Diminutive Royal Presence Gold Rosselith

Ancient shadows of sunlight trickle over a diminutive frame, antediluvian topaz embracing a narrow muzzle and a small well-shaped head before plunging down the length of a slender neck and across the curve of her shoulders and chest. Tipped in cimmerian that limns the curve of her neckridges, a braided pattern of ebony filigree that weaves and ripples down the line of her neck, fanning out briefly along her withers before blending into the time-washed gold of her hide. Traces of twilight gild the edges of her wingsails, capturing pinons in the cloaking shadows of royal purple that sweep forth over nearly-translucent membrane, the gilt of delicate wingbones a contrast against the resplendent shadows. Dusky gold, like that of the midday sun in shadow, splashes and spills across thin hips and down the length of a skinny tail while citrine and saffron curve along her throat and underbelly, contrasting against the age-old iridescence of her upper frame. And like some great lady in bejweled splendor, this golden dragonchild does not come unadorned. About her neck, flashes of emerald, ruby and sapphire tones encircle the circumference of her throat like a necklace and a splash of violet twines about petite headknobs like a crown.

Egg Name and Description

Against an Ancient Enemy Egg
A gradient of green and gold saturates the shell of this large ovoid. Illuminated emerald shadows cling tenaciously along the upper half, the vibrancy of the color bleaching towards a rather washed-out shade of lemon-yellow before exploding again in vibrant sunlight that enfolds the bottom half of the egg in gentle warmth. Forest-green spikes, much like mountainous crags loom large along the lowermost portion of the shell, and winged figures in bronze-gold above the crags invoke impressions of dragons flying in formation. The main focus of the egg however is that of the great aureate figure to the right of the crags, dollops of saffron and topaz forming the wings and body of the golden queen soaring with rider aloft to lead the others onward. And behind her, glaring almost balefully, a circle of red and orange that very closely resembles the ancient threat of the Red Star; symbolizing a guide leading forwards in time. Well-sized this egg may be, and certainly one of the largest in the clutch, but only time can tell what lies within.

Hatching Message

Hatching Message
A miniature earthquake rumbles through the ragged crags, emerald shadows deepening to a more ominous luster of blackness as delicate cracks appear across the width of the shell, a filigree of ebony that widens by gradual stages. And then, as if the great aureate figure imposed across the centermost section of the egg had leapt free, the Against an Ancient Enemy Egg shatters, releasing its burden into the world and freeing her to begin her journey.

Impression Message

There is a moment much akin to the state before waking and slumber; a moment when time seems to stand still and eternity hangs in the balance. There is no hesitation for her, this small golden form that makes herself known by virtue of her presence within your thoughts. The scent of lavender, gentle and soothing, lingers in the air and there's the gentle sweep of royal purple across the edges of your awareness. « Danika? » comes a curious voice, one overlain with haughty command. « Danika, you will feed me now, I am hungry. » There is a pause, and she speaks once more. « I am Rosselith, Danika. We are together now. At last. » A moment passes. « Now, about that food? »


Your Rosselith is a fighter, not a lover. First and foremost, she is ambitious, headstrong, and determined. If she sets a goal, then by Faranth, she's going to meet it, even if she has to wait ten Turns to see it through. Subterfuge is not beneath her. No doubt you'll have to learn early on to be wary of her tactics, for she'll quietly push thoughts forward and you'll suddenly, say, find yourself agreeing to spend a day with a rider whom you find absolutely revolting, but whose dragon has caught Rosselith's eye. Lucky for you, dragon memories don't last very long, though Rosselith's intelligence is high for one of her species, even considering that she's a queen. Still, vows that she makes one morning« I WILL get that Kalerriarth's kicked out of the Weyr if it's the last thing I do! How DARE he tell you that you look fat! »are likely to be forgotten by the next. It's not her fault. She would achieve everything she dreams of… if she could remember it. There are simply more pressing matters to attend to at any given moment. Occasionally, though, one of her ideas will stick in her mind, perhaps something that you'd dismissed the minute it was brought up. She will remember it long after you've forgotten, brooding over it like she might if it were a clutch of eggs. She'll never let you in on her scheming, however, her mindvoice taking on a deceptively sweet tone whenever you inquire as to her thoughts and possibly buttering you up a little. « Oh, I'm not up to /anything/, Dani. I was merely admiring how clean your sleeping room is. Why, you always keep things impeccably neat. It was one of the reasons I chose you, you know. I thought to myself, 'Now, there's a girl with a head on her shoulders.' Wh—no, I would never dream of eating Puffy! Where did you come up with an idea like that?! Has Amolerouth's been telling you lies about me acting up again? I'll see that he's punished. »

