X'nder's Treasures Abound Blue Nevith

There is something almost militaristic about this modestly proportioned blue. Something that gives one the distinct impression that there is a potentially short, and hotly burning, fuse hidden beneath surface that just might result in a tussel or two. Broad sweeps of dark Federal blue comprise the majority of this dragon's hide, the uniform color stretching along the breadth of his back, down the length of forelegs, along the broad, cloak-like sails of his wings, and down the sinuous length of his tail. The color is punctuated smartly with flashes of brass tracing along the length of flight musculature and trailing out into the pentadactyl spars of broad wings. Deeper tones of Prussian blue lend his face an aristocratic appeal, creating sharp lines and crisp angles made still more formal by the reappearance of brass at head knobs and along the line of his jaw. Down the expanse of lean line of his neck, Prussian Blue fades in an ombre effect into shades of rich brown that eventually transform into candlelit hues over the expanse of his belly. It is as that color kisses over strong hind legs that it darkens back into a blue so deep it is nearly black. A final bit of flash comes in the form of gleaming brass talons lending an aire of danger to this sharply uniformed fellow.

Egg Name and Description

Trapped for Centuries Egg

The dark brown on the edges of this egg are almost like roots, locking and holding it in place on the sands. Amongst the brown gnarled roots there is also something clear and shiny, when the light hits it it sparkles slightly. Glass shaped bottle, still tinged with ages of soil that it has been trapped beneath these roots. From inside the bottle there is something trapped, it pulses and vibrates with the leaving being inside the egg. The roots have grown around it keeping there not just as a hidden treasure but almost like a prison.

Hatching Message

Wobble - Trapped for Centuries Egg teeters, rocking on its base as if moving to the slow, steady beat of an unheard drum. Back and forth it sways marching steadfastedly onward without a care for what the others might doing. Shivers rock it's surface, rolling along the dark brown exterior as the dragon within shifts and moves with relentless intensity.

Crack - Surrounded by its peers, Trapped for Centuries shudders violently as cracks form across it's surface. Those cracks are, however, are oddly uniform in shape and size, stretching with militant formality over the root adorned surface. Inch by inch they stretch in ever-widening pie shaped wedges toward the base of the egg.

Hatch - A resounding crack splits the air, echoing across the sands as the pie-shaped wedges of Trapped for Centuries Egg split apart. It is an odd sight, watching those shards open like the petals of a flower blooming. As the wedges settle on the sand they leave a dragonet behind, the small, blue standing with rigid formality as it shakes the goo from its hide.

Impression Message

Where once there were nerves and a derth of chaotic movement, the moment that Nevith meets your eyes, a sense of peace and wholeness floods your being. « X'nder. » The voice that fills your mind is that of a statesman, deep and basso and ringing with a calm authority that has traveled through the ages. « At last. » As the words echo in the recesses of your mind, Nevith's head lowers, resting against your chest in a gesture that feels more like a benediction then a greeting. « I am Nevith. Your Nevith. And we shall be together always. » Even as the calm words are uttered, though, a gut wrenching hunger takes you both, and you find yourselves back on the sands, the unpleasantly strong sensation making it abundantly clear that Nevith requires food.



Physicality - While physically, Nevith falls directly in the median range of size and shape, he is possessed of a dignity and bearing that most young males lack. While he is not what most would call lean, possessing a bit of a paunch around his middle, he is by no means chubby. His wings are, by far, his most impressive feature, being both strong and wide enough to give him an edge in aerial maneuvering. His gait, unlike most young dragons, is crisp and precise, each step taken with a military precision that is most assuredly surprising to see.

Persona - Nevith's defining characteristic is intellect. He's smart, perhaps to smart, and crafty when the need arises. For the most part, he will approach most challenges with reason, looking for the solution that will inevitably be most beneficial to both himself, and to you. There will be times, however, when either his ego, or his temper, rises and his actions become less controlled. In these moments, Nevith becomes uncooperative and prone to what can only be called 'civil disobedience'.


Weyrlinghood - Brace yourself. While Nevith will eventually grow into quite the reasoned statesman, during weyrlinghood, there will be growing pains. In his youth, Nevith will prove to be considerably hot tempered and excessively possessive of your time and attention. Even during training he will be jealous of your attention to the weyrlingmasters, doing his level best to distract and urge you to bouts of rebellion. There will be a tendency to get into scraps, particularly with his male clutchsiblings. But rest assured, he will grow out of this 'phase' and become the hero and scholar he was meant to be.


Flights - Flights are battles of a different sort and Nevith will pursue them avidly. While he is as fast as blues are known to be, he is not as fast as most of his kind. What he lacks in speed, however, he makes up for in tactics and determination. Nevith is the sort of dragon to appear to hang back while assessing the skills and tactics of his competition. When the opportunity presents itself, rather by accident, or his own design, he will not fail to act. But make no mistake, while reason might be what drives him, he has aerial moves that will put most to shame.


Mind Name: Hearts of Oak


Mind Desc:

The space within Nevith's mind takes shape in the form of a massive white marble structure comprised of echoing vaults, gilt floors and towering arches. Pillars of stone surround you, giving his mindvoice an oddly echoing quality and a depth of sound and force that cannot help but command attention. There is a sense of strigent formality that dominates this place making it clear that here logical minds possessed of keen intellect and ambition excel. Those welcomed into this place will find themselves surrounded by Nevith's presence, his ever watchful eye tempered by reason and calm.


Trapped for Centuries Egg was crafted by T'ven. The theme for the eggs were Grimm's Fairytales! Trapped for Centuries Egg was based after

Congratulations on Impressing! Your Dragon was crafted for you by N'sir, rider of Green Elianneth and Assistant Weyrlingmaster! I truly hope he is to your liking and that the two of you will have many grand adventures in the days to come. As is always the case, if there is anything you do not particularly like, feel free to change it. These are merely suggestions to aide in your RP and provide entertainment for years to come.


Name Inspiration - Alexander Hamilton was born on Nevis in in Leeward Islands, British West Indies. Since you requested a short name, Nevith seemed to fit perfectly.

Hatchling Name Inspiration - Treasures Abound Blue Hatchling - Alexander Hamilton was the first United States Secretary of the Treasury.

Color Inspiration - Based on the uniforms of the American Revolutionary War with a bit of Caribbean flare from his birthplace tossed in.

Mindname Inspiration - In 1775, after the first engagement of American troops with the British at Lexington and Concord, Hamilton and other King's College students joined a New York volunteer militia company called the Corsicans, later renamed or reformed as the Hearts of Oak.

MindDesc Inspiration - United States Treasury Building in Washington DC.

DragonDesc Inspiration - I based the colors of your dragon off the dress uniforms of officers of the Revolutionary War. While researching, I came across a painting of Alexander Hamilton in his uniform posed on the field of battle. It seemed fitting and I hope it suits you!


Name Nevith
Dam Zeraeth
Sire Sindrieth
Created By N'sir/T'ven
Impressee X'nder
Hatched April 23, 2019
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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