A Sign of Manhood Blue Oth

Indigo seeps into the hide along the head and neck of this blue dragon, outlining the hard angles and uneven planes of his head before leading back to the sharp, harsh ridges along his neck and casting them into dark, unrelenting shadows. Striations of color, winding over his ropy muscles and leaving scattered hues in that same deep indigo, wend their way from nearly his muzzletip on down to his shoulders, leaving only a bare mask around his eyes free and a paler blue smudge against the deep indigo. Crisscrosses of color continue, the uneven veiling of indigo striations as it slides against the rest of his rawboned body from his thick shoulders before following along the over the entirety of his length, with its uneven ridges on his back and rather wiry, ropy muscling over his full barrel and flanks. Sunfading occurs slightly, further back and leaving his thick legs and thicker tail a modestly brighter blue, a brighter shade of midnight in the wrinkled shades that shadow his hide. Then, the full expanse of his deeply cloaked wings rise, indigo and midnight blues to collect upon his wingsails in a swarm of dark color to protect him from Rukbat's harsh rays.

Egg Name and Description

Sand Dunes and Salt Flats Egg
While long and slender, the slight bulges along the sides give this egg a unique overall shape. It's sandy hues leand it a grtty look, while flecks of mica glint dully when the light hits it just the right way through the ripples of barley browns that lend it a pitted appearance at odd places. Spanning the near flat expanse of its apex is a field of verginal while, so brilliant in it's purity that it's near blinding. The creamier tones swrirl with caremels over the uneven sides, seeming to be evershifting in their odd patterning. Another irregular patch of white appears just above the base, as notable as the other even though this one is more flaxen and creame in tone rather then pristine white.

Hatching Message

It begins as a whisper spreading through the great cavern. It becomes soft, barely audible chirps which find their source in the Sand Dunes and Salt Flats egg. The egg gives the most subtle of twitches, a wobble more imagined then real. Then it does it again and again, each time building in intensity. Soon anyone can see this egg is on it's way to hatching.

Slight bulges turn to gross distortions as the Sand Dunes and Salt Flats egg struggles towards hatching. The ripping barley browns become veritable waves beneath the internal fight until a great snap sounds across the hatching grounds. One long ragged crack runs the length of the egg, marring its cream end brown surface with a shock of white.

One single crack turns to two and then three. Before too long, what once was a shell of rolling brown sand, crystalline crme fields, and glinting mica is now a mass of crack crazed shell. Eventually there is not even enough structure left to keep the Sand Dunes and Salt Flats egg upright. Pieces peel away, falling to the black sands to leave just a shell speckled blue dragon behind.

Impression Message

A whisper of wind pushes through the feverish heat of the hatching cavern to stroke deftly across your mind. The breeze builds into a rolling storm which boils your thoughts away. Into this emptiness sounds a brassy baritone. « S'lync, I am Oth. » Masculine thoughts and feelings spread from outside and all around until you are disconnected from the physical world. Only then does it shrink down to the darm form of an indigo blue dragon. « I am hungry. Come, we must find some food before the others take it all. »


Your Oth is a quiet dragon, even as he first steps out of the remnants of his shell and trudges through Igen's dark sands. Not for him the creeling that the other hatchlings make, or even their croons of joy. No, he keeps his own counsel and a quiet continence as he searches you out. « Give away what I'm feeling, for all of them to see and use, I don't think so, S'lync. »

This quiet sort of concern of just who might be watching, isn't something that Oth will ever shake, although he becomes better at hiding it, the more time that passes. Whatever he does, is certainly not for display for the masses. Even more so, though are your emotions and abilities not for the common folks to just see. « Why do we have to be in group classes S'lync? I'd think the weyr better served, if our abilities were not so wildly known. »

He's not the first, nor the last in your class as far as learning goes, and he cultivates enough cunning to stay in the middle of the pack once he learns the anonymity it gives the both of you, to be quickly forgotten by all the weyrlingmasters and assistants. « Never stick out, S'lync. That's the first rule of life. It's best not to be remembered. » So your dreams of glory and acclaim may perhaps, fall to the wayside if Oth can't be persuaded.

He's also not one to much appreciate the company of his fellow weyrlings. «Snitches, the lot of them, S'lync. You can tell by the way the chatter all the time. I swear, Yxelth is one of the worst. » Even if you don't see it, he'll continually try to show you how they're out to get each other or more importantly the pair of you into trouble.

For all his worries though, Oth adores you and the one thing he never doubts is your love for him. For that is a constant in his life, and will be in yours if you let him reassure you. « We will always have each other S'lync. Never to be parted and always looking out for each other's best interests. » He'll do his best to make this reassurance constant, and will bask in the return from you.

