He is masculine perfection sculpted in newly cast bronze, the bright metal polished and buffed to a mirror shine. He is not especially long, but rather solid and compact as a top class athlete, shining brilliantly in the light. Hints of gold kiss a refined head, freckling the broad forehead and tracing the crest above wide, bold eyes. The wedge dishes slightly as it drops to a narrow muzzle with full, flaring nostrils and sharp chin bones. Small headknobs rise above the powerful muscles that keep a high arch, exposing the clean lines of his throatlatch and the silkily serpentine movements of the heavy neck. Like molten metal, tall ridges roll down the neck to the straight line of his broad back and short, cropped haunches. Brassy bronze glimmers in the high points of the big, barreled chest and muscular torso. The sloping shoulders and hind quarters are as hard as the metal they resemble but drop to clean, flashy limbs supported by lean, strong paws with blackened bronze talons. The heavy tail is held high and tight, his balance perfected and always just on the edge of explosive power. The snap of his wings spreading is the ringing of a struck bell. Those translucent sails are pure reddish bronze supported by the delicate webbing of darker bronze 'spars and wing bones, kissed once more by golden motes.

Egg Name and Description

Orphic Egg

A pale and rather slender egg, it mottled in light shades of mostly creams and pale yellows. Wrapped around the egg though is a conundrum, a serpent that has coiled itself from the very apex to the end, curling over and over until there is a seven layered coil. The serpent's head rests at the very broad end, head protecting this section and wary eyes watching as the tongue seemingly flicks out to taste the air. While the serpent's tail twitches restless at the apex, even still in the protection of the pale shell that it rests upon, guarding it from all that may come near.

Hatching Message

WOBBLE MESSAGE: With just a little bit of movement, the Orphic Egg starts to wobble, wiggling in the small hollow where it was laid. It trembles and twitches, before eventually going still once more.

CRACK MESSAGE: Nary a movement betrays the Orphic Egg before cracks begin to form across its surface. Fine, spindly lines that start small, before they widen and lengthen, soon enough spanning the length and breadth of the egg.

HATCH MESSAGE: A sudden force, the kicking of the hatchling within hatches the Orphic Egg, causing it to split wide and dump out its occupant on the sands, wet and creeling.

Impression Message

« Lucas! » A deep, sonorous baritone cuts through the background chaos of the hatching sands. « L'cas, bro! » The voice seems to be coming from the bright, glossy bronze watching you with alert, eager eyes. He steps closer, nudging you in the stomach with the tiny wedge shaped head. « I am Ophioth. And we are so going to rock this place. » His attention seems to shift for a moment to one of the female dragonets. « She's pretty cute, no? » Then it's back to you with a ravenous wave of spicy smells. « Come on, man, I am so hungry. Let's get something to eat. Don't you want to eat? It's way too loud and hot out here right now. »


Ophioth is an athletic, adventurous fellow with a simple, well-meaning heart. He is brash and bold, ever eager to explore the next hill and sail through the next cloudbank. Too impulsive to be a leader, he's not one to look before he leaps or consider outcomes. He's not really one to consider much of anything or anyone at all. He is a physical being with boundless energy and excitement but, to put it bluntly, not too much of a thinker. He was born to be the consort of a Queen, a perfect masculine specimen and thus entitled to all Pern has to offer. Or at least in his mind he is. Everything in his life boils down to these truths from the day he was shelled until he passes between for the last time.

From the moment he hatches, he will be rushing from one scrap to another, always learning, exploring, and looking for that next adventure. His early months will be spent trying to keep him from hurting himself or others, and dealing with the inescapable messes he will make when you are unable to stop him in time. Cuts, scraps, bruises, and bumps are so regular an occurrence that you are on first name basis with all the dragon healers at the weyr. But somehow he never seems to have lasting effects from these injuries at the perfect, polished hide is never permanently marred. Eventually you become the bane of the weyrlingmasters, a pair both so athletic and bold that you are first in nearly every physical lesson but so dangerously powerful, compelling, and thoughtless that you can be likened to a walking tornado. It falls on you, the rider with the ability to think and understand complexities and subtleties to learn to curb your Ophioth's exuberance without breaking his spirit.

