seen more often than not. The honey-colored hulls of the wooden vessels are both wide and deep, their exteriors bear carved symbols of various clans, and every beam and rib is stylized to please the eye. Split trunks break both the surface and the bindings of gravity to reach desperately skyward. Their individual parts wrap around one another, climbing higher as they each vie for altitude and sunlight, until they eventually reach their tangled, green-capped ends. Above, cardboard-cutout aviators glide soundlessly by, oblivious to the determined procession winding beneath them and intent on their own destinations. The spaces of the egg not marked with wandering figures display a lovely gradient; faint red at the base, brightening to a sunny yellow and gradually fading to a wide expanse of sky blue.

Hatching Message

Hatching Message
The Voyaging Caravan Egg gives a violent shudder, and then stills. Starting at the tip, long lightning-like cracks slither their way down, greedily reaching their hungry jaws around the traveling vessels and dividing the once united force. Again there is stillness, and again it is deceptive; piece by piece, the mosaic of shell chips away, until a single red eye is revealed, accompanied by a wicked, blade-like claw. There is no more stalling. The young green trapped within wants to come out, and with a flaring of wings that sends egg shards flying, she is free!

Impression Message

As you notice the Ruthless Rogue Green Hatchling standing before you, you're vaguely aware of something akin to loss of consciousness: the world may as well be black. The heat of the sands bothers your no longer; the chaos, forgotten; the cheers from the galleries, a faint hum in the background. You are aware of one thing and one thing only: Ladesseth. « Tio-Alla? » Who would have thought that the mere mention of your name could set your soul to such fire, could fill your entire being with such undeniable ecstasy? « I've been searching for you for so long. I need you and I love you. Now, could I please have some food? »


Ambitious, cunning, ruthless, roguish, and, of course, devious. These are all apt descriptions of your Ladesseth, from the day she breaks shell onwards. At her heart, she craves power and recognition. She wouldn't mind her own personal army if she could get it. Ideally, you'll wind up being the Lady of some Weyrhold, or at the very least, a Wingleader. Furthermore, out of all her clutchmates, she's the most likely to push you to try and be an Independent rider, although she'll begrudgingly accept that it might not be how you want to live out the rest of your life—but don't think you won't hear grumblings if such be the case.

Ladesseth has a quick and violent temper. « If only I could get my claws on some firestone, I'd flame that bronzerider and make him think twice about ever looking at you like that again. The nerve! » Only you will be able to calm her, for you're her voice of reason when her emotions start to get to her. And they will, don't worry about that. Her anger is quick to flair up, burning with rage as surely as her mind will singe those evoking her wrath, and it's not uncommon for her to latch onto a thing or idea and just never let it go. « But I just /know/ that if everyone in the Weyr was required to run ten laps around the bowl first thing in the morning, everybody would be healthier, stronger, and not so… well, fat. » Yeah, she can get a little obsessive about things. She's just so sure that her way is the right way, and she can't comprehend why people don't immediately submit to her will when she's obviously so much better than they are.

Ladesseth is also a touch paranoid—as fixated as she is on moving up the ladder rungs, she believes everyone else must be, too. Therefore, she will view everyone as a competitor first and foremost, and her guard will always be up. She'll have a very difficult time trusting other dragons, and other people, especially. « I'm so lucky that you were on the sands that day, » she'll frequently inform you, for she forgets whether or not she's told you before. « All of the other were so /unsuitable/. Lying, lazy slobs that barely even know how to put on their own pants. You are so much more perfect than any of them. Look at Sirdasuth's! Look at Roussanth's! And you really do spend too much time with that Rosselith's. »

Lastly, you are her most prized possession, her most valuable asset, her secret weapon. She guards you jealously and is loathe to share you (or your attention) with anyone else. As soon as she finds out about the wonder that is wherry cookies, she's going to demand a batch of her own, plus some variations that she'll think up on her own. « Just think, » she'll muse, voice sizzling excitedly. « You can market these things and sell them abroad. Riders everywhere would buy them for their dragons, and you would be rich! Rich enough to buy minions to help take over Igen! …no? Well, you would still have money. At the very least you could buy me that pretty set of riding straps. »

