Ancient Redwoods Majestic Brown Neskoth

Mahogany shadows accentuate the russet-brown highlights that sweep dramatically over the smooth flawless hide of this large dragon. And indeed he is large, nearly the size if not larger than a small bronze, solidly powerful with an impressive girth and a broad muscular chest. Yet there is a looming grace about him, for he is not graceful despite his size, but perhaps because of it. Broad feet — making him look much like a resident of the 'Reaches wearing snowshoes — are placed with care and noted surety; a knowledgeable tread and well wary of the dangers of placing a foot wrong; steadying and supporting each forward motion. And while his trunk and upper torso are that same smooth flawless red-brown, darker shadows of ebon-chocolate dapple his underbelly and the semi-gauziness of his broad wingsails, like the forest floor as sunlight dazzles through the leaves to throw patterns across the loamy soil. And the crowning glory—a splash of verdancy over prominent headknobs; a fitting tribute to a being with such nobility and heroic charm.

Egg Name and Description

Snow-Topped Mountain Chain Egg
Like slate grey mountains in the 'Reaches far to the north, spiky patches of greyish-brown can be seen in a dazzling panorama upon the shell of this large egg; indeed, one of the largest in the clutch. But that's not the only color to be seen, on no, for Pranath seems to have displayed this majestic ovid in all its glory. Spattered generously over the grey-brown peaks, forest-green and mahogany-brown decorate the stark barreness, while far above, at the very tip of the mountains, creamy white can seen. Snow! And yet it is a wonder that such pristine beauty does not melt away in the heat of the sands.

Hatching Message

Snow-Topped Mountain Chain Egg is no longer just rocking, indeed the very motion of its movement seems to shake it to the very core, throwing sand about in sweeping arch as the finally rocks upwards on its apex. And then, like the roaring avalanche, it sweeps downwards, shattering to spill forth the content s it held within.

Impression Message

Swirling snow seems to scent the air as the Ancient Redwood Majesti c Brown Hatchling approches you, seeming indifferent to the heat of the sands; his eyes fastened only on you. Then they change, whirling rapidly, blue swirling within the reddish cast. « Dayne? You are D'yne, yes? I have a message for you. I have been searching for you. And now I have found you. We shall do so much together, you and I. » And then comes the feeling of intense hunger, of rapturous joy. « I am hungry. Will you not feed Neskoth, D'yne? »


Snow flurries drift though this mind's thoughts. But beneath the cozy blanket of white, there's a sense of overwhelming purpose. Definate sure purpose. And the sense of being a hero, though he does not know that he's doing so. That's all reflect, a desire to give to others from goodness, and a strong will.

Growing Up
As Neskoth grows older, he will forever be plaguing you with question s about the snow. About the 'Reaches where you grew up, and will want to share your memories of the cold, the whiteness and the chilly frosts. He is intrigued by snow, you see, and since you, his chosen one, are from such a cold and frigid place as the 'Reaches, you have that inner spark. Therefore, when he is young, he will not always know when the time is right to ask about such memories, and you may find yourself awakened in the middle of the night by an impatient little voice. « Tell me about the snow again D'yne, tell me about ice. » And though it may seem odd that such a desert-born creature would wish to learn more about the opposite conditions to which he had been born, you must indulge him in such things, for eventually he will learn tact, and timing.

Neskoth will always be polite and gentlemanly to others—human and dragon alike, and will always be willing to lend a hand; be it giving a resident a lift to one of the weyr ledges, or chasing down a runaway pet, Neskoth will strive to do his best for his community, and his Weyr. When he's capable of flight, he will be polite, and not crowd the airspace, instead, he will learn to move with speed, skill and precision so that it almost appears as if he were shooting by propelled by only a few carefully timed flaps of his wings.

Your first trip *between* together will be a memorable one, and Neskoth will be so glad that he can now assist many more people outside the Weyr, and do it in a quick period of time. No more long distance flights for him, thank you. And he may very well become interested in mail service, of transporting news as well as goods to and from the Weyr. As well, his first mating flight will mark Neskoth' s passage from weyrlinghood, to adulthood, for this is the time when he will truly be a gentleman. Always courteous to the ladies, Neskoth will not maddeningly pursue a female, but instead, woo her and win her into his embrace.

Yet, you will always know, Neskoth loves you more than life itself. Together, you and he will be a heroic pair, always together.

Why he chose D'yne
A fellow lover of the snow, and the windswept 'Reaches, that is why Nekoth has chosen you. You too are born of the frost, and of the cold, though he is desert-born, and you 'Reaches-bred in truth. You and you alone hold the same attraction with him, of the cold and the lonely sweeprides over desolate lands. And you bring him cheer, happiness and inspiration to carry forth, to beat his wings once more. And Neskoth seeks to become something greater, a hero, you might say, something greater than a bronze even! And with you by his side, he can't lose.


The ever present scent of snow and the tangy scent of northern forests forever linger in each waking thought of Neskoth—perhaps stirring up memories of your 'Reaches home. Snow seems to be predominate within his thoughts, cooling and refreshing should you link with him, or should someone else. Its always a pure scent, so pristine and cystalline that the his mind seems to have absorbed that gentle whiteness for most of his thoughts are framed in a spiraling border of alabaster and crystal. Yet! There's urgency that dominates within his thoughts, of spreading news, and spreading it well. Or when he gets excited. And when that happens, verdant greens will overpower the white, and he'll send wreaths of mistletoe and piney-green to any who touch his mind at this time.


Your Neskoth is inspired by John 'Snowshoe' Thompson, who came to Am erica from his native country of Norway, settled in Placerville California in 1851 at the age of 24. In 1855, Thopson responded to an ad in the newspaper, and a pplied for the job of a mail carrier. Thus, for the next twenty winters, three or four times a winter, he would cross the snowy Sierra Nevadas with a pack of mail and supplies for the northern gold mining towns. Along the way, he often stop ped to help travellers in distress, and soon was regarded as a hero by many. If you would like to learn more about Snowshoe Thompson, visit this web site: Neskoth's comes from the Norwegian words sne (snow) and sko (shoe) I thought Sneskoth sounds a little funny, so Neskoth he was. Enjoy!


Name Ancient Redwoods Majestic Brown Neskoth
Dam Gold Pranath
Sire Bronze Sorvoth
Created By T'lis
Impressee D'yne (Dayne)
Hatched March 24, 2001
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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