Dichotomy of Dark and Light Blue Matioth

Dark, so dark the hide of this blue dragon seems to swallow all light that touches it from above, from the elegant pointed planes of his head with his deeply arched headknobs to his rather lengthy, slender neck and barely wider shoulders. This same lithe build continues through his chest and down to his flanks, still colored in that deep navy hue that leaves him nearly indistinguishable from the night sky, or lengthy shadows. Even the hollows on his body are merely minutely darker spots and almost imperceptible. Sharply arched ridges align down his neck, following one after another as the trail down his body before finally ending as barely seen smudges above his tail finial. It is as you look upon his underside and where his slender feet rest that his color is now surprising, a blue so pale as to appear frosted, icy crystalline in shade as it adorns over taut muscle and strong bone. It allows all the definition that the darker color does not, showing haunches lined with muscle and the wiry strength that his limbs possess. His wings are stretched silk, moving from his leading edges to his ailerons, in a subtle sameness of color with nary a brighter mote or speck to denote his wingspars or finger bones. It is the underside that shows the same surprising coloration, lined again in frosty hues and allowing his build to be seen in a play on light and dark, that is finally carried out by the nearly midnight navy of talons. They cap his feet with needle points etched in darkness, an inky end to something so bright.

Egg Name and Description

Balanced on a Precipice Egg

Antique Ivory wraps this egg in a comforting hug, the color of aged parchment. Traceries of darker lines form, showing the rough surface that bedecks the egg from where it curves gently at the top and down the rounded sides to its snug burial in the sands. Lighter patches form in faint semi circles as if someone has taken a shine to the spot or cleaned it recently, but even there the surface looks somewhat worn. Splashed down the middle is a darker sigil, seeming midnight blue in color that forms an abstract shape. Perhaps a dwelling, perhaps not it shadows and showcases a living being, dancing and enjoying the moonlit night.

Hatching Message

It moves so slowly, a barely perceptible rolling that has it turning in the warm hollow where it's been hardening. But even balanced things eventually fall and the Balanced on Precipice Egg might be slow, but it is definitely moving. Another barely there barrel roll before it stops, with a jerking shudder and goes back to quiet stillness, complacent once more.

Delicate lines begin to form, criss crossing the surface of the Balanced on Precipice Egg. While not fully across the entire shell they have started to spiral around and to divide it into awkward sections. Eventually tiny shards flake off, leaving a patchwork of tiny holes in the surface, where one more good kick should allow the occupant out.

Despite the time the Balanced on a Precipice Egg took to start hatching, when all is said and done it falls neatly apart in a matter of seconds and dumps out an egg wet hatchling on the sands. After taking some time to shake things off and futilely try to remove some of its new sandy coating, the blue hatchling is off and searching.

Impression Message

It is a slow building fire in your mind, first the smoke as it slides through and tickles across your senses. A wood fire, and then a scent of something else, stronger and more pungent, char rising now on the air. Then the flames arrive, a melding heat that builds ever higher and starting to sear through your brain. « V'al. » The fire pulls back but doesn't leave entirely, flames still licking, consuming all that you are. « Ivaylo. My V'al. » The flames burn higher, until they become all encompassing. « I am Matioth and you are V'al and we are destined to be together. » After this statement, the fire dies, leaving nothing but ashes and charred ground, Matioth nothing without you. « You do want me, don't you V'al? »


Matioth is a dragon that rather likes you and only you. It's not that he is like Feyruth, and despises all other humans and dragons. It's more that he is indifferent to them. He matters, you matter. That's it to his way of thinking. Now, if you should love someone else eventually, he will come to like them. But it's not an instant and he is okay with them. It will take him some time to come to terms with you caring about anyone but him. Surprisingly, he is more okay with you liking others when he is younger and he gets more cantankerous and grumpy as he ages, arguing that he will be all that you ever need.

He is a surprisingly easy dragon to be paired with during your weyrling turns, not a finicky eater and extrodinarly patient with you and any mistakes you might make in your care of him. The only thing that will bother him is he is fond of bathing as the heat of Igen he believes quite carries the dirt and this is something that continues as he ages, for you'll constantly have to be fishing him out of the lake. « But V'al, I like the lake. It's cleaner there than most of Igen. I don't like having to wear half the sand of the bowl. » It is not a constant need for oiling or something like that, he just doesn't care to be dirty and will remain fastidious in his eating habits even when he eats on his own, declining to bath in the blood and gore of his kills. Once you're back from long trips, he'll demand that his first stop be always be a bath.

Matioth believes in the power of hard work, and is quite willing to go out and do what is necessary for him to succeed and conversely, allow you to do so as well. But he's not an eager one, to be /that/ weyrling that the WLM staff hold up as a shining example of what a pair should work to be. No, he will try to keep you safely in the middle and anonymity. He knows his worth, so do you. The rest of the weyr, he's not so crazy about them. He has a strong sense of duty, although it will be more to you and then in a less general way to the weyr that hatched him. For Matioth, the rest of Pern could go hang, and he'd not shed a tear, beyond he would have more skies to soar free in, more spaces to explore.

