Divine Passage of Flame Brown Omasuth

A fire begins at the tip of this dragon's muzzle. Bright yellow slices in rivers across the length of a shapely snout, backed on burning wood beneath it. Charred lands stretch upward and over defined eyeridges and headknobs, that splotch of night diving down the back of a thick neck as it fades. Beneath the steady whirl of faceted eyes, those brighter streaks extend, fanning downward and into a nearly blinding flash of white-hot heat at the curve of his chest, before that light finally drops back, swept away on the slender frame. He is a lanky creature, thin in places, yet there is a perfection about his stucture, each piece flowing right into the next. Hues of brown peek out, deep chocolate dribbling down across the forearms. As talons appear, however, more fire licks upward, curling about in whisps around each paw. Billowing wings remain in the darkness, each sail a mixture of ruddy clay and mud, swirling ever so delicately on the membranes. Haunches bulge with their musculature, rippling waves of deep sienna trickling their way down and over a slight rise, before crashing down the length of an overly long tail tipped with a drop of crackling fire.

Egg Name and Description

Long Way Home Egg
Pale colors paint in a wash across the surface of this egg. Smeared olive nd brown blend together wetly, creating the vague impression of palm fronds hanging lazily, curving lightly to one side. Toward the base the colors ripple, an image of water fading into the rest of a shell painted with sand. Mirroring the heat it's settled in, the same light tan swallows the ovoid shape, the occasional color deviation marred by a hazy fog that makes the surface of the shell seem somewhat warped with ripples. To one side, a parttern starts, appearing like little footsteps trailing off and around the underside curvature, only to fade away into the sands below. Looking harder, many of these 'footprints' can be seen speckling the tan of the egg, the pattern swirling together as each travels the same path away from the bit of green that stands out on the shell.

Hatching Message

There is a light tremor that disturbs the Long Way Home Egg's slumber. The barest of movements which soon becomes a rapid ticking, the pale ovoid tumbling from its safe groove in the sand. It lands length-wise, the sound of claws scrabbling frantically against the shell grating to the ears. Then..there's silence again, the hatchling within taking a rest.

Long Way Home's protests begin again, jerking violently in place. Puffs of effort can be heard, grunting from within the confines of that shell before the tension finally snaps, and cracks appear on the flawless surface. There comes a rush of air from the breach, before fluid begins to seep through the thin crevices. Not long now, just one more push…

The next heave comes at a kick, the bottom half of the Long Way Home egg splintering off, and bouncing off of another nearby egg. Brown feet flail in the air for a moment, a lengthy tail flopping out afterward before the hatchling inside finally manages to wriggle around enough to right himself, and toss the rest of the remaining shell free.

Impression Message

Flame erupts quite suddenly across your psyche, a billowing shadow looming on the edge. A glimmer of metal flickers brightly, sparks flying off the forge as things begin to solidify. Curiosity wavers, rippling as the flames flicker…and slowly mute into a gentle glow. « You there.. We could make it to the top, you and I. Aoriya, won't you come with your Omasuth? »


Personality: This boy falls on two highly different poles in life. Or perhaps it's just hard chocolate with a soft, fluffy center. Commanding and authoritive, don't be surprised if Omasuth has you up at the crack of dawn (or before), to get you outside and running laps. Even girls have to keep in shape, after all. A hard task master, he'll expect yout to be respectful to those higher ranked, and to stand at perfect attention. Better work on that salute, because he'll likely poke you about it if he feels it's off in some way.

However, Omasuth isn't all brass and steel. There will always be a playful side of him, usually displayed only to you and close friends. He wants things his way, and that's the only way, and if he has to be a bit conniving in order to get what he wants, then that's just fine with him.

« Not interested in joining that activity? Well, it's probably better that shrimps like you don't do it. You might get stepped on.»

He's certainly not above making a mockery of you, although it's always all in good fun. He teases those he's closest to, and he would never purposefully cause you harm.

For all his militaristic demeanor, the ladies will always be a major distraction. Which one will it be on a certain day? Who knows! But for sure, he'll try and flirt with them all, even if he might adopt a habit of returning to one that's a bit more special than the rest. He'll chase, he'll catch, and the world will turn on its proper axis. Be prepared for a very grumpy boy when he's the loser of a flight. Sure, he'll try for the golds, but he's no giant in the sky, and a loss is just another reminder that he's not yet at the top of the totem pole.

Mindvoice: Omasuth's mindvoice is one of authority. Seemingly born and bred to be the man in charge, he projects that power (whether he has it or not) in everything that he says. There's always that crackling heat of flames, mixed in with a delicate touch of blue fluttering like cloth in the wind. For you, his voice will always take on a softer edge, usually with gentle billows of smoke rolling about his thoughts. For others, it's steel and gunmetal, all together leaving a charred, metallic tang as an aftertaste.


Essence of Mana
Hunger is the most prominent feature of the being within this egg. As it seeks connection with those around it, it projects that hunger upon those it comes in contact with. Ravenous, dispairing hunger. Next, is a very sharp sense of longing, of a home that's somewhere just beyond sight. It's an endless, tiring search for the mind, already eager to find a place in the world. Colors dwell in the mind as well, aquatic in nature and always seeming to bubble. Recurring scents would include wine and coconut.

Mind Touches
Essence of Mana offers nothing but the black. At least at first. A ripple blurs the surface slowly, echoing out and back in upon itself with the steady waves of a long forgotten shore. There is a quiet retreat, before the waves rush back out once more, this time in a frenzy of ravenous hunger. It yearns. It aches. It will feed…

Essence of Mana never falters, reaching out…and out to curl around and embrace its meal. That's what you are..yes? Sounds rumble, what sound like muted voices deep within the void of pitch black water. Scent lingers…a hint of wine to wash over your tongue, before the sweetness of coconut steals within. As abruptly as this mind came out, it begins to sink backward, hunger twisting within unsatisfied.

Essence of Mana withdraws into itself, those rumblings hushing and repeating again and again in a torrent of rushed and garbled noise. Will it ever find the path? Will it find the way home? Dispair creeps in as the presence lingers, fading away right along with it once more, like water slipping through fingers.


Congratulations! This egg and dragon were produced by J'io! Please, feel free to make any changes to feel necessary, as this was my very first attempt at this stuff. ^_^

Egg Theme: Desert of Sin (Sin Wilderness) This is the desert that the Israelites crossed during Exodus. While they were camped in the desert, they ran out of food, and prayed for relief from God. God sent them mana in the form of bread for them to eat.

Mind-Desc: I tried to incorporate the hunger of the Israelites into the mind of the dragonet, considering that also by the time they hatch, they're /starving/. I also wanted a sense of longing, since the trip was so long and hard on them.

Hatchling Theme: Roy Mustang - Fullmetal Alchemist. I know that you're a big Bleach fan, and most of what you were suggesting in your dragon had to do with it. Sadly, it's not something that I know../anything/ about. So I had to go with the next best thing. I went with Fullmetal Alchemist because I /do/ know about it, and thought that Roy went very well with what you were looking for. He's sharp, he's cool, and he'll beat some sense into your head when and if you need it. Please though, if there's /anything/ you want to change, don't hesitate.


Name Divine Passage of Flame Brown Omasuth
Dam Gold Sakrienth
Sire Bronze Ytroth
Created By J'io
Impressee Aoriya
Hatched June 27, 2007
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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