Sands of Time Gold Oriapeth

Sands of Time Gold Oriapeth

While the majority of this compact beauty's form is characterized by an equal mixture of pale rose gold and flaxen hues, deeper tones of chestnut blossom along the sinuous length of her tail, all four legs and the entirety of her head. In the presence of moonlight, however, a subtle, silvery dappling, reminiscent of her dame, becomes visible along the elegant sweep of neck and shoulder. Gracefully long head knobs, a shade darker than the chestnut of this modestly built dragon's face, are lightly speckled with shadows that seem to shimmer and move in the sunlight. It is in the set of her head, almost always held slightly canted— as if she knows something that no one else does— and the presence of a bold sweep of kohl beneath the left eye that hints of the bold personality contained within. She is daring and witty, personified, and it shows both in her fanciful coloring and the unmistakable way in which she carries herself even newly out of the shell. There is humor there, dancing in whirling eyes, and an eager readiness to boldly face whatever the wide world has to offer. At the same time, one cannot help but get the sense that, even newly hatched, this young queen has her own opinions and could potentially be quite stubborn. While not the largest of her kind by any stretch, there is power in the broad, compact form. And what she might lack in overall size is more than made up for in the presence of massive cloak-like wings— a gift, no doubt, from her sire. The pale rose gold of those wings billows out from deepest burnished gold spars, the very tips of each touched with a flash of shadowy kohl.

Egg Name and Description

Jewel of the Sahara Egg
Nestled into glistening sand, Jewel of the Sahara Egg shimmers with a glory that rivals the Igen sunset. Deepest Azure makes up the entirety of the shell of this ovoid, the color richly vibrant and more then a little eye catching. It is only in the light of the moons, however, that one notices the delicate details comprising this egg. Strands of silver, as fine as spun silk trace in fanciful patterns around the shell, each strand connected to tiny points that glisten like stars. With the light of Belior and Timor shining bright, that Azure shells softens to Lapis hues, the color and constellation-like patterns upon the shell creating a truly breath-taking, but rarely seen, display.

Mind Touches

Hatching Message

Jewel of the Sahara Egg shivers once in its sandy nest, the surface of the glittering blue shell engaging in the most minute of quivers. Yet, while stillness returns almost immediately, there is a faint, but oddly eerie keening, whispering waves of sound that emanate outward with the assurance that something is most assuredly coming.

Jewel of the Sahara Egg begins to vibrate as that pulsating keening swells to the point that one is nearly tempted to cover their ears. As that sound grows and cracks begin to spread across the surface, odd little pops punctuate the air, the sand around the base of the glittering ovoid to stirred up to a frothy swell.

Jewel of the Sahara Egg erupts with a shocking boom that is very nearly metallic in tone and tenor. And, for a moment, even the chance of a glimpse of what stands in its place is obscured by flying bits of shell and the cloud of sand filling the air. As the sand settles though, it reveals the carefully posed figure of the one who had dwelled within. Because, you know sweetie, it is /all/ about the entrance.

Impression Message


Sands of Time Gold Hatching has had quite enough of this game. Sashaying her way among the throng, she gives a hearty sigh before… wait. What was that?! With a toss of her head and a flare of her wings, she moves with purpose-renewed, faceted eyes whirling all the faster as she closes the distance. Yes! This is the one. This is who she was looking for! With a triumphant cry, she plants herself down in front of a tiny blonde that smells of hay, neck extended until they are brow to brow and touching at last.

« Well, Hello there Sweetie. » The voice that whispers in your mind as the young queen's brow touches your own is smooth and silky, the tones holding more than a hint of amused joy as it encompasses the entirety of who and what you are. In that moment, though, you are whisked off the sands, into the vastness of time and space and whirled around with a glee that is utterly and completely irrepressible. « We have so much to do! So much to see! Ever so much to explore! Ah… Of course, how forgetful of me, I am Oriapeth, your one and only. And you, sweetie, are my Oddisa! There is so much…. But first, Food! » And with the declaration made, you tumbled back out onto the sand with the force of a thunderclap, your tummy twisting with the impossible hunger that needs MUST be sated, step lively if you please, no time to dawdle.



As a weyrling, Oriapeth is a tenacious little spitfire. A rebel without a cause — or at least a cause that can’t be discerned by anyone other than you and her. Straight out of the shell and she’s certain she knows best. At least best for her, and you. The trouble is she doesn’t actually know everything, and sometimes rules were made for good reason. Unfortunately, it is a lesson that Oriapeth (and you) will likely learn the hard way. While she might toe the line, she’ll never quite cross it into exceptionally dangerous territory. But still. Rules are rules, and you should expect a lot of butting-heads and arguments — either with you or the weyrlingmaster staff — over why she ought to do anything but what she wants. Don’t be surprised when her hot-head and rebellious spirit — coated in sweet, sweet sarcasm and sassy wit — land you both in the hot seat more than once.

While the lessons might be hard-learned, they will definitely be learned. Rebellious youth will slowly but surely fade into majestic maturity. Oriapeth is a smart dragon, and while her youthful over-confidence might have led her into trouble, as she grows those hard-won lessons will serve her well in earning the respect of others through empathy and understanding. She’ll never quite lose that spark of sass, but she’ll become shrewd and thoughtful, a queen who is willing to be gracious as well as cunning. Responsible as well as spirited. While her first priority will always be you, Oriapeth will also become a dragon that others learn to rely on as well. Dependable and strong. Righteous and responsible. She is a queen who will grow to make the right choices, even if they are not the easy choices.


