Bringer of the Apocalypse Brown Pralayth

This young dragon looks almost as though he was a paint by number with how sharply one color moves into another. Patchwork is likely the best descriptor of this brown's hide as it comes primarily in two distinct but completely separate colors: dark luscious milk chocolate brown that interlocks with pale tan which is splotched here and there over his whole form. His face has pale tan that surrounds his eyeridges and his maw, but the rest is left untouched by that pale color - his headknobs are dipped in inky blackness, along with the very tip of his nose. His long slender neck is mostly chocolate brown like the majority of his face, but on the right hand side by his shoulder there's a large section of pale tan hide which curls from his muscular chest and all the way down his right leg to his inky black talons. The left side of the dragon has dapples, like sunlight being seen through branches, which colors the remaining three legs. His large wings are the only part that shows gradient shades, dark black from the spars that lighten to chai colored browns in the center which cloak some of the mottled coloring of his hide. His tail has inky black tailspars, however the remainder is a nice uniform chocolate brown. From behind, if he holds himself just so, he looks like any other normal brown - from the front, however, there is no doubting his unique look.

Egg Name and Description

Black as Pitch Egg

Darkness wraps its embrace tightly around this perfectly shaped egg, clinging tightly and unwilling to let go. Despite that, there are parts where the matte blackness has lost its grasp. Bright hummingbird green is visible in narrow slats that resemble feline eyes, a luminescence that flickers between green and yellow depending on the angle of reflection. Unsettling, this egg, for one day when being turned it can appear as though it's staring right through you with its lambent gaze, and the next, it has managed to disappear into the black sands to make you question if it existed in the first place.

Hatching Message

Black as Pitch egg sits there ever so silently for what seems like the longest time. Then the shell seems to ripple slightly, and it ends up turning over on the sands so that the nearly fluorescent green 'eye' is facing towards the stands. The occupant of the egg is starting to get impatient, but turning takes so much effort that it needs to gather more strength.

Strength is gathered, and a piece of Black as Pitch's shell gets kicked at. Kicked so hard that a shard of it goes flying towards the candidates, though it doesn't actually allow any to see inside the dark shell. It's difficult to get out of the egg, strength must be gathered again before another attempt is made.

The time has come, and as movement has been given more and more of Black as Pitch's shell has started to crack like faultlines. A set of talons grabs at the shell, and rips it open. This is no neat egg shedding, it's more like egg shredding as the black talons grab and pull here and there and suddenly he's free! Unfortunately, with the violent entry he ended up with his tail in the air and will take a moment to right himself.

Impression Message

The heat, the sands, it all seems like it's too much. What have you gotten yourself into? Your knees are starting to feel weak, like you just simply can't take another moment when there's a sudden refreshment given to your mind. « We will not fall here. » The smooth masculine voice bespeaks you, bolstering your strength and giving you purpose. « You shall carry on, Rezia, at my side. » The hunger that bites at his stomach now growls at yours as well. « I am Pralayth. Let us find some food. » The odd colored brown is definitely staring straight up at you, leaving no doubt that he will wait until you decide to move for he will not be abandoning your side from this moment on.


From the moment Pralayth's hatched, you know he's something unique. Dragonhealers will want to get a look at his hide to see if there's something wrong with the pigmentation, but despite his odd coloring they won't be able to find anything wrong with him. The pale splotches are a little softer to the touch than the darker brown, and he may find they are a little more sensitive to the overbearing heat of Igen, but overall his hide is just hide. With a little experience, he will learn how to hold himself to protect those slightly more vulnerable areas from the heat and sun. However, he /owns/ his imperfections, and they don't bother him in the least - no, in fact, it almost makes him feel like he's more special for having them, rather than being embarrassed of them.

Bond: “My dear, uncooperative Domino.”
Domino: “How do you know that? How do you know my friends call me Domino?”
Bond: “It’s on the bracelet on your ankle.”
Domino: “So, what sharp little eyes you’ve got.”
Bond: “Wait ’till you get to my teeth.”

This brown has a keen sense of sight and smell, he definitely is a very observant brown. He will note how pudgy Mokusoth is compared to himself and wonder if there is something actually wrong with /him/, despite the fact that Pralayth is getting more attention from the dragonhealers initially. « Aren't we the same color? » He'll be inclined to ask, and then continue to wonder, « He looks as big as a gold, in all the wrong ways. » But it doesn't mean he doesn't adore his brother, he is just concerned for the wellbeing of the class.

Bond: “Why is it that people who can’t take advice always insist on giving it?”

Pralayth is the group protector, the big cheese and he won't let anyone forget it, not even you, dear Rezia. He is the largest of the active group (not taking into consideration width), and arguably the wisest of them. However, he is also respectful of the abilities of others in the weyrling class as well. If he needs something sniffed out, he knows Mokusoth definitely has the nose for it - especially if it's foodstuffs. A good leader knows his own weaknesses and how to exploit others strengths, and he is unequalled at that during weyrlinghood. « I want to go to the dunes. I'm sure there is treasure buried out there, and if they put any jerky in there, we should be prepared. Let's bring Mokusoth. » He'll know just what to say to Mokusoth to get him to come along for the adventure too.

Natalya Simonova: “Do you destroy every vehicle you get into?”
Bond: “Standard operating procedure. Boys with toys.”

