Mischievous Monstrosity Blue Nekapuath

Dark midnight blue skirts the edges of the ridges that sit firmly over the dark, yet mischievous facetted eyes of this rather small, somewhat pudgy dragon. A blush of uniform blue unfolds across his rather plump cheeks and wide forehead, before it groups together in a dark spot at the very tip of his stunted muzzle. Overlarge headknobs of a lighter blue sprout from the base of his skull, each of them tipped with a bit of darkness at the very ends. Menacing, yet rather small, ridges hide along the very tip of his head and at the edges of his jaw before leaping out into the open as they skirt along his neck and arched back. Deep, rich midnight falls at the base of his neck before rolling down his shoulders to cover the entirety of his short arms in darkness. Light cornflower blue laces across the flats of his palms and along the edges of the sharp ridges at his elbows, creating a bright contrast. Stubby little dark blue talons curve out from his paws, appearing small, yet sharp, deadly and ready to serve any purpose. A light sapphire covers the expanse of his belly and the underside of his tail, bits of it mingling easily with the darker color that prevails along his back. Faint, ghostly bands of dark azure slash across the curve of his back and along the sides of his limbs, barely noticeable except in bright light. A devilish, yet short, tail sails out behind him, spiked with small, dark blue ridges that flow all the way to the spaded tip. Even his indigo-tinted wings are slightly on the small side, though they're perfectly proportioned to his low-set body.

Egg Name and Description

Motion of the Ocean Egg
Delectable swirls of beautiful purple, pink, white and yellow-orange clump together in large globs that stick messily to the top portion of this rather small, neglected egg. Dingy deep-purple makes up the background for these strange cloud-like shapes, the color wavering slightly in its color from old and faded to bright and new. A refreshing splash of sea green cuts across the middle of the egg's surface, protectively wrapping the little ovoid all the way around its middle. Raging flecks of white and tall, spiking waves hint at the withheld power within the strangely ocean-like blue-green coloring. The edges of this cerulean color beat down mercilessly upon the peaceful expanse of sandy orange color that sifts across the fat bottom of the egg. It doesn't seem to care. Strangely enough there looks to be a fleck of color bravely riding the bucking, unruly slashes of blue that rule over the middle portion of the shell. What an insane bit of pigment, indeed.

Hatching Message

Motion of the Ocean Egg wobbles uncertainly, swaying back and forth as though caught upon a wave. And then, with a crash, the egg breaks into several pieces as a small blue hatchling batters his way out.

Impression Message

Something strange enters your mind. Blues, greens and deep burgundy reds begin to swirl around your conscious thoughts, followed by streams of devilish bubbles that almost give the impression of … amusement? « Why walk the lines, Vast? The outside is so much more fun. » The swirling sensation begins to slow into a wave-like motion, the colors darkening. While the voice is unknown, a feeling of strange warmth, love, adoration and happiness enwraps your mind. It soon slows and turns to a more mischievous edge. « We will make beautiful destruction together, Vast. You and me, your Nekapuath. » Your mind explodes with bubbles and happiness until the watery presence in your mind calms down to relay something else. « Hungry. » And by the time the word is said, you can almost feel the gnawing hunger emanating from your own stomach.


I hear his cackling as he scurries out of sight, just beyond my line of vision … And then I can see him out of the corner of my eye, but only for a moment. He feels the pressure of my gaze, the cackling comes back, and he's gone, his little claws clicketty-clacking on the inside of my skull." - Lilo and Stitch: Collected Stories from the Films Creators

He's here. He's there. He's everywhere. Three words to describe Nekapuath would be: fast, strong and completely unpredictable. Though you might think you have an idea of what hell say or do, youre wrong. When it'd be safe to think that he'd sit still, youll find him bounding up ahead. When he's to be silent, he'll be muttering strange ideas in your mind. And when he's supposed to be flying straight, he'll have an extreme want to zigzag, just to do something different. Sometimes he might even do just the opposite of what you think, just to cause mischief. To him, it's quite hilarious to take rules and set fire to them, sometimes literally. Rules are there for breaking, or to experiment with. Whats the use of following a straight line, which is as boring as boring can be?

Chew your food slower, Nekapuath!

*Nekapuath begins to furiously gnash his food at great speed, splattering bits of meat everywhere.*

I said /slower/!

