So Swift the Storm Brown Perkineth

As though seeped with age, the lean lines of this brown are coated in a dark gray-brown sepia. The color dominates from muzzle to tail tip, lightened only slightly by the glossy play of sunlight across the bony points of his body. On his narrow face, it dances the crest line of his eye ridges, swirling above the expressive faceted orbs. Shadows deepen into dark pools in his flanks and below his shoulders so as to throw the points of hips and shoulder blades into stark relief. Again, highlights shine on the point of his keel bone, illuminating the slight nature of chest and abdomen. His wings are air itself. The delicate bones of spars and mainsails seem almost too fragile to support the weight of the gossamer stretch of smoky quartz sails. Smoky quartz froths over the membranes, spilling in a bubbly insubstantial foam and adding to his airy quality. As for the rest, he is built small and sleek, a being of speed and agility, rather then mere brute force. As a finishing touch, russet coats his talons, encircles his nostrils, and rims the trailing edge of his sails.

Egg Name and Description

Beneath the Cloak of War Egg
There rides neath smoky cloak of war the insidious secret invader. Embraced by the swirling turbulence of war-driven grays and oily blacks and the blood tinged muddy ground, the winds of fate give rise to bloated worms of color. Putrid green globs hide with pink foam stains and worst of all, there lays a trail of bloody tears. Yet this fierce some horror remains so secretive under painful glare of war, that the damage within goes near unnoticed. Beware what comes hidden by the winds of war.

On Feathered Winds
Another mind so clever and secretive would be hard found. He blows as a chill winter breeze yet gently teasing with feathery light touches. He sounds with soft, sultry bass and the subtle taste of menace. Slyly he steals in and takes the very heart of the best, bravest, and brightest by storm. Almost before you know it, you are engulfed by the maelstrom, bright flashes of white light which burn the retina with joy and a powerful silver chill when angered. No scent is found here, only blaring bright lights, the kiss of feathered wing, winters cold fingers and always, echoing far behind, the aching coo of the mourning dove.

Mind Touches

On Feathered Winds the world arrives in chilly silver strands. Bright flashes of light burn the soul. Flares of brilliance so overwhelming only the purest would remain undazzled. Yet even with the dazzlign befuddlement, a hint of tenderness stirs. Kisses as though by feathered wings, sweet caress of loss and longing. And then, the aching coo of the mourning dove.

On Feathered Winds the heart can soar or fall crashing to the ground. The winter storm may rage with gale force and shred the senses bare. Or it might blow in merry breezes bright silver shining flakes. So swiftly stirs the winter breeze, so powerful and true. And 'neath it all, something lingers midst the gently cooing doves.

On Feathered Winds sly wit may win and winged tickles give. A simple cough will clear the tease so bright lights spark again. But be wary, oh best and brightest, don't get lost in truth. Engulfed in bells that fall into the mighty maelstrom. The winter chill seeps deep inside to touch the core with feathered love. White lights will shine and never let go till death has surely come.

On Feathered Winds rage wings of war with silver gleeming brightly. The pain of loss is quickly snuffed by winter's chill. Soothing soft, the call of doves and lacy flakes falling, ease the thought till all is fresh and bright again like starlight on snow banks. So heed the call of mourning doves and escape the wings of war for love.

On Feathered Winds the truth has come and winter's chill can set you free. Sweet mourning doves whos aching call echos in silence still can twist the silver strands around and bring love home again. And bright light shine in sparkling eyes and laughter as the bell. And one will never be alone again with winter's loving chill.


The theme of the clutch was Hypothetical Global Reaching Future Disasters and for my disaster, I chose to do pandemics. A pandemic is a far reaching epidemic ( a disease who's outbreak far exceeds the expected numbers for that region). One of the most famous pandemics was the Spanish Influenza of 1918, which eventually lead to as many as 50 to 100 million deaths. This is what Perkineth is based on. His egg desc is premised on how World War I cloaked the first appearances of the disease. His hatchling desc and name are both derived from hypercytokinease (or cytokine storms) immune response which was what made this outbreak so deadly. His personality is based on both the insidious, yet swift and powerful method in which this disease concurred the world as well as the unusually choice of victims, those in their 20s to 40s being most likely to die. All were created by Kathryn.

PC Lineage: Zuhth-IGW (Sakrienth-FOW x Ytroth-ISW), Finbarith-HRW (Kalerriath-IGW x Nemoith-HRW)


Name So Swift the Storm Brown Perkineth
Dam Gold Zuhth
Sire Bronze Finbarith
Created By Kathryn
Impressee Kales
Hatched March 14, 2008
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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