He's very much in his element after the pair of you graduate and he can put a few of his more outlandish theories to rest, namely that the weyrlingmasters have it in for you, and will keep you locked up forever. « I was certain they were never going to let us graduate. You know how shifty they are. If they could have kept us forever, they would have. »

Oth has certain things in mind as well, for the pair of you to do, once you're free. Namely, working as part of the messenger service and seeing what sort of conspiracies are alive and well on Pern. «Oh come on S'lync, you know there are more than a few. We've encountered them just at Igen, that can't be the only place. Shall we see what else is being planned around in secret? »

Flights for Oth, are a sort of necessary evil. He is truly interested in the greens, especially as their hides start to glow and glimmer, although he'll never be truly convinced that they don't time them on purpose to foil his own plans for the day. « They must plan it, S'lync, when they know we have someplace to be. It's the only thing that makes sense.»

His voice in your mind is a rather low baritone, bordering on bass. Deep and rather rumbly, and somewhat at odds with his size. Even as he gives you his rather different theories and postulates, it very rarely raises in pitch, remaining that deep comforting hum and it makes it that much harder to discount what he's saying.


Whisper of the Winds
This mind is just a faint touch at first, gliding across the senses to tease and tempt, just to give you the barest feel and leave you wanting more. Each time after that, this mind grows until the whisper of a breeze is a thundering whirlwind that whips about you, dwelling into your inner most thoughts to drag them out so that it can share it with you. It needs to know so that the inner need it has will be calmed into a dull roar once again. Blues and sand hues often decorate this mind, the scents of jasmine and sandalwood often come too.

Mind Touches
Whisper of the Winds whispers into your mind, seeking out each nook and crany in your thoughts and memories. Simply there to test you, tease your senses with soft jasmine scents. Pale blues and sandy gold flow with it like a finely woven scarf that wraps around you, sliding across your skin. Are you strong enough to withsand the winds of change? Can you open yourself up to embrace the unknown and face it without fear? As softly as if comes to you is as softly as it withdraws, leaving you with a lingering sense of emptiness.

Whisper of the Winds bursts forth with growing strength, the young mind a slow growing storm as it battles to get deeper into you, to find out just what makes you tick and find that one things about you that will calm the growing tempest within itself. A slow rumble starts, colors that were so soft darken as they again wrap around your senses and tighten. It holds you now, probbing and finding, pulling out memories of your childhood before dropping you abruptly and withdrawing with a sense of accomplishment. Now the question is, do you have enough within you to return to it again and take the chance of facing a larger storm that's just waiting to be unleashed?

Whisper of the Winds roars down upon you, whirling like a dervish as the storm gains strength and speed. It crashes down, jolting through you, the feel of gritty sand can almost be felt on your skin. It pulls at you, scouring you to find out if you have it in you to help it find calmness, to ease it's tensions with your thoughts and more. Another deep probbing of your memories and thoughts and it withdraws in a tornado of blues and golds, of jasmine and sandlewood with hints of inscents as well.

Whisper of the Winds sweeps around you, simply playing with your hair. It's just in a mood to keep you off balance today as it tugs at your ankles then whips around your waist. What are you gonna do about it? Ya wanna rumble with it? While it plays with you, part of it is digging in to your mind, pulling at those memories that you try so hard to keep hidden. Bet you didn't think it'd do that to you now did you.


The theme for this hatching, was deserts and nomadic peoples. For the Sand Dunes and Salt Flats Egg, it was the Sahara desert as the egg description and then the Tuareg, or Kel Tagelmust - People of the Veil for the hatchling inside. From your application, you had mentioned that you wanted a dragon that was somewhat paranoid, or cryptic. Even as all nomads are somewhat unknown, the Tuareg are more than most as they fight to retain their way of life in a world that doesn't recognize their traditional way of life. Even those that have settled to a more stationary life are a bit of a mystery, and they fought a battle for independence as recently as the 1990's. Perhaps one of the most distinctive features among the Tuareg are the deep indigo veils that the men wear, that often stains the skin underneath a dark blue, giving them their other name of the blue people. The Tuareg are also matrilineal, although not matriarchal in determining heritage. Despite being an mostly Arabic culture, the women do not wear the veils.

I hope that I have taken what you wanted in a dragon and have created a cohesive whole. Still, as in all things, Oth is now your dragon to play as you see fit. I was also helped in creating Oth by Sianne, for his egg name and description, and mind name, description, and touches. Kathryn helped me by writing his hatchling description and his wobble, crack, hatch and impression messages. R'by.


Name A Sign of Manhood Blue Oth
Dam Gold Sakrienth
Sire Bronze Ytroth
Created By R'by, Kathryn, Sianne
Impressee S'lync
Hatched June 27, 2007
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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