Weyrlinghood is going to be one big trial for Ladesseth. Her actions will be monitored, she won't be able to do anything without a Weyrlingmaster's permission, and her rank is the lowest a dragon can have. She hates it. « We should run away, » she'll grumble. « I can't believe Bailiath won't let us *between* yet. What does she think I am, a tunnelsnake with wings? Ugh! I bet you the renegades would take us, if you could make them believe that I was on their side. » One lesson that she will actually be a good pupil for, and perhaps the /only/ lesson where the Weyrlingmasters won't be pulling their hair out, is where she learns to hunt. She will revel in being able to kill her own food, to feel the blood running down her muzzle. Her non-trusting personality, combined with the fact that she hates people questioning her (or your) decisions, will no doubt get many chores assigned to you on her behalf. « No, Amolerouth, you may not check to see that I am doing my wing exercises correctly. You will just have to accept that I have more sense than your average pot of oil and can take care of myself, okay? » Of course, she'll be sincerely apologetic when you're stuck scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush and all she can do is watch, but it won't stop her from her brash actions—if anything, it'll fuel her desire for conquest and revenge even more.

She will eventually learn the art of subtlety, and come to understand that occasionally you have to hold your pride in check. She won't do it willingly, though, and you can bet that even when she's all sweetness and smiles with the Weyrlingmasters, she'll be making snide comments to you and any friends she may acquire. Indeed, she'll probably get along just fine with Rosselith, which might be a bit of a relief for you.

Ladesseth hates being cooped up, and will do everything she can to keep you two from being assigned to a weyr. Even with mating flights, she'll want to be away from the confines of the Weyr—you may find that she thinks that best time to rise is while you're out exploring the dunes of Igen, the snowy mountains at High Reaches, or the wild forests and hot jungles to the south. The view from the Yokohoma will fascinate her, and you'll spend many a morning watching Rukbat ascend over Pern. « Look, » she'll whisper, smoky breezes brushing across your mind. « Look at that! The whole world spins just for us, Tio. Just for you and me. »

Why Tio? 'Why' is never a very good question to ask Ladesseth. She does /not/ like having her judgment questioned. You are, however, her most important ally, so she will try to be honest with you - once you force her to answer. « You were the only one for me, » she'll carefully explain. « You… make me whole. You do what I cannot. It's only logical that we should be together. » For, you see, you hold her in check when her temper gets out of hand; you supply the facts and information that she simply cannot wrap her mind around; you listen, and you believe in her. In her mind, there is absolutely no problem which you cannot solve - and if you can't, well, she'll forget about it in a few days. For that reason, not only does she think you're handy to keep around, but you earn her utmost trust and devotion. Why, only you are worthy of her company, and only you are a step ahead.


It would almost seem that the motive behind all of Ladesseth's thoughts and actions is a lust for power, pure and simple. She wants to dominate, she wants to conquer, she wants everyone to know the glory that is Tio-Alla and Ladesseth. But perhaps there is something else there, a desire to have you recognized for the perfect being that you are? No, she would never admit that. That is far too sappy for her taste, and she believes that emotion makes her weak. She does put a lot of emphasis on strength, and the taste of her mental touch reflects that: fire. Her voice burns. She smokes and steams, sparks and crackles, hisses and smolders. More powerful emotions are easily expressed, with her words roaring outwards and searing thoughts like wildfires. Gentler feelings, however, are more difficult; she can be light, warm, and cherry, but even then she has a tendency to burn without trying. Her mind is strong, but uncertain. She has the potential to be a great leader, but she'll need a 'sidekick' who can keep her on track. That's where you come in, Tio. You're the one who can keep her flame burning and point it in the right direction. For all her talk, she's nothing without you.


Name Ruthless Rogue Green Ladesseth
Dam Gold Isisth
Sire Bronze Vorshnath
Created By E'in
Impressee Tio
Hatched July 24, 2003
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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