Needless to say, he's not very good when other people or other dragons tell him what to do. While you're able to rein back his mischievous spirit into submission when the occasion calls for it, others arent as privileged as you are. In fact, theyre downright unlucky if they happen to point out a rule breakage to Nekapuath. Why? Because your dragon's very creative mind can think of very interesting explanations as to why he was doing what he was doing. Very lengthy explanations, too. They'll keep going on and on and on with more and more odd detail until someone takes the initiative and changes the subject. Some dragons might just let him prattle, considering the fact the explanations can be rather amusing at times. They also jump around just as much as Nekapuath's behavior jumps around.

Why did you decide to chew up the straps I just made you into little pieces?

« Its an interesting story. You see, the other weyrlings are all monsters and they cursed the straps. For your own protection I took the liberty to — »

Spare me the story. Now I have to make a whole new pair!

« But the curse! »

Unfortunately for you, Nekapuath seems to be fixated on the destruction of perfectly built things. He might chew up that lovely pair of straps you just made him, or perhaps hed stomp on the perfectly built sandhold at the beach. That bush over there would look better without half its leaves. Your riding jacket would be much better without a sleeve and a hole in its back. Whenever he gets frustrated, Nekapuath will take it out on something inanimate. He likes to destroy. He'll even go so far as to build a pile of rocks up just to knock it down while gleefully watching the destruction he caused. Thankfully, though, his destructive mischief will never grow to be anything serious. Most of the time he'll act as though he knocked down a whole city, when he merely knocked a branch off a tree. Either way, hell be gleefully excited about the fact. He'll tell you and his clutchmates and you again. Even worse, he tends to talk quite fast when he's excited, making him hard to understand. At times it sounds almost like gibberish until someone tells him to slow down.

« The branch! The branch! It fell! And then it hit the ground! And its leaves fell off! Isn't it AMAZING? »

Hell even find it amusing to try to get you to try something destructive. Afterall, he thinks its relaxing to knock down and tear apart things. Why don't you? He might even try to nudge you to do some pranks, as well, though its up to you to tell him whats right and whats wrong at times. Apparently Nekapuath hasnt the skills to differentiate between them at times. Though it might not seem that way, he CAN do the right thing when he feels like it. The problem is … when does he?

"Pudge controls the weather." - Lilo

"Uh huh. She disciplines me REAL good. Sometimes 5 times a day! With bricks!" … "Bricks?" … "Uh huh. In a pillowcase." - Lilo

Perhaps one of the most unique attributes that Nekapuath possesses is his rather strange creativity. Sometimes you and everyone else will wonder where he comes up with his strange beliefs. Who else but Nekapuath will think that there are little people living in the Weyrling barracks that make oil for the vats? And what about the fact that he believes trundlebugs are plotting to take over Pern one day? Whatever the case, be prepared to hear about one thing or another whenever he feels like enlightening you about it. If something pops into his head, he'll tell you. It might be in the middle of a normal conversation, or in the middle of the night. He merely enjoys telling such tall tales, though no one can tell if he truly believes such things or if he's merely joking.

« Shh. Don't walk so loud. The rock is sleeping. »

"The rock?"

« Yes. He controls the weather. You shouldn't anger him. »

"Ohh … the rock … yes … of course."

And don't be too alarmed when you notice a pile of strange objects lying around in your bed one day. Nekapuath has a slight fetish with collecting things that interest him. Sometimes they'll be anything he can find that's shaped like a circle. Or perhaps the next day it's all the square things he can find. Thankfully he's got enough sense to not take anything that's obviously owned by someone, though he'll certainly pick things up that are lying around. Rocks. Dead bugs. Bits of litter. Sometimes he'll merely roam around the beach, looking for things that might be added to his various collections. Be warned, too, as he loves to speak of his collections when someone that's not you is around to see them.

« And this is my circle collection. Notice how they're all .. circular. Aren't they /beautiful/? »

Certainly they may be beautiful to him, though to everyone else they look just like a pile of circle-shaped rocks and junk. He's very protective of his collections. And he's very protective of you, especially, as you're his beloved partner in crime. And his clutchmates are important to him, as well. They're his family and family is very important. Nobody gets left behind. He may be small, though he's fast, surprisingly intelligent and strong and wouldn't hesitate to defend those who are his friends. Many will be surprised at his intellect, as his spontaneous behavior might not make him seem to be one to harbor more than a spoonful of brains. But he does. In an argument he'll be able to form very intelligent responses, although afterwards he'll return back to his normal behavior.

Weyrlinghood will be a wild Hawaiian rollercoaster ride with Nekapuath at your side. For the first weeks of his life, the blue will surely be a pain to live with. And in some cases, that'll be literal. Destruction will be the driving force in Nekapuath's mind as a very young dragon. He'll see what around him can come apart. That rock over there? He might try to chew on it. The tree? He'll head butt it. And you might get knocked on your rear once or twice (accidentially, of course.) It'll take him a week or more for you to teach him that it's not polite to go around chewing on Niniane's (or anyone else's) shoes just to put holes in them.

