Woven Sunlight Gold Nylaeth

Incandescent sunlight, streaks across the hide of this gold dragon from the dapples that splash on her wedge shaped head and back toward her headknobs, to the woven daylight pattern that tumbles down her neck and ridges. Cascading tumbrels of gold decorate across her shoulders and wide back, leaving her deeply dappled by the speckled shades of summer sunshine on her hide. Her color deepens on her lower back and haunches, the gold richer as it flows along heavily muscled flanks and her thickset tail. High arched ridges march along her back to her spade, flecked with dots and larger dollops of deep antique gold, thicker on the crests and peaks. Forearms and hind carry curved talons, sharp crescents of enameled metal that can land gently or rend and tear before being curved back. Lastly, her wings are a study in lacy transparent delight, pure cloud deepened by the addition of sunlight to sail, so that molten gold flows from wingspars to wing sails, from her ailerons and back to her trailing edges in a rippling display.

Egg Name and Description

Golden Pearl Egg
Silken pearlescent swirls grace the shell of this, the largest of Audrith's clutch. Rays of pure golden sunlight have been trapped in the silky web of swirls, giving this queen of eggs a warmth all it's own.tShimmery, like a sand vision, the delicate golden pearl is a treasure that conjures up fantasies and childhood dreams of pearl divers and soft sunlit waters reluctantly releasing their prize.

Impression Message

Woven Sunlight Gold Hatchling finally stops her endless searching and with an exultant bugle she thrusts forward, butting into her chosen before gazing up into their eyes! The faceted eyes of the gold quickly whirl from red to a soft green-blue and you hear your heart pounding as the entire WORLD seems to stop! In that moment you feel an undefinable sensation surge through your mind. Your consciousness is focused both in you and in the Woven Sunlight Gold Hatchling. Every breath you take, every movement, is both you and the tiny dragon. You feel an overwhelming rush of unconditional, limitless love and you know, with perfect certainty, that you will never be alone again. You hear a voice inside you speak softly « I am Nylaeth, Kathryn, I love you! You're wonderful. » « Why do your feet hurt you? » As the feelings sink in and your heart is near to bursting with joy and love, you hear a second thought that has a slightly petulant tone to it « I'm hungry! Can we eat now? »


Nylaeth is not one to call attention to herself as a queen. She wants to be appreciated for herself. For her sense of humor, for the work that she does. But not simply because her hide is golden. Because of this, she has even less of a tendency than most golds to simply order another around. Although she can and does still make her temper felt when needed.

She has a bit of a mouth on her, more than willing to talk back to you, or anyone else if she feels the need. Indeed, she can get quite snippy if she's denied her way on something. Not outright mean, but grumpy enough that you're going to know about it and so is everyone else in the vicinity.

She works with a quiet sort of competence, more than willing to help others but also not inclined to butt into other's affairs. After all, she wouldn't want someone poking their nose into her business. Personal questions and inquiries are also frowned on by her and it's one of the surest ways to upset her is to have other riders or dragons trying to pry into her or your life.

She's fondly maternal of her clutches, more protective than most golds although she definitely does allow candidates out on the sands to touch. She's not so curious about her hatchlings after they've hatched. She'll keep up with them, but in a vague manner. They have their life to lead and she has hers.

She tends to be somewhat unimaginative, and uncurious about things other than those that directly affect her. Indeed, her favorite comment to you will be if you're regaling her about something on the other side of pern, « And we need to know this, why? » She simply doesn't see the need to care or worry about something outside the scope of her life.

For her flights, she is a long distance flyer, never one to try and compete with greens in acrobatics or aerial displays, she works on simply finding the best bronze. The one likely to sire the strongest clutch. That's her duty as a queen, and she'll do it quite well. She'll never be the sort you have to struggle with to keep her to only blooding because she's not going to mess up her duty.

She has a sense of humor though, your Nylaeth. Fond of quick come backs and quips and delighted when she can fluster another dragon in a mental game of wits. Truthfully, she'll nearly always have a smart remark to make to just you, in nearly every situation.

You mentioned she was a smart aleck. From there I paired it with a sense of duty and a pride in her achievements. She's not a showy dragon, although she does like the odd mention of praise. She's a gold without the regalness that so many show and also without much of the arrogance, except that which she feels she's earned.


Summer Skies and Lullabies
Nylaeth's voice is a strong alto, fluid like warm honey as it slides through your mind. She's not quite so sweet as honey, however and it shows in her interactions with the others around her. Still, most of her talking with you will carry the warmth of the summer sun and a feeling of contentment, at perfect peace with herself and with you.


Name Woven Sunlight Gold Nylaeth
Dam Gold Audrith
Sire Bronze Menareth
Created By Bey
Impressee Kathryn
Hatched June 15, 2008
Crescent Cliff Weyr
Rukbat MUSH

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