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Long and sleek, this darkly coloured bronze looks like a masterfully wrought arrow. The point is his narrow, angular face with bright, flashing eyes that are ever watchful. His wings match the build perfectly, they're long and powerful, and the sails are sprinkled with spots of blood red in the translucent bronze. In contrast to the deep colour of his hide, there are pale, jagged scars that run down his left side and over his left rear haunch. His limbs are powerfully constructed, but lean and hug in close to his body. As if it were the fletching at the end of the shaft, his tail also bears scars on one side, making it lighter than the other.


Name Pirkith
Dam Gold
Sire Bronze
Created By Oe'lly
Impressee Oe'lly
Hatched Insta
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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