As you enter adulthood and graduate, it becomes clear that his confidence, adventurous nature, and physical perfection draw some to follow him. But ultimately he is neither suited to leadership nor inspires others to follow him. He makes a great wingman, always willing to do what needs doing, go anywhere and try anything but he simply isn't capable of thinking through complex plans or understanding anything more than basic emotions. He is however still brave and daring, bold and willing, and it makes him perfectly suited to more physical jobs. He'd be an asset to any search and rescue team, fire-fighting, exploration or even just simple delivery in the more dangerous spots on Pern. Should you choose another path, he will support you, if rather half-heartedly. No matter what you chose to do for a job, he will still always be after you to go, do, and see.

When it comes to the ladies, well, Ophioth is masculine perfection. He loves the ladies and they love him, at least to look at. Green, gold. It doesn't matter to him. He'll chase them all, anytime, anywhere. When chasing, he's as bold and daring as ever, willing to take sometimes crazy risks to get the reward. He zeros in on the goal and won't think twice about hurting a rival if it takes him out of contention. He's not one to go looking for a permanent mate and he wouldn't want one anyways. There's always too many other pretties out there to stick with just one. But should he happen to be a clutch sire, he will attempt to be a good one. He'll be as attentive as he's capable, taking direction from the dam, up to a point, fetching and egg sitting as needed. He'll be proud of any dragons he sires, though more as a status symbol than any true affection for them.

In the end, Ophioth is not a bad guy. He means no direct harm but has neither the emotional range or mental acuity to prevent accidentally hurting others. He has a tendency to self-aggrandize and towards thoughtlessness. But he is often kind, in a brash back-handed way, and he is joyful and there's something to admire in his simple bold and daring nature. He loves you as no other and if he isn't destined to be a weyr leader, he completes something you didn't know you needed and adds something every weyr would need as well.

I hope he is what you were looking for. Ultimately, he is yours and you should play him as you wish.


His mind's touch, like his body, has a sharp and powerful feel to it that at first glance seems at odds with his personality. It bites cleanly through all the background noise in a commanding fashion sure to get the attention of even the most oblivious mind. The words are crisp and delivered in a rousing baritone. Images are sent in bold primary colors without subtlety or complexity. His scents are both simple and strong, suggestive of the moods themselves. He might be crisp mint when refreshed, bitter smoke when angered, or even thick and musky when amorous. Though the themes might change, ultimately his is a mind that is always easily understood and followed, without extraneous twists or multiple layers to confuse.

Mind Touches

Serpent's Tooth is eager, so very bold as it comes late to the party. There is a crazed excited feeling to it, an overwhelming sort of anticipation that it brings. It wants to so much to do and see and rush all things into being. It wiggles and thrashes and crashes about with all the abandon of any oversized puppy in a shop of fine china. And just as it was so late to arrive, it's late to leave, pulling at you long after you've removed you hand from the shell.

Serpent's Tooth is fire and light and all that is strong and powerful. It sets to exploring, pushing in waves across your mind into the far reaches and touching all that you think about. The touch is unsophisticated, unpolished but with an all-encompassing joy. It skips about over the complex and multifaceted to linger at simple and strong, taking special interest in the adventurous and daring.

Serpent's Tooth continues its exploration across your mind, poking curiously into the furthest reaches of your mind and then idly watching your memories as it does. It is careful though, to leave no damage or pain behind as it wanders, just the brush of feeling and the slightly itchy sensation of having been judged but what about, is left unuttered.


The theme for this clutch was creation myths. Your egg and dragon are based on the Pelasgian creation myth, which is Greek in origin. In the myth, the goddess Eurynome pulls herself into being out of chaos. She then creates herself a serpent consort, Ophion. They mate and she lays an egg which she orders Ophion to guard. He wraps himself seven times about the egg, from which eventually hatches all of creation. The egg desc is based on that egg and serpent pairing. Ophioth (aw-f-EE-aw-th) is inspired by the serpent consort in name, mind, appearance, and personality, while including your personal request for a simple, frat-boy like bronze. He is a being built to be the consort of a goddess, beautiful, simple, and masculine. Ophioth was created as a joint effort between Al'dru and Kitty. We hope you like him but as always he is yours now to do with as you like.

Name Ophioth
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Eranzath
Created By Al'dru and Kitty
Impressee Lucas
Hatched October 15, 2016
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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