When it comes time for Oriapeth to rise, you may find the signs to be a little strange at first. Rather than flirt and flounce and try to attract attention, Oriapeth is instead prone to silence and stillness and seclusion. She will retreat, first mentally and then physically, hiding away in her head or yours, and then keeping herself concealed within your weyr until it comes time to rise. When she finally does go up, she’ll do so in a rush of blood and wings and taunts and teases, goading those that chase her in an attempt to inspire competition. There is no true malice and she will not try to inspire violence, but she is a queen who is determined — as most tend to be — to ensure only the best becomes her mate.

Spoilers For Doctor Who In Video

Oriapeth is a queen who looks good and knows it. When she walks she saunters, confidence and grace in the sashay of hips and the flip of wings. Like all babies, she’ll have her bumbling moments as she grows. Those over-large wings — courtesy of her sire — will undoubtedly cause her trouble until she grows into them. She might step on them a time or two, have them catch on the doorway to the barracks, the edge of your cot, or even the side of the table, sending the contents rolling. It will always be a ‘Meant to do that’ moment, passed off with a laugh and a shrug and a clever « Well, now we know what not to do, » before she moves right along with her day. Eventually, she will grow into herself and her movements will become all the more confident for it.

In the air she takes after her dam — a creature born to fly even more than dragons already are. She spins and swirls and can accomplish acrobatic feats that most would swear a gold simply couldn’t do. Her landings might be a little bumpy, and her takeoffs a little rushed, but once she’s in the sky, she’s home and more than willing to show off. Her first few flights might be a little rocky, not because she doesn’t know how to do what she’s doing, but rather because she’s still growing and things get in her way. Like the bowl wall. Or that other dragon. Or the star stones. Or even her own wings! Expect a few heart-stopping moments until Oriapeth learns just how big she is (especially those wings. Seriously, those wings tho!) and what will and won’t move out of her way.


Oriapeth’s mind is space itself. Stars twinkle and glow within velvet black night. Celestial bodies move in harmony, a synchronized dance through time and space, obeying their own laws of physics as they twist and turn in the distance. At times it is a quiet place, a refuge from the chaotic confusion that is the “real” world outside. Other times, it is disordered and messy, where nothing is in rhythm and everything on a path to collision. Sometimes, when she is especially happy, it is a cluttered and colorful place — planets and moons and stars of every size all moving together, crowding around in almost overwhelming closeness. When she is lonely, it is a desert of darkness with only a hint of *something* in the distance — a single star or a solitary moon, silver and bright but cold and quiet. But always there is that sense of space, that vastness that speaks to infinity. That says this place, this mind, is far bigger on the inside, than out.


Egg Inspiration:
Jewel of the Sahara was written by N'sir.
The theme for this clutch was (eggs) Birth Stones and (touches) Star Signs! Jewel of the Sahara is based on Lapis Lazuli and the star sign Aquarius. Before Uranus was discovered in 1781, Saturn was the ruling planet of Aquarius. Lapis lazuli is the gemstone associated with Saturn, and hence may also be Aquarius birthstone. This Aquarius stone is a relatively rare, bright blue gemstone. The Aquarius gemstone is believed to stimulate creativity, expand awareness and broaden perspective. Lapis Lazuli, Stone of Purity - An even more important meaning to the lapis lazuli gemstone is excellence, purity, the same way that royals are considered of pure blood. This metaphysical quality was often associated with the eyes. In Egypt, gold amulets inlaid with lapis lazuli in the shape of an eye were considered highly powerful talismans. Egyptian women wore lapis lazuli as eyeshadow. Images of rulers from Egypt and Babylonia have lapis lazuli for their eye or eyebrows. The eye sees the truth, which is what lapis lazuli was believed to represent and preserve. Lapis lazuli keeps the truth, the purity in a human being, so much so that when placed on a person suffering from demonic possession, the stone exorcizes the demon.

Dragon Inspiration:
Your dragon was written by N'sir and Alexa.
We both thought your request for River Song would make an amazing dragon, and were happy to run with it! We hope we did justice to the confident, smart, sassy bad-ass that is River, and hope you enjoy playing her. We also felt it was important to include elements of her dam and sire, both in her physical description and in her mind. So she got her large wings from dad, Nymionth, her flight mechanics from her mama, Raaneth, and a little bit of both in the patterns that decorate her hide. Of course, this is all just an inspiration and you should feel free to use what you like, toss what you don't, and play her however you see fit.


Dragon Name Inspiration:
The name River Song comes from a recursive translation of Melody Pond via the language of the Gamma Forests, which have no ponds, only rivers, hence the translation of "Pond" to "River." ( Keeping in this tradition as closely as possible, the words Opus and Aria were combined to grace your new golden companion.
Depending on how you pronounce it, Oriapeth could have a nickname of 'Ori' or 'Ria', or even 'Peth'.

Hatchling Name Inspiration:
Given that your dragon's inspiration is River Song, and that Moffat was influenced by Niffeneggers 'The Time Traveler's Wife' in creating this character for Doctor Who? it only made sense that the hatchling name should come in the form of a dip of the head to honor that.

Mindvoice Inspiration:
Space! The final frontier— er. Well. It *is* based on space! Stars and moons and planets are definitely there, but more importantly was the idea of literal space. Of the space between *things* that stretches and grows and can sometimes feel impossibly huge. I wanted to capture the vastness of space, the darkness and quiet and stillness, without making it feel scary. And, of course, seeing as your dragon is inspired by River Song, it was only fitting to squeeze a little of the Tardis in there as well, to bring it all together. Oriapeth's mind is infinite, even if her physical body is definitely not!


Name Oriapeth
Dam Raaneth
Sire Nymionth
Created By N'sir & Alexa
Impressee Oddisa
Hatched February 27, 2020
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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