Tarnished Alloyed Perfection Bronze Rhenth

Near-perfection in motion, this dragon sports a dazzling bronze hide that spans the gamut of shades - from coppery-bronze through patinaed gold and into deep bronzed green - depending on the light and the curve of his body. From the tip of his strong, yet chiseled nose, climbing up his head to swirl over regal headknobs, then descending to his strong shoulderblades, the richest hue of newly-minted, coppery bronze dominates his hide-scape, gradually blending into a more traditional coloration that continues uninterrupted upon the rest of his hide. Heavily ridged, wide set eyes seem to exude a sense of thoughtful determination paired with a strange, child-like 'innocence.'
A wide girth provides a placeholder for a deep and proud chest that glints when the sun's rays toy with the deep patina upon it, and the sails of enduring wings are home to what appear to be occasional, sluggish whorls of old gold, tarnished copper, and bronzed-green, his pinions built somewhat more for endurance than speed. Sturdy, well-shaped legs dip to the ground, their glistening color enduring through long feet until meeting rather archly-curved claws of weathered, greenish-gold. His sleek flanks join haunches that promise much strength and power, thinning into a strong, long tail that grows lanky as it stretches towards its terminus.

Egg Name and Description

Connection Tangled Egg

Antique ivory forms the basis of this larger blocky egg, where it is buried in the hot sands. Across the surface of its shell are traceries of lines, thin bands of colors that seem to run from apex to end and around and back again, with no clear purpose. They move in squiggles and curves, bright yellow and dark blue with a thread of brilliant scarlet as well and hunter green.

Hatching Message

Impression Message


Grounded, steady, the 'boy' next door who'd just as easily babysit as he would mow your lawn or paint your house…Rhenth is all those and more. He's a gentle giant of a bronze who takes pride in a job well done, in his community, and in himself. This is not to say he's a push-over, or boring. Not at all; Rhenth has a good dose of self-respect and confidence, and a fun splash of daring-do in him, the latter occasionally prompting him to pull a (non-harmful) joke, engage in childlike behavior, or execute a barrel-roll midair. And while he'd prefer to believe the best of others, he does not shrink from firm, even unrelenting pursuit of justice, whenever such is merited. He's a thoughtful, even-tempered dragon, full of a paternal wisdom that lends him a kind of easy credibility that others might find relaxing or reassuring. Give him the proper circumstances, however, and he can downright fierce…such as in the protection of those who require such, or in the defense of his own. Pondering, but rarely ponderous, touched with glints of keen insight and bright warmth like his color, this powerful amalgam of a dragon is himself 'home' in a sometimes chaotic universe.


Smoked Whiskey

His basic tone is an easy, sonorous, warm bass - think of James Earl Jones - touched with hints of an unpretentious candidness and easy humor. He's rather the 'dad' , 'uncle', or 'big brother' one can look up to, though just as capable of childlike enjoyment as he is of mature stability. With those dragons he's the fondest of (and he'll like enough of them, for varying reasons), Rhenth's communications take on a campfire sort-of feeling, with the warmth and light associated with such rich in his thoughts, tinged with hints of forest primaeval…perhaps even s'mores. Most often, his thoughts envelop one with the varied sensations of sunswept, salty seas (when in high spirits), or richly-scented, wind-swept boughs of pine and aspen reaching for the sky.

Mind Touches


The alloy of bronze is Rhenth's inspiration, his strengths and 'talents' as multi-dimensional as the metal he takes his color from. Sonorous bells, earthy statues, coins, sharp blades, valves and gears…so much of what humanity built itself upon was and is made of bronze. (http://encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/Bronze+8metallurgy9 AND http://lancewovens.com/collections/pillows/metallics/bling/bronze/


Name Rhenth
Dam Gold Elinath
Sire Bronze Dhonzayth
Created By B'rant, Bey
Impressee B'rant
Telgar Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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