Looking For Treats Brown Mokusoth

This brown is not one that is easily overlooked, or forgotten. No, this young dragon looks -fat-. Its anyone's guess how he managed to fit in the egg without bursting it open accidentally. It doesn't help that he has a relatively small looking head and neck, and a long skinny tail to go at odds with his portly midsection. His legs are just long enough to reach the ground and give his belly a few feet of space between the ground and it. Shards, his wings, they look too small for his fluffy form. His coloring is that of salted caramel hot chocolate, a uniform color that has covered him from black talon to pale beige neckridge. Those almost too-small wings are lovely dark mocha brown, however, there are tiny speckles of bronze intermingled throughout the sails that glimmer when the light hits them. He carries himself well, despite the swaying midsection, and overall doesn't seem like he'll tip over.

Egg Name and Description

Splatter of Blood Egg

Large and rotund, this egg is a difficult one to move even for the dam. No, this egg does not want to budge in the least and prefers to keep its fat end firmly planted in the sands to keep the grotesque scene of it viewable. The egg itself is mostly pristine white, however, there are splatters here and there on the surface of what appears to be fresh blood. Surely nobody's slaughtered a herdbeast near these eggs, right? At initial glance, it seems as though the blood can be rubbed off but even if the attempt is made, there is no such luck. A couple swirls of black are on the top with a thick line of white between.

Hatching Message

Movement! Splatter of Blood egg does not want to wait - there is no way that what it contains is going to fit for very much longer. A crack suddenly appears along one of the bloody sides, much like a pair of pants that is starting to split. Ahh, that is much better.

Splatter of Blood egg seems still for a while, until it's just not enough space any more. Could what's inside actually /still/ be growing? A side of the egg heaves, and more cracks appear along the surface the dragonet inside starts to get restless in its cramped shell.

That's it. The end. Splatter of Blood egg has had enough and can no longer contain the dragon within. Black talons shred through the cracked side, though it isn't enough space for it to get out! A couple more spins in the shell and suddenly a small brown head pops through the hole made by the talons, and a chubby brown pushes out of his shell.

Impression Message

Is someone breathing in your ear? It doesn't physically /feel/ like it, but it certainly does seem like it. The breathing isn't fast, or laboured, it's simply slow - rhythmic. Relaxing. Wait, aren't your feet supposed to feel like you're standing on fire? No, for now it's gone - all fear, all trepidation, all sensory knowledge of the outside world. There's nothing but silence for a few moments before a deep bass filled voice asks, « Z'an? » Warm like caramel, and shards does it ever smell like it! « I am Mokusoth, and we need to find food. I'm famished. » Your stomach gives a growl in response, just /who/ is hungry? It's hard to tell, but all you know is that you better move before Mokusoth moves you.


Oh dear, Z'an, you have your hands full with this little dragon. Well, not-so-little dragon. Its not his fault he is so.. big boned, fluffy, whatever you want to call him. What gene line produced this marvel of flight engineering? One can only guess. Though once you actually get your hands on him, you'll realize not all of that pudge is fat. The majority of it is muscle. Unfortunately for you, while he's bound to the ground you'll find that he really is about as graceful as he is slender - which means, not at all. Also unfortunate is that he doesn't see that the knocking of things over is his own fault. « Why would people leave things where they can fall over so easily? » He will ask, despite the fact his tail is what hit them and caused them to topple over. His first meals will be finished quickly, and then his gaze will linger on the smaller green's meals and he'll idly wonder to you. « Do you think that Ellezath will finish hers? She's taking so long, she must be too full to eat another bite. » He'll be happy to oblige if she is too full, of course, it's only the brotherly thing to do.

You will have to keep a close eye on your brown, for he might sneak around at night and try and get into any sort of edible he can find. You know that jerky that V'al put in his foot locker for later? Yeah, those smelled far too good to let wait another moment before it was eaten. Mokusoth has a keen nose when it comes to anything edible, and even if he shouldn't have it - you'll have to be faster than him before he puts it right down his throat. Don't be surprised if you have to start asking your fellow weyrlings to start locking up their snacks in a trunk. If he's still small enough to try and get into the kitchens, help us all - he'll likely eat his fill and leave the weyr with dragon scraps for their meal. It won't be uncommon to find your Mokusoth asleep with his tail around some kind of edible he was "saving for later". Of course, it also means until your bulky beast can between, you'll be cleaning up enough dragon dung for two dragons and you'll have to be mindful that he doesn't end up ill from something he's eaten.

“Even if it’s small, take a step forward.” - Natsume Takashi

Once weyrling classes begin, Mokusoth will prove to be an ideal partner. He will do everything that you, or the weyrlingmaster would assign him to do. No matter what hijinks he might pull outside of class, in class there is no messing around for him. There is a place for play, and a place for work and when it comes to work, nobody works harder than Mokusoth. Sure, he might have difficulties, and he might even feel like he can't do it - but you'll have to bolster his spirits and assure him that he can. When it comes to starting to learn to fly, well, that's where he'll have to try harder. He may very well be the last dragon to leave the confines of the ground, even over the bronze of the group. His small wings are adequate, don't fear, your brown will get off the ground even if the first few attempts arent graceful. « How come Pralayth can get in the air better than me? Were the same color, we should fly at the same time! » Of course, there are differences between those in the same color, and you will have to try and explain it to him. Or, you could try and get him to exercise more and eat less - though that hardly seems feasible.