During weyrlinghood, your brown will be debonnaire and dashing - with just a twist of attitude that should be shaken, not stirred. He will have all the charm that can sway greens to trust him, though, should they really? He will have all sorts of schemes and ideas, plans and plots. He'll need his trusty group of companions to come along too. For things that have a tight squeeze, surely Saethiath can be talked into getting into that dark dank corner in return for something she wants. He knows there is value in working as a group, though for most things the only participant he really wants is you. Be prepared for midnight runs out to the lake to see if there's buried treasure - or to sneak up and see what the Weyrleader /really/ does with his spare time. Does Janja's Feyruth /actually/ eat people? Only one way to find out – don’t be surprised if he's trying to gather the group to sleuth out the answers to these mysteries, and you end up caught in Janja's weyr with Pralayth looking through her underthings as though that would be where she would hide the trophies of Feyruth's kills. Why there? Nobody knows, but hopefully he doesn't destroy the weyr in the process and leave you to pay the price for it.

Bond: “In my business, you prepare for the unexpected.”
Franz Sanchez: “And what business is that?”
Bond: “I help people with problems.”
Franz Sanchez: “Problems solver.”
Bond: “More of a problem eliminator.”

Pralayth will grow out of most of his schemes, but he will always be a good leader. However, not every good leader /wants/ to be one. He would rather have the freedom of being a solo agent, even if he knows the value of working in a group. He knows your interest in travel, your past as a trader, and in that vein he wants to explore the world with you. See the places you remember, meet the people you knew. Pralayth is your comrade, your partner, and even though he may try to strike it out on his own from time to time on whatever 'secret mission' he has cooked up, you will always be his confidant.

Bond: “Do you believe in bad luck?”
Jinx: “Let’s just say my relationships don’t seem to last.”
Bond: “I know the feeling.”

Flights leave you no doubt that your brown is a womanizer, every bone in his body was made for the pursuit of females and you are unfortunately dragged along for the ride. He certainly has a 'taste' though, for the finer looking greens rather than ones that might be a little more.. shall we say.. homely. Familial bonds dont matter in the least, either, he'll just as surely chase after Niksath as he will Zuhth. He will always know what to say to get him a following of greens, possibly even sweet talk a gold into cuddling with him as well, though it will likely be foreign golds over the locals that reside in Igen.

If he catches a gold, he will prove to be an absent father. Flights are where the fun is at, and sitting around the sands really cramps his style. He'll be over there cozied up with a couple greens, thank you very much. It will take a lot of pressuring from the dam to even get him to drop off essentials, and you may spend more time admiring your brown's progeny than he ever will. But, that isn't so bad, right? It'll leave you much more open for your own romances, and while he may never settle down with one female he knows you are different than him. Or, are you?


Waves in the Distance

Relaxed, this mind doesn't seek out you as much as you seek out it. Like an ocean wave, it's there and present, but unless you actually step in the water - it will never impact you. There is power there, strength in those waves that assure that it could destroy anything they touch, however, they're restrained. The scent of citrus fruit is prevalent, though something else more earthy as well just to assure that the lighthearted nature won't carry it away. Like patchwork, it's made up of many emotions yet nothing so firm as to be called one specific feeling. Storms will strengthen the waves, while calm days will make them gently lap at the shore.

Mind Touches

Waves in the Distance catch you by surprise, rather than swelling calmly to greet you, they just about bowl you over. Is it their fault that they don't know their own strength? No, of course not. There's an eagerness, a desire to please and excel. Strength and power in these waves are only as strong as the moon that pulls at it, could you be that moon? Tropical heat is rife throughout the mind, the scent of citrus entwined with the salty air that prevades your senses. It's still dark, the moon glistening over the waves in the distance which beckon you to slip into the water. Nobody will know, it's late and there's nobody else around.

Waves in the Distance grow stronger as time passes, and time does soldier on. Daybreak is starting to peak over the water, showing off it's lusterous pale blue coloring that is so very inviting. The waves break over each other, not an argument within itself, instead, a way of growing ever stronger. Who will be able to stop the building up of the water's power? Who will protect the others from the destruction they could wrought on unsuspecting visitors? Will you be able to stand up to the power of the waves and disappate them into something much more managable? This one requires someone with strength to deal with it as it seems like it could be one whose mood changes with the tide.

Waves in the Distance appears to be all show and no action today. The buildup dissappates almost as quickly as it built itself up. The scent of citrus wafts over the currents, a soft reminder that despite the calming of the waves that they're still ever present but worn out for the time being. There is no question of your worth, by being here you are worthy - but will you be the one that is accepted by this powerful presence? It lies in wait, ever watchful and ever present, waiting for the day to end so it can play once more.



Lovely Lucrezia, now Rezia~ You've been around Igen long enough to get to know us, and yet you decided to stay! Now, we're never going to let you go. You asked for things I have very little familiarity with, so after some research I worked out a dragon that has the survivability of a zombie apocalypse like Rick Grimes, but all the seductive charm of classic James Bond. I can only hope I've crafted him in a manner that you'll enjoy, but feel free to tweak anything that doesnt quite suit what your vision was! His coloring is based on America's Next Top Model contestant Chantelle Brown-Young, who has vitiligo.

His name is from the Hindu belief that according to the Markandeya Purana, the world will be ended by the Pralay (literally, "destruction"), an all-destroying flood. I wanted to stay away from often-used first letters, and youll be the first P-named dragon in all of Igen and only the second one on all of Pernworld. (Pyrith would be the other). I also wanted it to have meaning. I've been pronouncing it 'Pra-LAY-th', and it goes with Rezia just fine!

Pralayth's mindvoice is based on Suiyoubi no Neko. Suiyoubi no Neko or 'The Wednesday Kitty' is a stylish Belgian wheat beer with orange peels and coriander thrown in as ingredients. The egg theme was Broadway Musicals, and his egg was based on the musical, Cats which melded with the beer!


Name Pralayth
Dam Zuhth
Sire Sindrieth
Created By R'en
Impressee Rezia
Hatched December 28, 2014
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH
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