Dusty, Tattered Silk Bronze Quiath

A brilliant orb of jeweled color stands out upon this road weary lad. Knobby eyeridges protect the lighted pools and provide a rather handsome looking feature to the fine worn curves of the dragons head. It sits majestically upon one end of sinuous metal polished bronze neck which blends into well curved chest and a belly that hangs down as if he's indulged a bit to much of the finer things in life. Haunches are thickly muscled, feet and hands sporting wickedly sharp dull gray talons. Errant strands of color wisp away from those talons, as if fine pieces of silk were left stuck there after some mad attack upon a tailors wares. The strands sparkle of gold and copper, glinting brightly against the darker bronze of his body, and can be traced as high up as his shoulders. His body is hardly as delicately patterned. Here the road warrior has been imprinted in muddied bronze wagon ruts that run crookedly along his sides, and the random disbursement of runner hoof marks that plod shadow dark bruises into the metal hues. They drift off down the length of his tail which is also marked by dust from the traveled road, that no matter how hard one scrubs will never come completely clean. Yet he sports another side altogether that can easily enough distract from the darker disturbances along his body to the sparkle of silken wares that drift out like some great catalog in his wingsails. The wing muscles are well defined and more buff than normal. Perhaps that's needed to be the bearer of such fine fabrics, as silken scarves waft upon the translucent membranes teasing the lighter sheen of bronze therein with strokes of rose, amber and green, even a few wisps of violet and cobalt cloth tangle, and tiny jewel shards shimmer. All of these distractions can lead one to underestimate this beast, for appearances can be deceiving and beneath this painted exterior lies well defined muscles and a generally aerodynamic body that belays the plodding heavy ground body imagined.

Egg Name and Description

Lopsided Whipped Cream Egg
Angularly oval, the odd pocks and ridges on this egg leave it more than a little bit lumpy. Offset to the right, it leans heavily on that side, very nearly falling into the section of the sands dug out for it. One swirl ridge adorns nearly the apex of the egg, a thicker line of bumpy shell, with the low peaks of softening whipped cream. Tinged a bit of pale almost cream toward the bottom, whipped perhaps to long and starting the process toward butter, more solid than the airy fluff that accentuates the apical curve.

Hatching Message

With one final shove, it's over and the Lopsided Whipped Cream Egg shatters into a dozen good sized shards to litter the sands and dumps out sodden wet bronze. With a flap of wet wings, he's off and charging at the line of candidates.

Impression Message

A faint thrumming noise enters your mind, not obtrusive, but definitely something that you would notice. It grows slowly louder, resolving into the sound of trudging feet, of mile after mile walked. The trudging slows, stops as a voice, travel worn and weary, but still a rumbling baritone enters your mind. « N'hil? There you are. I was afraid I might have to keep going, but you're conveniently here. I am Quiath, and I am quite tired of all this walking. » A deep satisfaction, a communing of souls for a moment. « I'm not quite so tired though, that I wouldn't enjoy eating. »


From the very moment of his birth, your Quiath is seeking, working toward the goal of bettering himself. Even born with the advantages that he has, of color and size he has a constant, seeking and striving to reach the absolute pinnacle of success for a bronze. Too bad, in his mind if that's not what you want.

Quiath was born a bronze, and for him he's going to take every advantage that the class structure among dragons gives him. So he's not the largest bronze, but still it is his color that sires the next generation of dragons, his color that elevates his rider into the ranks of prospective leaders and he's going to do his darndest to have you there and ready for that task. Maybe you don't want to always be working, or commanded to study, once Quiath figures out what you need to focus on though, he'll have you there.

His drivenness is an oddity when he's a weyrling, but it smoothes out over the turns as both he and you grow older. Although it's a trait that is never going to go completely away, however muted it might become. Quiath doesn't have much interest in the deeper politics of pern, except as it might relate to him and his goal to one day be one of the preeminent bronzes on the planet. Then, if it deals with that, you're going to have a politically motivated bronze as well.

He can be a bit abrasive with those that he feels are lower than he is in the chain of command, or that do not measure up into the amount of importance that he places upon himself. It's not a complete meanness, so much as a lack of tact or sensitivity to others. As long as he's number one in his thoughts, there isn't so much caring for someone else.

As far as flights go, he is there for as many as he can possibly make. Unless of course, you have a complete antipathy toward the female dragon's rider, although if the gold happens to be part of the senior pair somewhere, expect that you're going to be often overridden on that facet, and he will be showing up.

If he doesn't catch, he tends toward despondency for as long as he remembers it, of course with his memory that lasts all of a day or so before the natural dragon optimism reasserts itself and it is next time that he will emerge as the victor. If he does win, well he's going to be very nearly over the moon so to speak, hounding the gold that he caught until she clutches and then making a nuisance of himself trying to help her as she broods.

This is not to say that he doesn't chase after the greens as well. He does, and does often although there is less of a despondency there, if he does not win.

However, when all is said and done, Quiath is your dragon now and you need to play him in the manner that you see fit. I hope that you have as much fun with him as I had making him.


Terribly ambitious, it doesn't understand a laziness of soul, or of body. Definitely an overreacher, it struggles to take its rightful place in this world, from the very moment of its birth. Despite setbacks and delays it will always work on continuing, until it can reach the pinnacle of heights it only dreams about from its birth. Shadowy colors cloak its thoughts, dark navy, deep earthen browns, gingery yellows and splashes of sanguine red. Mental scents and feelings follow the path of earth, of blood and the smell of time and dust.


Your dragon is based on Chang Ch'ien, the Chinese explorer who went east and founded the ancient silk road. He was a rarety in the ancient world, one of the few that has moved up from a peasant birth to an advisor and leader for an emperor. He volunteered for the post, when the emperor Wu-ti asked for someone to find the Yueh-chih, which the Han people had driven west, after taking over their lands. Wu-ti wanted the Yueh-chih to return and help him keep out the Xiongnu, which threatened China's lands now. Chang Ch'ien didn't succeed in bringing the Yueh-chih back, but what he did bring was probably more valuable. The horses from the Kokand tribe, the horses that sweated blood and fulfilled the prophecy of celestial horses for the Han people. Your Quiath's name comes from the different version of Chang Ch'iens name. Zhang Quian or Zhang Qian. Most of your egg was created by Bey, however your Quiath's description was written by S'ym.


Name Dusty, Tattered Silk Bronze Quiath
Dam Gold Hamanth
Sire Bronze Tyfth
Created By S'ym
Impressee N'hil (Nikhil)
Hatched October 9, 2005
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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