“There are things you can’t have no matter how much you want them. So, it’s easier to just forget them.” - Natsume Takashi

In the air, your brown is like a flying airship. It doesn't seem to take much effort to keep him aloft, which seems odd considering his portly figure and less than substantial wing size. And stamina, shards, the boy has as much stamina as a bronze though he'll never quite cut as glorious a figure in the sky as Pralayth. As he matures, you'll find that he gets a little more mindful of the things he eats, and isn't trying to be a flying trash compactor anymore. But, this doesn't mean he's going to become any more lithe, he's a portly large dragon and will forever be one - more exercise will only lead to more muscles and thwart any chance of making him slimmer.

He will try to have a hand in your love life, if he isn't too distracted by those he finds attractive in his own. Just because he's portly doesn't mean he's not lovable, greens just /love/ snuggling up to him - it could be because he's a giant heater and on cool desert nights that he's like having an electric blanket for some of the more slender greens that don't have much meat on their bones. It doesn't seem to phase him at all if a green or gold doesn't find him just adorable - he can take them or leave them, he will likely have a small but devoted following anyways. For you, he will see a cute girl - well, he thinks they're girls anyways, and will try and set you up. Don't mind the fact that he makes a mistake once in a while and tries to set you up with a particularly feminine looking green or blueriding male from time to time. It's not like he knows any better.

“Once you are loved, and once you have loved, you cannot forget it.” - Fudzuki

Flights will not be easy for Mokusoth, he will want to chase, and he /will/ go try - but most greens are far too agile for him and unless they're straight flyers and when it comes to golds, it's a battle of stamina that he might actually win once in a while. Will he get depressed over it? Not particularly, but it will leave you frustrated more often than not. « Wasn't meant to be. » Mokusoth will say as he settles on the ledge after a loss, and heave a heavy breath before simply falling quiet. This too will pass, and he won't let it get to him. It is possible that he will forge a relationship with one of the greens that enjoys his company and becomes a favorite for her.

If he were lucky enough to catch a gold, he will be a nearly constant presence on the sands. Is it too much for him to ask the gold to bring /him/ food? Well, he will certainly try to ask her to - he doesn't want to take his eyes off those eggs at any cost. Will someone steal them? Maybe. Will someone try to cook them for a large omelette? Possibly. Or it could be that he doesn't want to forget they are his, and by being there on the sands its a constant reminder that even an underdog can win a flight. You may have to bring him food if he won't leave, and the gold isn't compliant enough to give into his wishes. Good luck carrying those herdbeasts!


Dangerous Mix

There's a sense of foreboding, like you know that something isn't quite right and there might be someone lurking right behind you. It's not quite fear, at least not fully developed, but it could be if the right buttons are pressed. Like old floorboards creaking, there's a very haunted quality to this mind and lest you belong here and are aware of its intricacies, most would bolt straight out. It's strong, in the way that alcohol can be strong, first stealing your perceptions of everything except its harsh pungent presence, and then slowly making the world you come from seem so far away. Unless your will is as strong as this one's, it's bound to trample you and leave you with your head spinning as you lay on the ground wondering what happened.

Mind Touches

Dangerous Mix is not one that approaches you, instead, you must seek it out. The place it resides is dark, every step creaks as you advance farther towards where you are certain it resides. What's that? A noise in the darkness, and a pale red light illuminates. You've found it! The scent of warm honey greets you, and it's not quite what you expected. What did you expect, exactly? There is a strength to the presence, something hidden beneath that exterior of grape and cherry scented honey. However, this one is skeptical, are you worth it's time? There's a moment where it seems like the presence is going to turn its back and walk away, but it lingers a while longer to observe you and see what you will do.

Dangerous Mix remains, though the longer it does the more it gives away about itself. Volatile, powerful, yet glazed with a honeyed exterior it's like the razor sharp wit is contained within this presence and is being restrained. There's the mix of silk and fire, sure to ignite when the right person beckons to it but are you that right person? There's an intelligence, a true intelligence that is very intent on examining every movement you make. Will you walk away before it does? Will you try to get closer? However, if you do attempt to move closer, it will retreat farther away from the red light and deeper into the darkness.

Dangerous Mix doesn't stay for overly long, once its decided that its seen all that it can it withdraws. The light starts to flicker, is its power being drained as time goes on? It's becoming more difficult to see, and there's no way to tell where this silken honeyed presence is retreating to. Following will only make you fade into the darkness and ultimately return you back to the heat of the sands from where you first started.


Welcome to Igen Weyr Z’an, and we’re pleased to have you join the ranks of dragonriders here! I hope that you like your lovely (if a little chunky) brown dragon which has been lovingly crafted by yours truly.


Mokusou is part of the training of the mind called "Mushin", which comes from Zen Buddhism. One must attempt to return to the mental state of a newborn child that is without a sense of fear, not conscious of distress, pain, and cold. A baby cannot anticipate these things and therefore has no fear and does not hesitate before moving. An adult knows fear and is afraid. When attacked they feel tense and are often useless against the assailant because movement is restricted. The first kanji "moku" means 'to be quiet/close one's mouth' and the second kanji "sou" means 'to think'. Since I know you practice Kendo, I thought it'd be an interesting twist to bring a dragon to you that encompasses something that occurs at both the beginning and the end of practice, and works quite well with the added -th at the end. I elected to drop the 'u' at the end.

The theme for the eggs was Broadway Musicals, and the egg you picked is based off of Sweeny Todd: The Butcher Barber of Fleet Street. His personality is loosely based on Nyanko-sensei, a powerful ayakashi from Natsume Youjinchou (Natsume's Book of Friends) that changed his form into a maineki neko (lucky cat) and has a tendency for eating meat buns, ika-karage, and getting drunk on sake and got fatter as the story progressed.


Name Mokusoth
Dam Zuhth
Sire Sindrieth
Created By R'en
Impressee Z’an
Hatched December 28, 2014
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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