Once you get past her dominating and conniving, she's not really so rough. She's bold, certainly, and it may seem that she rushes into things, but she thinks them through. Really. She just never thinks through the risks. But with you? You're the only rider she's got, you see. Oh, yeah. And she also kind of likes you. She'll want you to consider every aspect of every important situation ten times over before you move forward, but even if you don't, she'll stand by your decision—though she might not understand your reasons, that's okay. She loves you. « Yes, Morjidath, I /know/ that Mine did all of Ladesseth's extra chores, but you see, Ladessth's has learned her lesson and Mine really, really likes doing chores, plus they're good friends. It just works out nicely for everyone, don't you think? »

Rosselith is very self-assured, though she only reflects on how she amazes herself to you (she must always appear to be humble, after all) and when she's in one of her proper moods, you can tell. She'll make a statement with a flourish, and when addressing you, she'll be sure to include your full name. « You know, Danika, I've come to realize that clothing truly makes the man. Naked people have little to no influence on society. » This is very important to her. She knows how perfect you are; she wants other people to notice it, too. Her sharp little mind will have you calling in Weavers as soon as you've graduated and earned enough marks, and from that point on, it's Dani-exclusive clothing only. She wants something that will show off your beautiful eyes, and will likely wheedle you into getting contacts instead of glasses. And those frizzy locks of yours? Unless you're working, that hair had better be down, buddy. « It is FAR more dignified. You really should consider getting a nice set of boots, too, Danika. Just think how much more of a presence you'd be if you stood just a few more inches taller! »

Naturally, good appearance is dependent on good hygiene, and Rosselith is a little OCD when it comes to baths. You'll be taking two a day if she has her way, and what's more, so will sheso you'd better learn to swim. Oh, she can live with dirt, even on you, the extension of herself. But the first opportunity she gets to cleanse herself, tidy up the barracks, rearrange her clutch so it's more visually appealing, whatever, she'll be doing it and she'll expect you to be right in there with her. Your attention to order will be a point of pride to her, and it shouldn't be too surprising if you overhear her bragging to another dragon about it, or even deliberately knocking something over in your weyr just so she can watch you clean it up. (She'll never admit it, of course.) She can't help herselfyou're just so fascinating. She never would have Impressed you if she thought that you were anything less than perfect.

Rosselith is quite a handful. As soon as she gets past the sleeping and eating stage, she'll do almost nothing but cause trouble—though she always /seems/ innocent enough. She'll be quick to stir up a rebellion if her cause is just (in her mind), and she chafes under rules and restrictions intended for her safety. She cares naught for risks, after all. « But why /shouldn't/ I be able to fly now? Can't dragons fly as soon as their wings are dry? What do you mean my muscles aren't strong enough?! I can get off the ground, can't I? » Chances are she'll actually attempt flying before she's allowed, but since the other lessons (manned flights, betweening) directly involve you, she'll be a little more willing to listen to reason.

When the time comes, mating flights will be interesting—for all parties involved. She is not a flirtatious dragon by nature, as willing as she is to scope out the prospects. She does, however, know that charm can be a big help in winning over support, so she probably won't be lacking chasers when the time comes. Other than the tell-tale glow, most times she won't show any signs of being proddy. She might get just a little moodier, but more often than not, she'll catch you unawares.

