Curiosity Killed the Feline Green Mekyszereth

Bright, almost blindingly vivid hues of neon green drape her small, lean body, with dancing gleams and swirls of white stroking against her muscles. Peridot gradually darkens over slim, toned limbs into emerald grasses tickling her clawed hands and feet. A tail, long and whipcord-lean, contains subtle slashes of gold and turquoise, and said colors likewise crawl up small 'ridges to the crown of her slim head. Her wings are a pretty piece of work, striated with aqua upon the vibrant chartreuse of her hide and tipped with dainty spars of darkest night. Set into wide sockets are the most striking parts of this green-ling: a pair of deep, multifaceted optics, twin windows into her soul.

Egg Name and Description

Thread-Battle at Sunset Egg
Purple skies partially envelop the ovoid in dusk, deep and devoid of stars to provide a glimmer. The rest is lit afire by a sunset of brilliant magenta emerging from under the encroaching night, its pinkish hues swallowed by the violet. Silvery tangles, Thread-like reminders of the past, fall through the violet, streaming towards the bottom of the egg and appearing to whirl almost violently, if one stares at them long enough. These metallic threads are not alone in the skies, however: a team of bronze, brown, green, and blue forms, dragons perhaps, rises to meet it with flares of scarlet and gold fire!

Hatching Message

Hatching Message

Thread-Battle at Sunset Egg quivers with the force of thunderstorms in its occupant's fury to break free. A crack shooting down diagonally upon the fiery shell drips with thin streams of gooey muck, like Thread emerging from its ovoid to rain down on the sands. The crack lengthens and splits abruptly with another shake, and tumbling out comes its bewildered little dragonet.

Impression Message

Lost in the frenzied chaos of the hatching sands, an odd emotion comes to mind, the sensation of being watched, laced with little bits of paranoia. Who's watching? « Aha. » The distinctly female voice sounds almost satiated in her speaking as she tones in the deepest reaches of your mind. « So you are who I am looking for, C'yn? Please feed your hungry Mekyszereth. »


Name Curiosity Killed the Feline Green Mekyszereth
Dam Gold Isisth
Sire Bronze Vorshnath
Created By X'ran
Impressee C'yn
Hatched July 24, 2003
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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