For all of his indifference to his fellow weyrlings, and even the staff you two will eventually pass through weyrlinghood. Once you're graduated though, Matioth will be pushing you to go back to the craft of your youth. He'll expect that you return to your studies, finding a way for him and yourself to support yourselves in this new world order that exists on pern. He has no ancient enemy to fight, but he can and will carry you to all the parts of the planet to further you in your career. You will be the best smithcrafter he can set you up to be, he will not have otherwise.

Once you have reached the pinnacle of what success you can achieve as a dragon rider, he will be after you to get the rules changed, to see if there is more that the pair of you can do. Not because, he wants fame and fortune for you, but because he simply believes that strongly in you. « V'al, you are the best. Why can you not be Craftmaster? We could be anywhere on Pern in an instant. Why do I disqualify you? » Always with those whys, and so you must provide him an answer that he will eventually accept. Even if it's that the rest of the planet is full of moonbeams.

He is not going to be one that just settles down, with one mate either. While he will chase greens that interest him, or those greens where the riders interest you, he is not a randy blue that chases any green that flies. Still, he is not uninterested in greens, but only those that he deems worthy of his attention. « Why should I go after Ellezath, V'al? You know she is not my type.» Never mind what type Matioth may have in mind.

When it comes to the end though, Matioth loves and adores you and that is where he shines. Whether it be in furthering your career or protecting you from some enemy even you are unaware of yet, he will always have your back. « Together, we'll always be together V'al. That is the most important thing. »


A New Twist on Tradition

Threads of earthy tones slide through Matioth's mind, hints of dirt and sweat and honest labor. The warm smell of brown bread and tang of just churned butter while tangled through are sharper smells of vinegar and disappointment. Gold strands of loyalty and the bright carmine of love also are aligned into the weave while the steadiness and unchanging of the seasons gives way to new excitement as things become different somehow. He shrinks back from the lights that bring change but even as he grumbles, a tiny part of him waits, watching to see what will happen and if he must also change. Matioth's voice is bright baritone. Not so deep to be lost in bass notes, but not the spritely tenors that so many blues get lost in either. While his mental voice would never make a harper swoon, it is a pleasant thing to listen to although it will be seldom that Matioth will talk just for the pleasure of you hearing him. His mental name, "A New Twist on Tradition" comes from all the variants give now to the very popular cocktail, the old fashioned: Sugar, bitters, club soda and Rye or Bourbon whiskey.

Mind Touches

A New Twist on Tradition is seemingly lost in the happy scents of home, with the smell of baking bread and melting butter. A homemade meal that is put together for all, inviting you to take part. Threads of warmth seem to come out and touch you, pale beiges and darker browns to enfold and securely hug for a long moment. It stays that way, warmly comforting before finally, achingly slowly it starts to pull away and leave, until finally nothing is left but the lingering lost impression of touch and something that might have been.

A New Twist on Tradition is quiet at first at a return touch, an impression sleepy warmth and the feeling of just waking up huddled under covers on a cold day. Wrapping around you again with a whirling display of bright colors now, that thread through your consciousness in splashes of bright gold and scarlet ribbons in a feeling of celebration and sheer joy. A lengthy pause before it slowly, carefully untangles itself to slide away, cautious in a very sudden step as if it may have overplayed a hand.

A New Twist on Tradition rests simply, revealing in your touch once more and simply quiescent for the moment, it slowly opens up more, willing to change now to meet you better and be different if that is what will keep your attention. It offers alternatives, or perhaps moving to simple understanding as the time passes, wrapping everything up in the faintly acrid scent of vinegar and disappointment that even after all this time, it still has to leave as it is never enough.


Your dragon, Matioth is based on several different ideas and thoughts. First, his egg is based on the Broadway musical Fiddler on the Roof, and more singularly, the personality of Tevye. Matioth holds to traditions at first, as Tevye does only to part with them later as they prove not to be needed into the new world he is headed into. You mentioned in your questionnaire that you would like a dragon based on Mako, from the legend of Korra, I have tried to balance Tevye's traditionalist and paternalistic views with Mako's simpler, more nuanced view of hustle or be hustled. Matioth, simply isn't going to allow you to be hustled, V'al. Lastly, his name is based on the latin, inflammatio. It is a form of the word fire, but means to kindle a soul burning fire, which seems to fit both a firebender as Mako, and a head of house as Tevye. I have been pronouncing his name as Mah TEE oth, but of course, it is what sounds good to you.


Name Matioth
Dam Zuhth
Sire Sindrieth
Created By Al'dru
Impressee V'al
Hatched December 28, 2014
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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