Daydreaming Scamp Bronze Nasheth

Confidence exudes from the posture of this radiant bronze, not the indignant defiance of the proud, but the certainty of an eternal optimist. Each smooth swath of skin is haloed in swirls of hammered gold and whorls of ruddy copper, making the dragon seem a living, breathing statue of molten metal that has been shaped into a beast of subtle strength and power. From a deep, heavy chest he spreads wide wings, each veined in the shimmer of a warm silver that adds a cooling touch to the warmth of his hide, a measure of stability in a form that otherwise seems a moving wave of metallic shimmer. A line of curving ridges gives way, at the tip of his tail, in a fork tinged with a burnished green, a similar shade that splotched the end of his muzzle and outlines in faint shadows each faceted, crystalline eye.

Egg Name and Description

Mud and Frogs Egg
Glimpses of childhood float across the surface of the egg, carrying with it the giggles of memories long lost in the fog of growing up. It's the overall color of a muddy pond, glossy and wet and sticky, a rich earthy tone dotted with shimmers of greenery and the reflections of a blue sky dotted with clouds. Footprints dapple the surface, chasing after the images of frogs and dragonflies that dance around the curves of plump and very round egg.

Hatching Message

The Mud and Frogs egg begins to wobble and weave, as the hatchling inside gives mighty shoves on its quest for the ultimate freedom. The sides of the egg swell like the bellowing of a bullfrog, but it refuses to relent, and the unborn is forced to wait a little longer while it gathers its strength for the next try.

The Mud and Frogs egg begins its frantic tussle with the sands, rolling free of its nest as the hatchling inside fights gallantly to see the world. Finally, the hard shell relents, as a small piece of the shell flies free under the glimmer of a curving claw, spurring on the formation of a tremulous crack down one side.

The Mud and Frogs egg's singular crack begins to splinter out like tapped glass, crumbling the walls of the shell that has withheld the hatchling for far too long. With snaps, crackles, and pops, the egg finally splinters into hundreds of tiny shards, letting the Daydreaming Scamp Bronze Hatchling finally roll free of his prison and take its first, deep breaths of the brand new world.

Impression Message

« There you are, R'oc! » The voice pops right into your mind like it always belonged there, filling up a space that you had never even realized was there until the great emptiness was filled with the dragon's voice, so rich and full and sparking with life. « I am Nasheth! I am sorry you had to wait, I wanted to get out soooo badly, but that egg was /hard/! I'm starving! Let's go get something to eat, please?! » A stab of hunger drives its way into your belly as the young bronze shares with you his desperate need to eat.


The theme of this clutch was Candy, and Nasheth was based around a candy called Puppy Chow. This is a chex-like cereal coated in chocolate and drenched in powdered sugar, and is an almost universal favorite with children. It's also terribly messy, with the kids ending up covered in sugar. It was this idea that got me thinking about the typical little boy: slime and snails and puppy dog tails, the kind who chases after frogs and comes home covered in mud brandishing some new, slippery treasure he found that day. This innocence and joy of simple life is the epitome of Nasheth, who's base name, Nash, means Adventurer. It will be his ultimate goal in life to seek out the greatest things life has to offer, from the most complex duties such as wing leadership, right down to the joys of a good swim or a pleasurable snack. Especially snacks. He'll always have a love of food, especially sweets, and more often than not Nasheth will be caught with his hand, and whole face, inside the cookie jar, food trough, feeding pens, or your secret stash of candy under your cot. « But I only had one! well, two okay, more but I couldn't help it! They were just so good! I promise I wouln't do it ever again! »

Weyrlinghood will be a time of great activity, full of brand new experiences, and he'll be bound to run you both into the ground trying to fill his entire waking hours in learning everything he can and getting into everything. He's bound to be a troublemaker at times, but never intentionally, and just like a little boy he'll be a terrible liar - guilt will always be written plain on his face, even to those who can't hear his profuse apologies and promises to never do it again! One might hope he'd grow out of his hyper lifestyle, and while maturity will bring with it the desire to lead and show himself as an example, part of Nasheth, like Peter Pan, will always be eternally youthful. Even should he one day aspire to the highest ranks in the wings, his leadership will be an inspiring reign, full of charisma, a bronze to look up to and be glad to serve. Nasheth is bound to keep everyone uplifted with jokes, games, and his tales of great adventures to be had! Never sour, never bitter, he will be a constant source of good cheer, and even in the worst of times he'll be doing his best to make sure no one gets too far down in the dumps. Life is too short to be unhappy, and no situation can ever become better when you an't even smile. Flights? No biggie. He'll have the strength and stamina to race with the best of them, and his whimsical nature will pull aside to reveal a cunning flyer who knows just how to use the currents and thermals and make every bit of use of his endurance. And while he'd try his hardest to win, especially gold flights, like life they are a game to be played, and win or lose, he'll be sure to have a grand time doing it. « Tag, you're it! Whoa wait! I was just joking! »

In any case, Nasheth is here to stay, and stay by your side he will. For all his carefree nature, he knows what must be done, and he'll always be right there when the going gets tough with a heart that cares for every single person, dragon, and thing around him, ready to defend it all to the death should the going get to the worst. Loyal, youthful, and high on life, Nasheth will be sure to guide you in this, the greatest adventure of all! « Come on, what are you waiting for? Let's /go/! »


Laughter of the Heart
The voice comes not as an audible sound, but as a flutter in the chest, a tingle at the back of the skull, a definite pump of the pulse. It's a rush of excitement, a flood of hopeful dreams and grand schemes, all tasting of the pure innocence of a child, untainted by the world around them.

Mind Touches
Laughter of the Heart pounces upon you in a flurry of wild excited colors, swirls of brilliant, primary blues, reds, and yellows. Like a child's exciting finger painting, the dance freely across your mind, asking frantically: Who are you? What are you? Where are you? Why? Why? Why? Its curiosity is insatiable.

Laughter of the Heart dances around in delighted flutters, tugging upon you, begging you to take it on a wild and crazy journey. So much it wants to see, so much it wants to show you! Like this! A flash of a marshy woodland pool, full of brilliant wildflowers and the croaks and chirps of wildlife. And this! A spread of fine, sugary sweets, decorated in those same, vivid primary colors and coated in glossy sparkles of glitter. Like a child shoving all its treasures into your arms, this one.

Laughter of the Heart soon seems spent from its frantic display, the heavy weight of its wondering mind resting against yours as though seeking out comfort and warmth. Soon, the hatchling's mind seems to settle down, apparently needing to take a break after so much excitement. After all, it is still very young, and the young need their rest.


This dragon was designed by Saisri. Enjoy!


Name Daydreaming Scamp Bronze Nasheth
Dam Gold Daeslynth
Sire Bronze Irilanth
Created By Saisri
Impressee Roroc
Hatched June 26, 2006
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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