« What? They look better with holes in them! »

Though there's likely to be quite a bit of grumbling on his part, he'll oblige for your sake. Afterall, you're the voice in his head that tells him what's right and what's wrong when he goes overboard with some of his 'fun'. And he's sure to hear it quite a bit, considering how much trouble he'll attempt to make in his younger years. Everything in Weyrlinghood seems too rigid for his wild spirit to adhere to. He has to try to express himself. You'll find him paying rapt attention in classes, as he loves information. Whether it's the anatomy of a trundlebug or how to fly, Nekapuath has a great memory for odd bits of trivia. Though, knowing dragon memory, he might need to ask you for reminders from time to time. He'll certainly be a bit of a nuisance when it comes to his first flight and other lessons like it. "Fly straight," says the AWLM. Fly all over, does the Nekapuath.

While Nekapuath is strong both mentally and physically, there's one thing he can't abide. Water. When it comes time for a bath, you'll have quite a bit of trouble getting him to stick a toe at the edge. For some reason he's not too fond of it. As a youngster, he'll probably try to go as many days in a row without a bath as he can. And when he does grudgingly approve of being scrubbed, he'll only venture a foot or so in, making it difficult to wash everything as he grows bigger. With much love and coaxing from you, though, he should be able to tolerate water and baths by the time Weyrlinghood ends.

The other necessity, feeding, comes with a little less grousing from Nekapuath. Still, the blue has his strange quirks that must be met. While meat is meat and he'll eat it as well as any other dragon, you might find him asking for the strangest pieces of the meat.

« Meat from the lower hip, the ankle and the thigh is great. I like to chew on the backbone and the ribs. Eyeballs are tasty, too. »

Unfortunately for him, he'll be out of luck until you learn to cut meat from a carcass for him. Or, alternatively, he can hunt himself. Either way is good for him. As long as he gets a few herdbeast eyeballs out of it. Mm. And although he likes eyeballs, he absolutely loves klah, too. He'll certainly be curious about the aromatic liquid when he first encounters it. Once he tastes it for the first time, though, he'll be undeniably hooked. It isn't wise to allow him to guzzle TOO much, though. Unless you want the entire Barracks to be torn apart with his pent up destructive thoughts caused by the klah?

Needless to say, anything that Nekapuath does will be a struggle for the beginnings of his life. As he grows and rules between you are established, he'll certainly become less of a havoc. For the first week of weyrlinghood, though, don't be surprised if the weyrlingmaster staff begins to tear their hair out. It's quite normal, I assure you.


Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles. The mind of Nekapuath is nothing short of oceanic. It always has a watery quality about it, either with a tidal wave of anger or a gentle lapping motion of calmness. Or perhaps a swirling whirlpool of confusion. Either way, Nekapuath has a very expressive mind. It can also be colorful, with bright blues, greens, deep reds or purples when happy. If sad or upset, the whole scene will darken, almost becoming black with its lack of light. It's then that Nekapuath's voice almost seems to be echoing out of nowhere in a rather spooky fashion.

Visions are also another part of Nekapuath's mind. He loves to add visions to his speech to add expression. A vision of the world exploding, or perhaps a tree falling down. Anything to express his point. He finds it funny, while others might not. And when he finds something funny, he'll certainly let people know with a bit of a mind-laugh that sounds quite like an evil cackle. And to those he knows (especially you)? He likes to hide and sneak in their mind before making themselves known, finding it hilarious when he surprises them when his voice finally appears. Yes. Nekapuath is always a trickster, even in his mind.

Why he chose V'rell
The very core reason for Nekapuath's attraction to you? He thought you needed a change in your life. More klah instead of alcohol. More deviousness. More mischief. More everything! Live life to the fullest! He trusts you more than anything. You are his confidant. His conscience and his friend. Most of all, you're part of his family. Family is important. O'hana means family … and family never get left behind! With you, he isn't alone anymore. He's a team! There's not a bad thing he could say about you, even though it might seem he gives you a hard time a lot. He likes poking fun at those he loves … and you're the one he loves the most! There's no one else on the Sands he could have picked. It had to be you, Vast!


Name Mischievous Monstrosity Blue Nekapuath
Dam Gold Rosselith
Sire Bronze Vorshnath
Created By Tio
Impressee V'rell
Hatched March 26, 2004
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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