As a hatchling, she will /need/ your attention. Desperately. She'll spend most of her time sleeping, it's true, but the minute she awakens, she'll be scrambling to your side. She simply loves you so much, Dani. There's nothing she'd rather do than be with you. …and have you talk to her, and oil her, and feed her, and bathe her, etc. This could be a problem at first. No doubt you'll have to abandon many meals in the living caverns, run out of the bathing caverns clad only in a towel—there might even be some compromising situations regarding the lavatory. Fortunately for you, this desperate need will diminish as she gets older, to the point where the only outward affection she'll show for her beloved rider is protectively tilting her snout around you. In fact, you'll be hard pressed to get any declaration of love from her. It's there, though, and if you know what you're looking for, you'll find it. Maybe you'll be in your weyr, reading, when you'll suddenly feel a surge of affection in your mind and turn to see her watching you. Or maybe you'll see it in the way she always supports you, always defends you even when you're wrong. Or maybe you'll just be drifting off to sleep, and at the very edge of your consciousness, you'll barely sense a quiet, « I love you, Danika. You are mine and I am yours, always and forever. »

Why Dani? Why else would Rosselith have chosen you? You're her compliment, her foil and her entire world. You keep things so neat and are such a hard worker there's no doubt her in her mind that you're perfect for one another. She loves you, and adores you. She also chose you because she sensed some desire to mold you, to fit you into an image which she wishes you to be. She's there to help you. « We were meant for each other. » she would tell you were you to ask. « I knew that, just as Lonriya is meant for Isisth or Ciym is meant for Bailiath. There was never any doubt. We are Weyrmates, we are friends. You are me and I am you. » Such a pairing would have been meant to be. « There is no denying fate, but we make our own destiny… together. »


Bejweled tones of amethyst, emerald and sapphire seem to dominate the depths of the gold's mind, shaping and molding each thought and evoking feelings of stern command and haughty grace. She means what she says and she says what she means, and there's no telling her otherwise. To you, the presence of her mind is gentler, still strong, but so much more understanding. Scents of lavender and honeysuckle seem to linger about her thoughts and the words she shapes, a gentle whisk of flowery perfume to soothes and gentles.

But others may wish to beware for she has claws, and a quick temper to match. Ruthless in her dealings with many, strong-willed and quick to come up with a retort, those with whom Rosselith shares her thoughts may wish to walk wary about her. Towards those others, her thoughts are stronger, the shadows of her thoughts are darker and more powerful. No longer does the scent of lavender and honeysuckle linger, instead it's all the sharp foul scent of boiling numbweed; which may well be a reason why Rosselith seems so determined to dominate. Yet, she is not unkind towards all; if she has closer aquaintances, she will be softer and more gentle with them, thought never as compassionate within her thoughts as she is towards you. Then, faint scents of rose perfume scents her thoughts, for the lavender and honeysuckle are for you alone.


Against an Ancient Enemy Egg
The inspiration for the egg was the cover of Dragonflight. First published in 1968, Dragonflight was the continuation of the short story 'Weyr Search' and was the book that started it all. The first book in the "Dragonriders of Pern" series, Dragonflight begins to tell the story of the dragons and their relationship to the humans of Pern. The main focus of the story is on the heroine, Lessa and her desperate plan to travel back in time 400 Turns to save Pern from total annihilation.

Diminutive Royal Presence Gold Hatchling
Last of the Ruathan line, one of the greatest Weyrwomen of Benden Weyr, rider to Ramoth, the largest queen on Pern, Lessa is a complex heroine. Discovered hiding at Ruatha as a drudge, Lessa lived for vengence upon her family, plotting to bring about Fax's downfall for ten long Turns. Brought to Benden Weyr, she Impresses Ramoth, the last queen on Pern and eventually makes a daring effort to travel back in time to the end of the Eighth Pass to bring the Oldtimers forward to save Pern from the destruction of Thread.

I pronounce it Rose-EL-ith, but you may pronounce it any way you so choose. The name Rosselith itself comes from two Quenya words, rosse which means a fint mist, or dew and limba which means drop (It was the closest to dewdrop I could come, in any language that made it sound pretty)



Name Diminutive Royal Presence Gold Rosselith
Dam Gold Isisth
Sire Bronze Vorshnath
Created By Lonriya
Impressee Dani
Hatched July 24, 2003
Igen Weyr
PernWorld MUSH

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