Nocerella del Belice Green Olivith

So very slender, this green dragon appears stretched from the tip of her narrowed muzzle on back to the delicate point of her tail. Painted with chartreuse hues from the tips of her headknobs and along her neck with her sharply pointed neckridges to where it fades out to a fainter, paler grey green across her shoulders and slim sides. Her forearms and haunches are only lightly muscled, delicate boning seen underneath the pale green hide and down to her sharply curved and arching talons of darker emerald green. A massive expanse of pale stretched hide are her wings, brilliant chartreuse on the underside and tipping to much paler green on the upper side where the sails are cast in shadowed verdegris before her wingspars are picked out in brighter polished greens.

Egg Name and Description

Liquid Money Egg

Silvery grey green in color this egg is smaller than many on the sands but nearly perfect in its ovoid shape. Blunt along one end and rather pointed at the other that is nearly buried in the sand. Flickers of light flash over the egg, as patches on the egg seem to change from silver to green and back again on the shift of an invisible wind.

Hatching Message

After being settled for so long, the Liquid Money Egg seems to move just barely on the sands. A slight rolling back and forth in its own little hollow before it finally settles down once more to absolute stillness.

Barely noticable amongst the different shades of greys and greens across its shell, but the Liquid Money Egg has now developed more than a few hairline cracks that are becoming much more frequent. They spread over the surface, threatening all that the shell holds inside with freedom.

An absolutely sticky hatchling is dumped out of the Liquid Money Egg, becoming totally covered in egg goop and sand and slinging the combination everywhere as she tries to stand. Anyone too close is liable to be a victim as she shakes, stumbles and shakes herself again before setting off on a walk to find her one.

Impression Message

Viscous and fluid, the golden waves roll over the hot sands and flood in with a bright lemon flash. « Here Kitty, Kitty. » The voice is a confident mezzo, playfully teasing. Bright sparks of lemon yellow follow tart bites of flavor. « Are you ready to play? » The voice solidifies into the silvery green glancing coyly up at you. « Come, now Kitty. You know your Olivith! » A bubble of amber liquid laughs joyfully as she gambles sideways in the sand. « Shall we go? There's bound to be food and fun around here somewhere. »


Olivith is not a complex dragon, at her core she loves you and seeks to make you happy. She is also one of those beings that was born with a happy soul, so nothing much ever bothers her. She wakes up cheerful and will end the day that same way. It is a rare, rare day when she is cross, and it will be almost never with you.

She is wonderful as a weyrling dragon, following your direction so that she does not eat more than she is supposed to, attempting her lessons exactly as you tell her to. She would seem a plastic toy, more than a real dragon if she were not so genuine with you. Olivith is just one of those souls that does not see the point of being in trouble and will take your word for things that would be bad. She does not need to experience all of the hardships herself to know that they could happen.

The only thing that might ever distress you about her is her tendency to want to play. She delights in mud puddles and making herself dirty, in splashing in water and soaking everyone nearby. She thinks it is funny to scatter the herdbeasts with a low flying pass over them. But only once because she does not want them run off their feet.

She loves whatever work you two end up doing, because she is with you, always and well she loves being out and about with you. Frankly, she would even love threadfall if it still existed because she would get to spend the time with you. For all of her adoration of you however, if you need time away she is not clinging or trying to get you back and you can leave her happily sunning herself somewhere or taking a dustbath.

She is an acrobatic wonder when she flies, performing loops and spins and stalls, even sometimes taking you upside down with her when she can, although if she scares you she will apologize. «I am so sorry Kitty, I did not mean it, I promise ». She works as hard as she can to be the best at what you do, so that if you are search and rescue you are the counted on pair. Or if you are transport, you two are the requested ones for the most deliveries.

When she is proddy, she is still a straight forward, gentle lady. While she may gently tease, she will never be mean or hurtful about it and she will be the same in her flights. They will feature twists and turns and in general, her showing off. But never so that someone else might be hurt. That would not do at all, to her mind.


Infused With Flavor

Like the very best of olive oils, this mind is sweet and delicate with a slightly fruity undertone. And just to complicate things a little, the mind has been infused with a variety of flavors and scents to match the mood. In joy she is lemon: bright, sunny, refreshing with just a hint of tart. Thoughtfulness is sage both in taste and smell, while anger is clearly a spicy chili! In colors, she leans towards golden browns and ambers, spiced by hints of green or red spices.

Mind Touches


Olivith is a conglomeration of various people, including Bey and Kat. Her egg and description is based on the Castelvetrano Olive Tree along with the notion that olive oil is sometimes worth more than its weight in gold. Olivith's voice is a surprising high soprano, very sweet, much like she is and not at all spicy like you might expect from a dragon based on olives.


Name Olivith
Dam Gold Vaeonath
Sire Bronze Ciragath
Created By Many
Impressee Kitty
Telger Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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