Defender of the Light Green Nolbeth

An ethereal air, like that of a dancer both waiflike and strong, surrounds the deadly beauty of this slender, smaller green. Tight muscles flow fluidly along her torso, rolling under hide marked by mint mist linen. Her muzzle is lean and angular, a sharp wedge driving back towards upswept head knobs. It rides on the snaking length of neck, arched in agile grace to meld seamlessly into the slim spread of her chest. Here her color splits, mint mist below while a sage wrap cloaks the narrow shoulders and strong, flexible back. Power coils in the slender lines of four mint-encased legs, all tipped with razor sharp talons. The cloak of sage falls to cover taut flanks and then trail over a dangerous whipcord tail. As her wings spread, it shows the faint webbing of mint kissing the underside of each sail, while sage covers the top. Each movement she makes has a legal grace and the controlled economy of a deadly predator.

Egg Name and Description

The Lost Order Egg
It sits within a land of rolling green hills, awaiting the return of that which was lost. It shines as sunlight strikes the gleaming white marble and lights ribbons of fire along the surface. A ring of columns stretches towards the sky, encircling the broken tiles of a slate stone floor. Jagged tips mark the point where once a great cathedral roof rested. Now open to the air, the ruined courtyard runs to grass and yellow flowers burst out between the ragged lines of broken stones. The ancient build is lost and alone, nestled within the hollows of the lush slopping plains. Crumbled beauty worn and weathered, it still possesses a presence of regal grace, patiently awaiting the return of something glorious.

Hatching Message

The rolling hills of green begin to roll in earnest as The Lost Order egg quivers under the strains from within. Hidden glory rises and sets the broken columns into dance upon the hot Igen sands. Chips form in white marble, opening wider until even the plain is a wash of spider webbing cracks. With a last shake, the shell falls completely apart around a small green figure.

Impression Message

It starts as a light haze of yellow intruding on the hot white of the sand. Sticky heat gives way to a more gentle warmed and warm musky smell. An alto voice calls in sultry tones. « I am here, beloved. » Calm serenity soothes the stresses of the day, drawing you towards a centered being. A tinkling laugh rings. « I am Nolbeth, Ilmani, and I am very hungry. » The teasing laugh flows into a sunbeam of love and affection coming from the tiny green before you.


Kind. Loving. Compassionate. Yes these things do best describe your gentle green and they are most certainly the basis from where all her actions arise. But these are emotions most easily expressed for the individual and your lady is one who feels for the greater good. She is kind and loving in all things to all people, yet has the ability to seem cruel and cold in the details. She's one of those rare individuals who are capable of loving an enemy while despising his actions. Her demeanor is that of calm strength, a respite from the storm of life who can sooth and shelter any ache. She is sunny, rarely loses her temper and quickly regains it when she does. Most will say, in exasperation, that she has a good heart, a light wit, and an impish sense of humor. She likes a little merriment, so long as it's all in good fun. She is brace and resourceful and loves to take things head on, whole-hearted and somewhat rashly.

That is not to say that his is all there is to Nolbeth. She is a true being and in her you can find all the flaws, quirks, and sparks that make everyone unique. She has an arrogant pride, a belief in her own infallibility, which can easily lead to her missing vital facts. She takes loyalty to a fault; sticking by someone long after they have proven themselves untrustworthy, simply due to her own pride. Her compassion is the type that can be so broad and great that it blinds her to the simple needs of the individual. At times she is very naive about life and much too ready to view the world through rose-colored glasses. She's a little bit bumbling, stumbling into misadventure after misadventure and only escaping due to luck and a quick mind. And while not a flaw, your lady does have one very interesting quirk. She's afraid of heights. Not debilitating so, but enough to prevent her from some of the wild acrobatics that others engage in. She's also likely to prefer a lower level weyr. Simply put, Nolbeth is real. She's a mixture of good and bad, perfection and imperfection, seasoned by a subtle wisdom underneath a heart of gold.

Nolbeth is a typical baby the first few months, bumbling into scraps, playing with her clutchmates, and covering you in sweet love. Even so young she is open and affectionate to all. Each of her clutchmates is a dear friend and all disagreements or dissention is meet by sorrow and confusion. Your own sense of the absurd will be tried during this time. But with a few more months, your little girl will grow the wisdom to meet minor difficulties with a chuckle and a serene mind. While your training together is a breeze for you both, flight brings out her fear of heights and all sorts of amusing dilemmas. How can a dragon be scared of heights? « But its so very TALL!!» Were this not enough, Nolbeth also develops a knack for falling into trouble, usually by trailing at the tail of blue Ewoth. It is to you and your green that he turns in for support and comfort afterwards.

As your time in training nears its end your partnership will have deepened into a trust unbreakable by anything save death. Unfortunately this is not true of the relationships with others. The stresses caused when all the greens near rising can easily damage friendships. It will be difficult for Nolbeth to handle betrayals, especially as she has to deal with her own flight. Fly she will! Only when she rises to mate does Nolbeth lose her fear of heights. Because of this, her sudden foray into aerobatics makes for a chaotic, wild ride for all and a shock to both you and her chasers.

Why Ilmani? It was your sense of fun, the hint of adventure in a bright soul that first drew Nolbeth's attention from within her shell. Upon touching, she found a being as light and bright as her own with just enough sauce to spice up her quiet side and create a partnership where both can grow and learn. She admires what you are as well as the potential for what you can become, something so much greater then she.


Sun Bright Serenity
A kindly warmth and gracious ease comes with every touch of Nolbeth's mind. Shimmers of light dance on pastel patches of green and yellow, wasted with the silken cool texture of marble. Passions rise as amber gems encased in the scents of sand, musk, and sun warmed skin. Never pushing, the touch of this mind seems always a respite from the harsh world, dulcet tones dredged from the alto range and husked with just a hint of sensuality.


The clutch theme was Star Wars Galaxies. Your egg desc is based on Dantooine as seen in KOTOR. Nolbeth is based on Obi Wan Kenobi, in his younger years (episodes 1,2,3) and her name is taken from Kenobi. Her desc is vaguely based on the standard Jedi garb, done in green. Kathryn created all.


Name Defender of the Light Green Nolbeth
Dam Gold Sabiyath
Sire Bronze Tenirth
Created By Kathryn
Impressee Ilmani
Hatched June 25, 2005
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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